Fairy Tarot Cards Deck Review

Fairy Tarot Cards Deck Review

The Fairy Tarot features nature angels who have distinct powers of manifestation to bring daily wisdom and assistance to our lives. This includes help with issues around self-confidence and guidance to make a positive change in the world. The Fairy Tarot Cards help you discover your invisible crown to fulfill your life’s purpose with prosperity … Read more

Dreams of Gaia Tarot Review

Dreams of Gaia Tarot Deck Review

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot deck will lead you down a path away from traditional tarot towards a “new era” of tarot reading. As the cumulation of 10 years of work by author and artist Ravynne Phelan, this deck features a strong spiritual connection with Gaia(Mother Earth), bold and vivid artwork, and guidance toward intimate … Read more

Moonology Oracle Deck Review [Lunar Energy or a Dud?]

Moonology Oracle Deck Review

If you’ve signed up for my free tarot readings you might have seen that I sometimes reach for an oracle deck or my angel cards and, yes, sometimes I use the Moonology oracle deck. Ever since I started using them I’ve been asked what I think of them. So let’s look at what I think of … Read more