How He Feels About Me Tarot Spread

How He Feels About Me Tarot Spread

Reading tarot cards can have many uses. A person can use them to learn more about themselves, discover new revelations about others that they are reading for, and even communicate more clearly with the spiritual world. One of the most common reasons someone will want to have their tarot read is to find out the … Read more

Week Ahead Tarot Spread Reading

Week Ahead Tarot Spread Reading

The week ahead tarot spread can provide you with insight into how the upcoming week will go. Many people use it to receive guidance for the near future. The spread is simple and easy to learn, so you should test it out when you next have the chance. It is very beginner-friendly. This spread requires … Read more

Am I Pregnant Tarot Spread: Your Pregnancy Unlocked

Am I Pregnant Tarot Spread

Pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful and life-changing parts of a person’s and family’s life. Doing an am I pregnant tarot spread can let you know what to expect from all three trimesters of pregnancy, the circumstances surrounding the conception, and the birthing process. With this spread, you get a comprehensive look at … Read more

Insightful Tarot Spreads for Spirit Communication

Tarot Spreads for Spirit Communication

Tarot spreads can look beyond the more common questions. They can be used to dig a little deeper and one of my favorite ways to use a deck is tarot spreads for spirit communication. When a user creates a tarot spread for spirit communication, they create a link with the other side, allowing the spirits … Read more

Is He the One Tarot Spread: The Right Guy?

Is he the one tarot spread

Using an is he the one tarot spread can give you insight into an existing or potential relationship so you don’t waste time on the wrong person. Tarot cards can help you find your soulmate, your true connection and the person you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. It can also warn you … Read more

A Friend or Foe Tarot Spread: Pick the Right Friends

A Friend or Foe Tarot Spread

A friend or foe tarot spread can give you insight into someone’s intentions. Are they someone you can rely on or will they let you down? Will you be friends forever and how invested is this person in your friendship? Let’s let the Tarot give us some insight. I’ll show you how to quickly perform … Read more

Soulmate Tarot Spreads: Find Your Soulmate

soulmate tarot spreads

A soulmate tarot spread can be used to both help you find your soulmate and to guide you on your relationship with them once you have. It can also give you confirmation on whether or not your current partner is your soulmate or not. As with most things in a Tarot reading, there’s not always a one … Read more

Guiding Illness Tarot Spread

Illness Tarot Spread

One of the most popular reasons that people seek answers from tarot cards is when they are suffering from an illness or they are struggling with their mental health. Using illness tarot spreads can provide people with the closure that they need when they are struggling to accept their current health status, as well as … Read more

Divine Deity Communication Tarot Spread

Deity Communication Tarot Spread

If you are seeking advice in a specific area within your life, but you do not know where to start, then this deity communication tarot spread may be perfect for you. A deity with a specific influencing sphere will communicate with you through the tarot spread, here you will be able to start (or deepen) … Read more