Breakup Tarot Spread: Reconciliation, Feelings or Moving On

A breakup is often painful and emotionally turbulent but the Tarot can help guide us through this difficult time. It can give you insight into what went wrong, how they’re feeling, what is to come in the future and advice on how to proceed.

A tarot spread for breakups can help you no matter what your goal is.

  • It can show you their feelings and what went wrong.
  • It can help guide you towards reconciliation if that’s your goal.
  • It can help you move on if that’s your goal.

If you’d like help I can do a free Tarot reading on your behalf within an hour. Not just a couple of cards and their meanings, but an actual spread to give you some insight into your breakup.

Or, if you’d like to do the reading yourself, I have some suggestions on layouts and important cards to watch out for.

Free Breakup Tarot Spread

I don’t just give you a few random cards and their meanings. The true meaning and guidance come from the combinations of cards and how your intuition guides you to read them. My spreads are handwritten and are almost always sent within an hour.

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

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How to Do a Breakup Tarot Spread

If you’d like to do the reading yourself, there are a few important things you need to remember before starting.

Be Crystal Clear On Your Focus

Breakups are emotional and while this energy is useful, it can also cause problems when you’re reading for yourself. Subconsciously you might allow your feelings to guide the message instead of the cards.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do an ex-Tarot reading yourself, it just means you need to be clear on your question to ask the Tarot. Write it down if you have to. Have a photo of them in front of you.

Be sure you know what you’re asking about. Are you doing a Tarot spread about how he feels about you? Or maybe you want to know if you’ll get back together? How to move on?

Whatever your focus is, be clear before you touch the cards.

Take Time

I know (trust me, I know) how painful it can be and how strong your drive for answers can be.

But please, take your time with the reading. Don’t rush through it. Get as clear as you possibly can before starting. If you can, take the time to meditate and clear your mind before beginning. Draw the cards slowly and with purpose. Know what each position is before placing each card (check the example layouts here if you need to).

We want to make sure you don’t allow emotional energy to misinterpret the cards and lead you down the wrong path. I know this is easier said than done and it doesn’t have to be perfect but try your best.

Picking the Layout

Lastly, pick the layout from the examples below before starting. Know what your focus is on. Place the cards in position face down before revealing them. There are very few hard-set rules in Tarot and you can definitely experiment but my advice here is to make it as easy as possible for you to accurately let the cards guide you.

Will My Ex Come Back Tarot Spread

Will My Ex Come Back Tarot Spread

The first spread focuses on if they’ll come back to you. If you’re asking about reconciliation specifically, you can use this layout otherwise skip to one of the others.

Card One: The Reason

The first card gives us some insight into the reason behind the breakup. We might think we already know the cause but this card often reveals a hidden reason we might not have considered. It takes two to tango as they say and it’s likely the reason is not one single thing.

Don’t skim past this card. Understanding why the breakup happened might be the key to reconciliation when the opportunity presents itself.

Card Two: Current Feelings

The second card gives us some insight into their current feelings and the situation. This is the crux card. It can show you what stands in the way of reconciliation and why it hasn’t already happened.

It might show you that your ex is currently coming to grips with something or perhaps there’s something you can do to fix things. In either case, pay attention to the combination of this with the other cards.

Card Three: Looking Forward

The third card gives us a look at what the future could hold. Don’t look for a simple yes or no answer here. It might immediately be clear that your ex is working through something and on their way back to you but things might not be that simple.

This card often shows you there’s a chance for reconciliation but often comes with advice on how to make it happen and you should pay careful attention to the combination of this card with the feelings card.

It’s possible that things get worse before they get better. A high-energy card for change (like Death or The Tower for example) could mean big things are on the horizon.

It might be that this breakup happened for a reason. Perhaps it will bring the two of you back closer than before.

Ex Feelings Tarot Spread

Ex Feelings Tarot Spread

The next layout focuses more specifically on their feelings. Understanding how your ex feels can give you an insight into understanding the breakup, their actions and whether or not things can be fixed.

Card One: Past Feelings

The first card focuses on their past feelings. We’re looking at what drove them to this point. This could be something from very early on in the relationship or something that built up over time. It’s important to consider this card and see if there might be some clues in their past as to why things ended.

Understanding why they feel that way rightly or wrongly can help guide you forward.

Card Two: Current Feelings

The second card focuses on their emotional feelings towards you. This is often a high-energy card as their emotions are likely calling the shots at the moment. These feelings might be in flux and it’s important to pay attention to the other cards around it.

Don’t rely on this one card to give you the answer. If they’re still hung up on you, this card might be positive but it could also show that they’re in a lot of pain. Their current feelings are only part of the story.

Card Three: Future Feelings

The third card gives us some insight into their thoughts and feelings for the future. What are they hoping will happen? Do they see a future with you? This card is often hopeful and points to the fact that they still care about you.

This card can also give you an idea of how you can help speed up a reconciliation if that is your aim.

If this card is reversed, it could show that their feelings for the future are bleak and uncertain. Again, their emotions are likely calling the shots at the moment so if this happens you might want to wait a while and try the spread again.

Moving on Tarot Spread

Moving on Tarot Spread

The final spread is especially useful if your goal is not reconciliation. It focuses on looking forward and how to get over your ex. Every relationship shapes us in some way and it’s important to consider these cards as a way of understanding what you’ve learned from the breakup.

Card One: The Past

The first card looks at the past and all the things you’ve learned from this relationship. This could be anything from how to communicate better to learning not to take others for granted.

These things might not be immediately obvious but they’re there, waiting for you to see them. Sometimes even short and seemingly negative relationships can help shape us for the better.

Card Two: The Present

The second card looks at how you can deal with the short-term pain and turbulence of the breakup. This is often a time-consuming and difficult process but there are ways to make it easier.

This card might advise on things like self-care, keeping a positive outlook or how to deal with your emotions. It can’t do the work for you, but a prod in the right direction might make it easier.

Card Three: The Future

The third card looks to the future. This might immediately point to future relationships or simply what you want for your life. It might point to social, professional or travel goals. It might be something you’d forgotten or something your previous relationship was holding you back from.

This card is a sign of hope and new beginnings. No matter what the future holds, you can get through it.

This card is often about taking the things you’ve learned from the breakup and using them to propel yourself forward. You might forget about your ex but these lessons will stay with you.

If any of the cards in this spread are reversed, it might show that you’re not quite ready to let go just yet. There might be some unfinished business or lessons you still need to learn from the relationship.

Important Cards for a Breakup Tarot Spread

Every card is important (not just the major arcana cards) but there are a few cards in the deck and I can’t really cover every single card here (let alone their combinations) but there are some that you should be on the lookout for.

The Star Card

The Star Tarot card is often a sign of hope and optimism. It points to the fact that good things are coming your way. This could be a reconciliation with your ex or simply a bright future ahead.

The Moon Card

The Moon tarot card is often about the hidden aspects of a situation, in this case, that might mean your breakup or the relationship itself. This card is often a symbol of subconscious desires that one of you had been burying.

The Lovers Card

The Lovers Tarot card is a symbol of a close bond that doesn’t easily fade. The other cards in your spread will dictate what this means for the future but it’s always a sign of a connection that at least was beyond the norm and often means a reconciliation is possible.

The Magician Card

the magicianThe Magician tarot card is about using your personal power to get what you want. This could mean using the things you’ve learned from the breakup to move on or simply being proactive in getting back together with your ex.

The symbol of determination and resourcefulness, this card is often a powerful card in any reading telling you to take control of the situation.

The Tower Card

The Tower tarot card is about upheaval and chaos. It often shows up in readings when something is about to change, for better or worse. In a love Tarot spread, this card often indicates an impending breakup.

When the breakup has already happened, it might show that the situation is still very much in turmoil. Emotions are running high and things are uncertain.

The Judgement Card

The Judgement tarot card is about second chances and new beginnings. It often shows up after a difficult time as a sign that things will get better. This could be a reconciliation with your ex or at least an opportunity for something better ahead.

The Death Card

The Death card is not a symbol of physical death. Forget Hollywood. It does not mean your ex is dying. It means transformation. Change. This could be the end of the relationship, but it also could mean a change for the better.

It is a powerful card and shows that whatever happens, there is a future beyond this breakup. It is a time of endings and beginnings.

The Justice Card

The Justice tarot card is about balance and fairness. In a breakup tarot spread, it might show that things are not as they seem. There might be more to the situation than meets the eye or you’re not seeing all sides of the story.

This card often points to a need for closure or further examination before moving on.