3 Card Tarot Spread for Love

3 Card Tarot Spread for Love

Whether attached or single, sometimes we need a little advice and get some answers. In matters of love, a 3 card tarot spread for love can present things we haven’t thought of or considered in depth. The cards can put things into a context that gives us the knowledge and wisdom to live and love … Read more

Guiding Past Life Tarot Spread

Past Life Tarot Spread

Do you feel like you’ve lived before? Do you sense being an old soul? Do you have deep fears or phobias without any basis in your current life? Are you called to certain places, moments or cultures because of their life energies? If you answered “yes” to any of these, it could be the spirit … Read more

Birthday Tarot Spread

Birthday Tarot Spread

When your birthday rolls around, it’s always a good idea to get a reading with tarot cards. It’s an excellent time for reflection about the things you’ve done, the path you’re on and how to proceed in moving forward. But, it’s up to you to take responsibility for the birthday message and, remember, these readings … Read more

Guiding Love Tarot Spread for Singles

Love Tarot Spread for Singles

When you’re single, a tarot card reading can help you see what’s going on and get some relationship advice. This is especially true if you seek a healthy relationship with a compatible partner. But, it’s difficult to decipher if it’s something within you or your string of past lovers. A love tarot spread for singles … Read more

‘Does He Think About Me?’ Tarot Spread

Does He Think About Me Tarot Spread

Sometimes when the apple of your eye is away for a long time or if you’re just embarking on a new love interest, getting a tarot reading can supply some subtle awareness. This is useful if you can’t speak with him or don’t want to appear too needy. A reading like this can give unparalleled … Read more

Insightful Dream Interpretation Tarot Spread

Dream Interpretation Tarot Spread

Sometimes, we have dreams that are so strong, profound and tangible, there has to be something behind them. A dream interpretation tarot spread can not only help break down the meaning of a dream but also guide us on whatever the dream was trying to tell us. I can do a reading for you or, … Read more

Guiding Reconciliation Tarot Spread

Reconciliation Tarot Spread

Sometimes, we need guidance about how to heal a broken relationship. Whether looking to get back together with an ex or wanting to lift the rift with a friend, getting a tarot reading like this can provide deep insight. I can do a reconciliation reading for you or, if you prefer, teach you how to … Read more

Finding Your Spirit Guide Tarot Spread

Finding Your Spirit Guide Tarot Spread

Spirit guides are an ethereal concept many people take for granted. Sure they could be angels, animals or plants. But they could also be something more practical like numbers, shapes or ideas. Our spirit guides come in many forms and not all of them have religious or new-age implications. They can even be a loved … Read more

Does He Love Me Tarot Spread

We know the old routine, taking a flower and tearing off each petal while saying, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Rather than destroying a flower’s delicate beauty, do a tarot reading. It’s far more permanent and accurate than ripping petals to pieces. Whether a relationship is newly budding or it’s one in full … Read more

Full Moon Tarot Spread [Done for You & Complete Guide]

Full Moon Tarot Spread

A Full Moon tarot spread serves two purposes: for personal insight or connecting with the Moon’s energy. In either case, you can work with the mysteries and wisdom of the Moon to become more self-aware. For the more ritual-minded, this kind of reading provides deep guidance. If you listen correctly, the Moon’s sagacious message becomes … Read more