Can You Do a Tarot Reading for Someone Without Them Knowing?

An example of a question I often see is something like:  What do they think about me? or Are they cheating on me? But can you do a tarot reading for someone without them knowing? Is there a way for them to find out? Does it mean the reading inaccurate or immoral?

When you ask about another person that is not present in the room, then that is called a third party reading. Opinions on this vary and some readers will refuse to do a reading for a third party not present. The general belief is that you certainly can do a reading for someone without them knowing – but you might want to pause before doing so.

What is Third Party Reading?

Third-Party Reading is when you do a tarot reading about a person without them knowing. You, as the reader, could read for yourself, or a seeker may ask the question. Whatever way the question is asked, third-party readings simply mean asking questions about another person’s thoughts, feelings, and affairs without their knowledge.

An example of this is asking: “Does my boss have plans on promoting me?,” or “Is my ex-husband cheating on his new girlfriend?” Any reading that does not involve the seeker is a third party reading. And it has many complexities.

There are two issues when it comes to third party readings, and these are ethics and accuracy.

Two Key Issues When it Comes to Third Party Readings

Most readers would say that it is unethical to do a third party reading simply because of the fact that it’s a form of invasion of privacy. Digging up secrets and information about a person without them knowing is deemed unethical by most readers, and they simply won’t do it. It is wrong to intentionally lay a spread about a person without their permission and it leads to extremely inaccurate conclusions.

Tarot is used as a divination tool to empower yourself and not for spying or meddling in other people’s business. Furthermore, third party readings can be a form of psychic spying – information is not revealed freely to you, yet, you are intentionally seeking them out.

In terms of the accuracy of these readings, most readers believe the results are wildly inaccurate because of the energy derived by the tarot cards. Oftentimes, the tarot cards get the seeker’s energies through the shuffling of the cards. If a reader is asking about another person or a seeker wants to ask a question about someone else, their energies are absorbed by the cards.

The energy derived may contain personal biases and preconceived notions of the situation, and will reflect on how the cards reveal information. For example, you already have a hunch that your partner is cheating, so when you shuffle the cards, your suspicious energy is being absorbed, and with this, the cards will reveal information that confirms your suspicions, even if it may not be the truth. Or, if you’re asking about your mother’s health and you hope that she gets better, the card may reveal a positive outcome on her health, when in reality, it is further from the truth.

In terms of these key issues, third party readings are considered to be unethical and highly inaccurate.

Can Someone Find Out You Did a Tarot Reading About Them?

Can Someone Find Out You Did a Tarot Reading on Them?
In all my many, many years with the tarot, I’ve never seen or heard of a situation where a third party found out you did a reading for or about them.

I guess I’m in the camp of never say never. Perhaps someone is that in-tune with the universe that they know but no, it’s not something I’ve ever experienced or would worry about. I don’t think you’re doing any harm doing a reading for someone else so I don’t think it’s going to cause a problem.

There are stories of astral travelers looking into something like the Akashic Records for other people without their permission and being stopped but that’s a different kettle of fish.

Do I Do Tarot Readings for Someone Else?

Personally? Yes.

I don’t think readers who don’t are wrong to do so but I personally believe the Tarot won’t tell me (or you) anything we shouldn’t know. If you haven’t already, I do free tarot readings 7 days a week, and yes, I’ll do third-party readings.

I’ll get to why some readers won’t in a moment but it’s important to remember that not everybody believes the same things about the tarot. That doesn’t take away from its value.

Reasons Why People Want To Have a Third Party Reading

When you want to have a third party reading, you need to ask yourself, or the seeker why they want to secretly read another person. The tarot is not an exact science and it does not predict the future, but rather, it is a tool that you can use to empower yourself to make better decisions or use them for your benefit. It is not meant to spy about someone else or have a leg up over that person.

Let’s discuss why you may want to have a third party reading and why it can be unethical and inaccurate:

You Want to Know About New People in Your Life

You might be new at your job or you just met a new friend, or maybe you just moved to a new apartment and you want to know more about your flatmate. This can be problematic because you’re creating a shortcut to get to know that person. If you truly want to know someone new in your life, you have to build their trust and friendship. Having a reading about them without them knowing is like peeking into their window without asking permission. People reveal themselves to people they trust, and that should never be hurried or forced, which might happen in a third party reading.

You Want to Know More About Your Love Interest

Asking about a potential partner or your current partner is one of the most common questions asked with tarot readers. Of course, you want to know if hours of text messaging and dating this new love interest is actually going somewhere. However, it takes away the excitement of finding out for yourself, as well as eliminating the journey where your partner freely reveals him or herself to you. Just like in friendships, your partner will unfold themselves to you when they’re ready.

When Is It Okay?

Asking about the thoughts, feelings, and affairs of other people without them knowing may be unethical, but there’s a way that you can derive information without outright asking about the third person. A reader will not answer your, “Is he cheating?” question because it’s about another person who is not in the room. and whose energy is not around the cards and the reader.

Tarot readings always focus on the seeker. If you wish to know bout your relationship with your partner, you can rephrase the question. By rephrasing your question that involves how your relationship impacts your life, then it can be okay.

For example, you ask the question again, “Is my partner cheating on me?’ You can rephrase this with, “Is my relationship with my partner full of trust and loyalty?” The reader can then read your energy and how your relationship is affecting you – the seeker.

By rephrasing the question that involves you, a reader can freely create a spread that focuses on your life, and not on the third person. Another example would be, “Is my dad’s health getting worse?” You can rephrase this question with, “How can I make my dad’s life more comfortable?” By redirecting your question to yourself, a reader can absorb the energies surrounding your life, and answer your question through the tarot.

Remember that the tarot is a tool for self-empowerment, and how you can use the answers to bring positive changes in your life. It is not about someone else, and it is not about how you can have an advantage over another person. The real issue with third party readings is the intent. If you want to ask questions about how other people will impact you, you simply must rephrase your question to reveal information about how your relationship with that person will have an effect in your life.

The Bottom Line

So can you do a tarot reading for someone without them knowing”? The answer is yes, but should you? It is unethical and inaccurate and can be a form of psychic spying, which is not a good thing. However, to know more about how a third party impacts your life, you simply must rephrase your question, this time, focusing on you.

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