Dream Tarot Spread: Unlocking Messages

Our dreams provide insight into our subconscious and may contain spiritual messages. It can be tempting to brush off dreams when we wake up. However, exploring your dream’s symbols and messages can enhance your spiritual and emotional life. The dream world is deeply connected to the waking world and helps us understand who we are, where we are, and what we need to do to achieve our goals and find inner peace.

But how can we understand our dreams? Turning to Tarot can help you unlock the messages hidden within your dreams. This dream Tarot spread explores the different aspects of your dreams and any real-world application of the messages within your dreams.

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How To Perform a Dream Tarot Spread

Dream Tarot Spread Layout

It is beneficial to keep a dream journal to enhance your connection to your subconsciousness. Have your journal by your bed and jot down your dream as soon as you wake up.

Before performing this dream Tarot spread, turn to your dream journal and recall the dream you had. Go through the different emotions that came up during your dream and pay attention to any objects, people, or themes that cropped up. When you are ready, shuffle the deck and pull six cards.

Card One: World Trigger

Our dreams are usually triggered by something in the real world. It may be a relationship, a goal, or an event. The first card in this dream Tarot spread represents the trigger that caused your dream.

This card may not be too obvious, so take your time exploring the meaning of the card. Do you see anything about you or your life represented in this card?

Card Two: Subconsciousness

The second card pulled in this dream Tarot spread represents your subconsciousness. It is usually connected to the first card, showing how your subconsciousness has reacted to the real-world trigger.

This card may show you worries, concerns, or hidden emotions that you are suppressing.

Card Three: Connection

dream tarot readingThe third card illuminates the connection between your subconsciousness and your waking life. It will help you understand the link between the two previous cards and sheds light on your internal reactions to what the first card reflects.

This is a really important card as, by understanding how the internal and external are connected, you can deepen your understanding of your subconsciousness and discover hidden emotions that affect you.

Card Four: Spiritual Messages

When we are asleep and dreaming, the inhibitions of the waking world are left behind, and our minds are open to higher powers. Because of this, we may receive spiritual messages through our dreams.

This card will reveal any spiritual messages that your dream contains. It may provide you with advice regarding your spiritual journey or show you messages from your spirit guides.

Card Five: Hidden Messages

The fifth card represents any hidden messages of your dream. Dreams usually contain messages about a range of issues, and this will show you a different way of understanding your dream.

Card Six: Action

The last card in this dream Tarot spread shows how you can apply what you learned from your dream in the waking world. If this spread has revealed hidden worries and emotions deep within your subconsciousness, this card shows you how to combat these issues and learn from your dream.

Asking the Tarot: What Does This Dream Symbol Represent?

Our subconsciousness uses symbols in our dreams to represent emotions and worries. So, if we dream about a cat or a wedding, the dream isn’t actually about a cat or a wedding. Instead, these are symbols that represent something within us.

It can be difficult to understand the symbols within our dreams. However, turning to the Tarot can help you. If you want to work out how you can understand the symbolism in your dream, shuffle the deck while asking, ‘what does this dream symbol represent’. Remember to picture the symbol as you are shuffling the deck.

Pull a card and reflect on its meaning. The card will show you the emotions or fears that the dream symbol represents.

Three-Card Dream Tarot Reading

Three-Card Dream Tarot Reading

The three-card reading is also an option for a quick and simple spread. This gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide which you need.

You can extend this reading to four cards with an additional qualifying card, but if it isn’t painting a clear path for you, I’d suggest taking the time with the complete spread.

Important Cards

When performing a dream Tarot spread, there are certain cards to look out for. Let’s go through these cards and learn what they mean regarding our dreams.

The Moon

moon tarotThe Moon represents anxieties and illusions. It reflects fear and uncertainty and usually appears if you are confused about your path in life or relationships with others.

The Moon is a significant card in a dream Tarot spread, as it suggests that you need to really work on your connection to your subconsciousness. As this card represents anxieties and fears, it suggests that there is conflict within you that you need to work out. By allowing yourself to connect with the different layers of your mind and soul, you are able to overcome these worries.

The High Priestess

A highly spiritual card, the High Priestess represents inner wisdom and intuition. It reminds you to listen to the voice you have within to make decisions and move forward in life.

If the High Priestess appears in a dream Tarot spread, it suggests that your dreams hold significant spiritual messages. You have the intuition to explore the hidden meanings of your dreams to gain enlightenment and understanding. By working with your dreams, you are able to move forward on your spiritual path in life and develop your connection with the universe.

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