Decision Making Tarot Spread: Make the Right Choice

We have to make decisions every day of our lives. Some are simple, like what to eat for breakfast. However, some can be extremely difficult to navigate. A decision regarding love or your work life will have long-term effects, which means it can be hard to decide what to do.

Tarot can help us look at the decision we have to make and the potential outcomes of this decision. In this decision-making Tarot spread, you can analyze two different choices side by side to figure out what you need to do.

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How to Perform a Decision-Making Tarot Spread

Decision Making Tarot Spread Layout

This decision-making Tarot is designed for two different options, but it can be changed if there are more choices to your decision.

Before you perform this spread, take a moment to write down the two different options for your decision. If you have a Tarot journal, this is an excellent opportunity to journal your Tarot reading and explore what it is teaching you. Journaling the cards after performing the spread will also help you gain an understanding of what choice you should make.

When you have clarity on the choices available to you and can summarize them in a sentence, shuffle the deck. Then, pull six cards for the reading.

Card One: Your True Goals

The first card pulled in this decision-making Tarot spread reflects your true goals. It shows you what you really want from this choice.

A lot of the decisions we make are influenced by external factors. Of course, sometimes this is good! It is important to consider others when making choices. However, we may be influenced by societal or family pressures that overtake what we truly want in life.

This card will reveal your true wishes and dreams. It is important to be clear about these before we make decisions, as following our true desires will ultimately bring us peace and happiness.

Card Two: Pros of Option One

Decision Tarot Reading

The second card in this spread represents the pros of the first option. This will help you figure out if it is the right choice for you.

If a card with a negative meaning appears in this position, we can still gain a positive message from it. For example, let’s say the Five of Pentacles appears as a pro card. This card represents financial distress and poverty. However, as it is in a pros card, we can understand that it represents you helping others in that position.

Card Three: Pros of Option Two

This card reveals why you may wish to go for option one and what positivity it will bring into your life. Just like the previous card, you may need to meditate on the meaning of this card if a more negative meaning appears.

Card Four: Cons of Option Two

The fourth card in this decision-making Tarot spread represents the cons of the first options. It will show you any obstacles or difficulties that you may face if you choose this path.

But what do we do if a positive card appears in this position? In order to understand positive cards in negative positions, we can either take their meaning to the extreme or read it as meaning that this choice will lack these positive traits.

So, let’s say you received Temperance for a con card. This card is all about balance and moderation. When we want to understand what it means in this position, we can either understand it as saying the choice means we will lack balance, or perhaps, we are being too strict when it comes to moderation and control.

Card Five: Cons of Option Two

The fifth card shows you the reasons why you might not go for option two. It will show you the difficulties that may come with this choice and any stressors that you may face.

Take time to examine the pros and cons of each choice. Meditate on them and explore them in your Tarot journal.

Card Six: Your Desired Outcome

The last card in this decision-making Tarot spread shows you your desired outcome of the situation.

After pulling this card, you may wish to make links between it and the second and third cards. Do the pros of either choice line up with this card?

Three-Card Decision Tarot Reading

Three-Card Decision Making Tarot Reading

The three-card reading is also an option if you want a quick and simple spread. This gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide how much guidance and insight you need into your decision.

You can extend this reading to four cards with an additional qualifying card, but if it isn’t painting a clear path for you, I’d suggest taking the time with the complete spread.

Asking the Tarot: What Do I Need to Know To Make This Decision?

If you do not have the time to perform a six-card Tarot spread or wish to do something a little simpler, shuffle the deck while asking, ‘what do I need to know to make this decision?’

Pull a card and place it down. What is it telling you about the decision? It may reveal worries or difficulties regarding this choice, or it may simply show you what to do. It is really important to listen to your intuition here. If you wish, pull out one or two more cards for clarity.

Important Cards for a Decision-Making Tarot Spread

When performing a decision-making Tarot spread, there are a few cards to look out for. These signify a warning regarding a decision and therefore should be listened to and considered. Let’s take a look at them and what they mean for this type of spread.

The Moon

The Moon signifies illusions and anxieties. Not everything is as it seems with the Moon, and we don’t really know what is true and what is not.

When appearing in a decision-making Tarot spread, the Moon shows us that there are things affecting this choice that we do not know. One option may not be as good as it seems.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man has a very clear message when it comes to decision-making Tarot spreads: don’t act right now. This major arcana card signifies a change of perspective and a time of pause. It asks you to take a step back from the decision that needs to be made and wait until things become clearer.

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