Do Tarot Cards Tell the Truth (and 9 Other Common Questions)

I often get asked ‘do tarot cards tell the truth’ and while the simple answer is yes, as with most things in life, it’s a little more complicated.

Tarot cards can reveal many facts about a person’s life and the journey ahead. However, mindset plays a huge factor in how accurate a tarot card reading can be.

A lot of times, people associate tarot card readers with gypsies or a woman wearing mysterious clothes and sitting behind a red velvet curtain at a festival or carnival. But, truth be told, there are people who are gifted and professional tarot card readers that can inform others about their lives.

Having your thoughts and mind in a good place about yourself and the possibilities can make a huge difference in how a tarot card reading is performed. Tarot cards can be used as a compass that gives you insights into what the future might unfold.

Can You Trust the Tarot?

There can be risks to trusting the tarot but, like most things, it depends on how you use them.

Used properly, they can be a powerful tool and you can trust them to lead you. You (or your reader) need to carefully understand how the cards function and prevent bias from muddying the answers.

Common issues I see with people using the tarot are:

A proper understanding of how the tarots work, clearly asked questions and a reader who shares similar beliefs to you are key to gaining guidance – and then you can trust the tarot to guide you in life.

Is Every Tarot Card Reading Accurate?

The answer to this question is as tricky as the answer to ‘do tarot cards tell the truth?’ and the real reason behind that is because it actually depends on both the person doing the reading and the one receiving it.

You want to go to an experienced professional tarot card reader who is willing to take the time and dive deep into the meaning of the cards that are drawn. But at the same time, you need to have an open mind about what the cards are revealing about your life.

When both of these components match up perfectly, a tarot card reading can be as accurate as any other tool when it comes to figuring out your path and destination in life.

Are Tarot Cards Readings Always Negative?

No, tarot card readings are not always negative. However, depending on the cards that come up, the past, present, or future findings may provide some negative answers. But keep in mind, the way somebody processes that information will make a huge difference.

A tarot card reader will draw cards they are drawn to while being in your presence.

They can feel and sense things that normally aren’t revealed to people on a regular basis. What those cards will say, nobody knows until they are displayed.

If you have a positive mindset and you want to see positive things coming out about your life, you will be able to benefit from the results of your tarot card reading. However, if you have doubts, that will also be revealed in the cards that are drawn.

Can Tarot Cards Tell The Future?

Can Tarot Cards Tell The FutureTarot card readers are not meant to be used as a fortune teller or somebody who can see the future, and what somebody learns from their tarot reading should be used as a tool in their life journey, not as a deciding factor.

Tarot card readings are mainly supposed to be used as a guide when moving forward. They will reveal things about your past that can help you understand where you are today. They can also give you insights about the future but shouldn’t be used as a deciding factor about what to do next in your life.

Do Tarot Cards Have to Be in Order?

No. Never.

In fact, you really don’t want your cards to be in order. Doing this you might as well be making up the answer yourself as you’ll know exactly what cards are going to arrive in each position.

I’ve seen some tarot readers like to order their cards when they’re finished in them. Everybody has their own beliefs about the cards but this just seems to be complicating things for no reason. Respect your deck, sure, but you’ll need to shuffle them before each reading no matter what you do.

Do Tarot Cards Have to Be Gifted to You?

There is a myth/tradition/misunderstanding (whatever you want to call it) that you can’t buy your first tarot deck and it has to be gifted to you by someone else.

Again, beliefs vary. I think sometimes people overcomplicate the tarot to make it more mysterious but, in short, no you don’t need your first tarot deck gifted to you.

It makes no difference to the meaning of the cards or the result you’ll have with them. To some, it’s a tradition, but don’t allow anyone you tell you that you can’t choose the deck you want.

Personally, I think your first tarot deck chooses you. If a deck stands out to you get it.

Can a Tarot Card Reader See the Cards Before Being Drawn?

No, when a tarot card reader begins to have a reading with a client, the cards usually are facing downward. Although, the tarot card reader is drawn to certain cards based on your energy.

So if you are a believer in what is being revealed, then the outcome is much better perceived and can be used as a compass to help you navigate through life.

Keep in mind that humans, in general, have very little control over what happens in life, and when the universe has another plan for somebody, that is usually the path that one will be drawn towards.

One of the key aspects of all tarot card readings is that the energy being channeled is what will ultimately influence the cards. This is an important thing to keep in mind, as sometimes people get all caught up in the cards being flipped rather than the whole story being told.

Like many things in life, it sometimes takes something wrong to make a right. If the cards are telling you that your direction is off-balance, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make a quick turn or exit your current path.
It simply means that you should be aware of the journey you are on and the future ones you embark on. When you have your tarot card reading in your subconscious mind, it will send gentle reminders to you when you are about to make a life-changing decision.

What Do Tarot Card Readings Reveal About Truth?

Tarot cards can be a gateway to the map of your life, and the truth lies somewhere in between all the curves and hills you will endure. They can bring out your truth through:

  • Motives
  • Intentions
  • Choices

And all of these combined will help shape the destination you are heading towards in life. However, one should be prepared for the unknown, as many turns can happen and send you in a completely different direction.

People’s lives change daily, and tarot card readings can only provide you the truth about what you are currently living or have been through already.

There are clear signs about the future, but if you intentionally change directions, you should seek another tarot card reading to see what might have changed.

Can Tarot Card Readings Change Your Life?

For some people, the answer is an astounding yes! Since tarot cards can typically show a person’s future based on the present moments and the client’s reality, they can also give subtle hints about what is preventing somebody from reaching their life goals.

Whether those goals are small or big, the internal energy being channeled is a clear indicator of how the person receiving the reading will use the knowledge they have just learned. In many cases, people find the missing piece to the puzzle that has been holding them back in life.

I know the Tarot has changed my life for the better and I constantly see it doing the same for others. At the end of the day the cards a tool, however, and they’re only as useful as you allow them to be.