Fairy Tarot Cards Deck Review

The Fairy Tarot features nature angels who have distinct powers of manifestation to bring daily wisdom and assistance to our lives. This includes help with issues around self-confidence and guidance to make a positive change in the world. The Fairy Tarot Cards help you discover your invisible crown to fulfill your life’s purpose with prosperity and abundance.

Known as the “self-esteem deck,” these cards contain the energies for such a purpose. Inside is a magical world filled with Fairy Kings, Queens, Princesses and Princes that intertwines with the energies of nature.

The Deck: In the Box

This is a 78-card deck with silver-gilded 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. They come packaged in a solid cardboard box with an easy-to-lift lid. The back of each card, created by fantasy artist Howard David Johnson, has an irreversible detailed image of a fairy amid a garden of flowers who appears deep in thought.

There are card titles, numbers and a brief interpretation on each. There’s a 185-page guidebook, written by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, that delves deep into each card along with ideas for tarot readings and daily guidance.

Details of the Tarot Card Deck – Fairy Tarot Cards

These gorgeous cards contain breathtaking illustrations of sparkly, childlike and pretty beings often seen in most fairytales and children’s stories. There’s no malice, darkness, complexity or moral ambiguity; just pure, divine magic to answer important life questions.

Artistic Observations

Fairy Tarot CardsThey take on a classic and romantic view of the fairies but combine them with more modern concepts. There are ballerinas/gymnasts and other images of fairies with an almost 40s-like pinup appearance. This deck is very much like the Angel Tarot Cards deck, created by Radleigh Valentine. This was purposefully done so both decks can be part of one reading at the same time.

It’s evident that the American artist, Howard David Johnson, went to great pains to include the quintessential British legends hailing from the ancient land of Glastonbury. The images throughout this 78-card deck have a photo-realist style along with using various media like oil paints and digital images. These have rich, natural colors with a Pre-Raphaelite feel.

The Pros

The divinatory meanings are very light, positive and have no reversed implications. They have a high-polished sheen with a smooth, high-quality and flexible finish. The silver-gilded edges do not tarnish or wear off, even with frequent handling.

For their weight and size, they’re very easy to shuffle. Those with smaller hands can “stir” them around on a flat surface with ease. The print quality is stellar with clear, crisp images. There is no blurring, misprinting or color bleeding.

The fact that interpretation is easy and there are no reversed meanings, makes it an excellent deck for those new to reading tarot cards. They offer poignant readings with precise and accurate answers acting as a wise spiritual teacher.

The Cons

Because these are 87 mm x 127 mm (about three inches by five inches), they’re very broad and people with smaller hands may have trouble managing them. The density of the cards compounds the issue since they stand at 35 mm (about over an inch).

Relentless Positivity

Because the creators went out of their way to put the interpretations in a positive light, despite how some are traditionally negative, presents an issue. There’s no acknowledgment of hardships a querent may face. This may actually do more of a disservice than a benefit to one’s life experience.

The only real card of warning is about financial windfalls. So, one in the face of a harsh reality given a reading with relentless positivity may lend itself to encouraging denial. This may offer false comfort when a seeker who needs to come to terms with a potential unsavory truth.

Some Complaints

Also, even though the card quality is good and many users attest to its durability, some people say otherwise. There are claims that the finish wears off after multiple uses, the cards bend too easily and others do report print-quality issues.

Alternative Fairy Tarot Cards

If you wanted to alternate even further from the fairy card deck, you could try an oracle deck like the Moonology cards or the Dreams of Gaia oracle deck.

The design of this 78-card deck goes outside the traditional. Although similar in concept, several of the Major Arcana cards changed. The following is a list of the traditional cards and what this deck names them as:

  • Death – Release
  • The Devil – Ego
  • The Hierophant – Unity
  • The Hanged Man – Awakening
  • Judgment – Renewal
  • Temperance – Balance
  • The Tower – Life Experience

All the rest of the Major Arcana is the same, but a couple takes on the different numbered positions. Justice is the 8th card, while Strength is the 11th card.

Also, the suits equate to a season with elements of nature and the court cards are different. For instance, the traditional Wands are now Spring with Fire, Cups are Summer with Water, Swords are Winter with Air and Pentacles are Autumn with Earth. Instead of Pages as part of the court, these split into Princes and Princesses.

When to Use Fairy Tarot Cards

These beautiful tarot cards are excellent when looking for moral support. Many people use these for when they’re starting a new job, how to proceed with goals or other earthly concerns. They offer guidance, insight and information on which path to take and give answers to life.

But, because of the clear, thoughtful, kind and helpful suggestions offered by the cards, you may want to do something different with them. Many professional tarot readers suggest using these to reinforce detailed readings with other decks, like the Angel Tarot Cards, for a more well-rounded interpretation.

How to Use Fairy Tarot Cards

You can do a basic three-card reading or a traditional Celtic Cross spread. But, if you are familiar with other spreads, don’t hesitate to try them with these ethereal cards.

In the guidebook, each card has a prayer/poem to recite while shuffling this 78-card deck. Of course, you can ask a specific question too. When shuffling, don’t ignore any cards that pop out, it is a direct message.