Spiritual Guidance Tarot: Spirit Guide Reading

Spiritual Guidance Tarot

A spiritual guide Tarot reading is a great way to connect with your spirit guide and take their advice on how to further your spiritual path. Opening yourself up to guidance and support from your spiritual helpers can unlock your path in ways you might never have expected. If you’d like help I can do … Read more

Breakup Tarot Spread: Reconciliation, Feelings or Moving On

Breakup Tarot Spread

A breakup is often painful and emotionally turbulent but the Tarot can help guide us through this difficult time. It can give you insight into what went wrong, how they’re feeling, what is to come in the future and advice on how to proceed. A tarot spread for breakups can help you no matter what … Read more

Best Tarot Spread for Asking a Question (And Get Your Answer)

Best Tarot Spread for Asking a Question

Some Tarot spreads are focused on specific topics or areas of your life, others are well primed to ask specific questions. We don’t want to narrow the cards too much that we prevent them from giving advice but sometimes we have specific questions for a spread. If you’d like help I can do a free … Read more

Burning Question Tarot Spread: Unlock The Answer

Burning Question Tarot Spread

The burning question tarot spread is designed to provide insight into an important question. This spread can be used for any type of question, but it is especially useful for questions that are causing you stress or anxiety. Depending on your question, we could force the cards into a simple yes or no reading or, … Read more

Does He Miss Me? Tarot Spread

Does He Miss Me Tarot Spread

If you’re apart from someone in an emotional period (especially an ex-lover) the Tarot can help give you insight and this does he miss me Tarot spread can give you an insight into whether or not he’s thinking about you. We’re not just looking for a simple yes or no here. The Tarot can give … Read more

Free Romany Tarot Readings for Deep Insight

Free Romany Tarot Reading

I’ve seen a real drive towards Romany Tarot readings as a way of bringing guidance and wisdom into our lives. Steeped in history and culture, Romany Tarot readers have been looked to for a long time for their insight into the cards. I don’t just want to give you simple card descriptions and let you … Read more

Friendship Tarot Spread: What’s Going On?

Friendship Tarot Spread

A friendship Tarot spread can help give you insight into your friendships and connections with others. It can help you strengthen your connections and find new ones. It can give you an insight into how close you currently are and what your future together could hold. Rather than piecing together automated readings, if you’d like … Read more

Love Triangle Tarot: Let Me Help

Love Triangle Tarot

Found yourself in a tricky situation? A love triangle Tarot can shine some light on the situation and help you decide on the best choice for the long run. It can help you get what you want, without anyone being hurt along the way. I don’t like readings where you click a few buttons and … Read more

Free Twin Flame Reading: Reach Union

Twin Flame Tarot Reading

Before I start talking about twin flame Tarot readings I want to make a few things crystal clear. Most of us don’t have a twin flame. They’re incredibly rare connections. The majority of the world probably hasn’t even heard the term. A twin flame and a soulmate are not the same things. They’re not interchangeable … Read more