Divine Deity Communication Tarot Spread

If you are seeking advice in a specific area within your life, but you do not know where to start, then this deity communication tarot spread may be perfect for you. A deity with a specific influencing sphere will communicate with you through the tarot spread, here you will be able to start (or deepen) your relationship with this deity and gain guidance in that specific area within your life.

I’ve seen different people do this kind of spread in different ways and to provide different types of guidance. You can tweak this kind of spread to suit the question you ask the Tarot.

If you’d like me to do a spread for you I do free Tarot readings just tell me where to focus or if you’d rather do one yourself, this is how I would do this kind of communication spread.

How to Do a Deity Communication Tarot Spread

This deity communication tarot spread will not specifically identify the deity that is wishing to communicate with you. But you will understand their personality, influencing sphere and how they are manifesting themselves in your life, both in the past and the present.

Card One: A Card Representing The Deity

The first card to be drawn will symbolize the deity themselves. This will be the strongest card to provide an overall representation of the deity rather than a specific part of their personality or attitude. You must remember, however, that this will not directly identify the deity but will simply provide you with a deeper insight that will allow you to trust and bond them.

Card Two: Personality Traits Of The Deity

Now that you have an overall image of what the deity is like, the following card will inform you further on their specific personality traits. This card may represent the deity’s most overwhelming personality trait, alternatively, it could symbolize a personality trait that the deity shares with yourself. The personality trait could also be one that you should either develop or become more attuned to.

Card Three: Deity’s Sphere Of Influence

Deity Communication TarotThe third card to be drawn will represent that deity’s sphere of influence. This will provide you further insight into the identity of the deity, as each deity has its own specific spheres of influence. The sphere that has been represented on this card may relate to the conversation or advice that the deity wishes to share with you, usually meaning that this sphere is going to change or is changing within your life.

Card Four: Your Relationship With The Deity

This card will symbolize the current relationship that you have with this particular deity. This will probably be the easiest card for you to understand of those drawn so far, as it usually represents either a low or high relationship status. Alternatively, it may show that you have a deep understanding and relationship with them.

Card Five: Representing How The Deity Has Influenced Your Past

This may not have been the first time that you are receiving either communication or an outside influence from this particular deity, you just may not have been aware of it. This card will inform you whether they have influenced your life previously, as well as the instance that they involved themselves in. If you experienced a moment in your life that you did not understand, or if something happened with no explanation, you may finally get the answers you were seeking.

Card Six: The Influence The Deity Currently Has On Your Life

Similar to the previous card, this one will inform you of the current influence that this deity is having on your life. Again, this may provide you with an explanation of events currently occurring in your life, or clarify any confusing feelings you may have. This card will, more than likely, relate to the influencing sphere of the deity.

Card Seven: Why Work With This Deity?

At this point of the tarot reading, you may be wondering why you should work with this deity, this card will provide you with the answer. Perhaps you have been seeking help relating to this deity’s influencing sphere, or maybe change is coming in this sphere within your personal life. Either way, the deity will know whether you need their help or support. They are here to help you, and you should absorb and understand the guidance and advice that they are giving you.

Card Eight: What They Desire From You

Most of the time, deities will wish to communicate with you when they want to give you advice relating to their influencing sphere. This card will inform you of what they wish you to do after understanding the conversation. This could be an action that they wish for you to complete or inner contemplation and reflection that you should partake in.

Card Nine: How You Should Respect The Deity’s Wishes

If the previous card confuses you, or you require further information, then this card may help. With all the information that the deity has provided so far, it may confuse you on how you should proceed. This card will provide you with insight on how you can respect the deity’s wishes and follow their guidance to the best of your ability.

Card Ten: How Will This Improve Your Relationship

The penultimate card will symbolize how you can improve your relationship with this deity. Whether you already have a strong relationship, or if this is the first time you are communicating, every relationship always requires work to either maintain its high level or improve it. This card will inform you on what you can do in order to improve the relationship, whether that is following their advice or opening yourself up to further communication.

Card Eleven: Important Knowledge You Need To Gain

The last card in this deity communication tarot spread will represent the overall important message that you should take from this conversation. This card is usually the one that can simplify the overall message that the deity has for you, and what they wish for you to take away from the conversation.

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