Best Tarot Spread for Asking a Question (And Get Your Answer)

Some Tarot spreads are focused on specific topics or areas of your life, others are well primed to ask specific questions. We don’t want to narrow the cards too much that we prevent them from giving advice but sometimes we have specific questions for a spread.

If you’d like help I can do a free Tarot reading on your behalf within an hour. Or, if you’d rather do the reading yourself I have a few suggestions.

Free Tarot Spread for Asking Questions

I don’t just give you a few cards and their meanings. My spreads are handwritten and use the full combination of the cards to get as much guidance as we can answer your question and guide you onward with the Tarot.

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

    The reason we ask these questions is the more we understand about you the more accurate we can be. It'll only take a few moments.

Asking the Tarot a Question

Before touching a single card you should always be sure of your question. Especially when it’s a question close to your heart, you don’t want to allow your subconscious to lead your answers for you.

Take the time and give some serious thought to what you want to truly know. Before doing any of these spreads I really do suggest reading the guide on good questions to ask the Tarot. The focus and phrasing of our questions are just as important as the type of spread we use – if not more so.

Tarot Spread to Ask a Question

Tarot Spread for Asking a Question

After you’re sure of the question and it’s crystal clear in your mind it’s time to start drawing cars and put the spread together. For guidance on highly emotional topics, I’ve already covered how to do a burning question Tarot spread with 3-4 cards to get guidance on the topic.

This is a longer 5-card spread that allows us to ask a question without forcing the cards into a certain meaning.

Card One: The Current Situation

This card represents the circumstances surrounding the question you’re asking. We often feel like we already understand what’s going on in our own life but we don’t always have all the information.

The first card can give us some background information as well as what we’re seeing on the surface. Scratching below the surface will help us understand why we’re in this position asking the question to begin with.

Card Two: The Challenge

Like the first card, this one doesn’t focus on the future or the advice but on giving you some background into what you’re facing. The challenge in front of us often obscures our view of the goal or the end destination.

Something has put you in this position and it’s not going to be easy to get out of it. This is the challenge you face. It might be something that you can see coming or something that blindsided you completely but it’s definitely standing in your way at the moment.

This card is about understanding the obstacle and what we need to do in order to overcome it.

Card Three: The Resources

This card is all about the help that’s available to us. These might be options, people or places around you that you hadn’t considered before. The resources could be physical, emotional or spiritual in nature and it’s up to you to find and determine these resources.

This card might point towards a resource you knew about but just hadn’t considered calling on. It can also point towards something you have at your disposal without realizing it. This card is about getting creative and looking at the resources around you that can help take us to the next step.

Don’t skip this card in an attempt to jump straight to the future. Sometimes your only way to progress with your question is to rely on the resources that are there for you.

Card Four: Your Solution

Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking this is the only card trying to answer your question. All of your cards are offering guidance, this is just a card that pushes more directly towards your answer and gives you a glimpse of where you need to focus your time and energy.

This is the card that gives you the answer to your question. It’s not a get out of jail free card, it’s still up to you to take the steps necessary and work for the solution.

The Tarot doesn’t simply make a promise or a warning. It tells you exactly how to better yourself. It gives us advice on how to best further your own path.

Card Five: The Outcome

The outcome is the final result of the question you’re asking. A peek into the future and an insight on your journey to get there. This is the end goal, what you’re looking to achieve.

The outcome might not be what you were expecting. It could be good, it could be bad but it’s definitely going to affect your journey. This card gives us a glimpse into how things will play out if we continue on our current path.

This is the final card in the spread but drawing it shouldn’t be the end of your reading. The full meaning of the cards is in the combination of all five cards. Try not to focus too much on any one individual card and read the spread as a whole.

Other Spreads

Sometimes we don’t have a specific question to ask the cards and we’re just looking for guidance. Many of the traditional spreads are used for this more general style of looking into an element of your life, rather than your question.

Asking a specific question might be difficult with traditional Tarot spreads because they’re designed to paint a message evolving with each card and not on a specific answer.

The Celtic Cross is one of the more popular spreads and could be used to focus on specific questions but it’s still not as direct as a question and answer style reading.

A simple three-card past, present and future spread is one of the simplest Tarot spreads and is perfectly capable of answering a question but just isn’t as specific at answering the question.