Am I Pregnant Tarot Spread: Your Pregnancy Unlocked

Pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful and life-changing parts of a person’s and family’s life. Doing an am I pregnant tarot spread can let you know what to expect from all three trimesters of pregnancy, the circumstances surrounding the conception, and the birthing process.

With this spread, you get a comprehensive look at your pregnancy, not just a quick answer to whether or not you’re pregnant. This can help you plan and prepare for conception or pregnancy in a way that is more suited to your exact needs.

I’ll teach you how to do the spread yourself or, if you prefer, I’ll do it for you.

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Don’t Forget Pregnancy Tests!

Am I Pregnant Yes or No Tarot Spread

Use a card reading as guidance but any experienced card reader is going to tell you to use a test as well. Allow the cards to guide you on your journey and fertility but for a simple confirmation don’t disregard your health care professional or peeing on a stick.

Fertility cards and spreads are best used to guide you to a healthy and successful pregnancy. Don’t box them into a simple answer, which brings me to my next point…

Am I Pregnant Yes or No Tarot Spread

Sometimes there is a place for yes or no tarot spreads and I’m happy to do one for you if you’d like.

However, I don’t like limiting the cards to just a yes or no answer – especially on a topic as important as pregnancy. I prefer to let the combination of cards guide you on important topics as it sees fit – and not box it into a whole.

If you really want to narrow it to a simple yes or no then pull a card and (in general) a major arcana like Judgement or the Hierophant means yes.

Pregnancy Tarot Reading

Before looking for an “am I pregnant tarot spread,” I want to talk about pregnancy tarot readings and spread in general. These spreads can be a bit difficult and should not be addressed with a simple yes or no mindset. This is especially true given that there is not a specific pregnancy card to look for.

Instead, tarot spreads can give you clues about pregnancy and what is to come. When used correctly, the spreads can give you clues about what the trimesters will look like for you and the baby, as well as the relationship between you and the father. More so, pregnancy tarot spreads can also let you know key facts about conception and birth.

By selecting a tarot spread that looks at you, the baby, and your relationship with the father, you get a more comprehensive look at your pregnancy. When you look at a pregnancy tarot spread as a whole, you can learn what you need to do in order to prepare yourself for conception and pregnancy. It is with these factors in mind that I am recommending the following pregnancy tarot spread.

How To Do A Pregnancy Tarot Reading

With that out of the way, we can now look at an “am I pregnant tarot spread.” This spread touches on all three trimesters and how they affect the mother, baby, and relationship between the parents. It also tells you clues about conception and the birth itself, allowing you to learn if you are pregnant.

In order to learn if you are pregnant, you must look at the conception cards. Although it may seem like a hassle, you will need to do the full spread in order to get to cards 10 and 11, which are specific to the conception phase of pregnancy. In addition to learning whether or not you have conceived, you will also get a look at your pregnancy as a whole.

Cards 1 – 3: First Trimester

The first three cards represent the first trimester of your pregnancy. Card 1 represents the mother, including the mother’s health concerns, spiritual state, emotional state, and connection with the baby.

Similarly, card 2 represents the baby’s health concerns, spiritual state, emotional state, and connection with the mother.

Card 3 represents the mother’s relationship with the father. This will include the main themes of the relationship, as well as any changes that are expected to happen within the first trimester.

Cards 4 – 6: Second Trimester

Cards 4 through 6 follow the same pattern as cards 1 through 3, but they are specific to the second trimester instead of the first.

Once again, these three cards follow the mother, baby, and the relationship between the mother and the father in the same order as the first batch. In other words, card 4 represents the mother’s state, card 5 represents the baby’s state, and card 6 represents the state of the mother’s and father’s relationship.

Cards 7 – 9: Third Trimester

Cards 7 through 9 represent the third and final trimester of your pregnancy. Just like the first two batches, these cards tell you about the mother, baby, and relationship between the parents. Card 7 tells you about the mother, card 8 tells you about the baby, and card 9 tells you about the relationship between the parents.

Cards 10 – 11: Conception

If you are not yet pregnant or are trying to find out the status of your pregnancy, cards 10 and 11 will be the most relevant to you. These two cards tell you about the conception, including the circumstances surrounding it and its timing. These two cards can tell you if you are already pregnant or the circumstances surrounding your future pregnancy.

Whenever you are looking at these cards, you want to look for clues about multiples, which are most likely to tell you the timing of conception. It’s important to remember, however, that these cards will not always reveal the exact timing.

Sometimes, cards 10 and 11 will also address relationship or health concerns that must first be tackled before you are ready for conception.

Cards 12 – 13: The Birth

Finally, the last two cards, cards 12 and 13, tell you about the birth. This includes what kind of birth you will have, as well as the sex of the baby. Much like with cards 10 and 11, multiples can show up at card 12 as well, though they don’t always appear.

Unexpected Pregnancy Tarot

You can use a similar spread for an unplanned pregnancy ‘scare’. Some cards in your spread may indicate a pregnancy at an unplanned time (for example The Fool card in some combinations) or you might ask the cards specifically about an unexpected pregnancy.

If this is the case I’d shorten the spread down to a horseshoe style spread or perhaps a variation on a when will it happen tarot spread.

I would caution not to rush into a spread like this. Be very clear on your question and intent before you start drawing any cards.