Fast Tarot Spread For How Someone Feels About You

Romantic feelings are always emotionally charged and can be hard to understand. A Tarot spread for how someone feels about you can help give you an idea of where their mind is at. Is it a potential romance? Friendship? What do they want you to know but haven’t told you?

The Tarot can give you an insight into their feelings but should be used carefully and with respect to their privacy. Be respectful with the questions you ask the cards.

The cards can guide you not only on how they feel but what they might be looking for from you. I’ll show you how to do this kind of spread yourself or, if you prefer, I can do one for you.

Free Spread on Their Feelings

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If you would rather do a spread yourself, let’s look at an example spread layout.

Tarot Spread Layout for Someone’s Feelings

There are no hard set rules on which type of layout to use or in what order. There are plenty of Tarot readers who have their own rules they stick to but it doesn’t really matter.

As a general rule of thumb, I prefer 5-7 card spreads over 1-3 spreads to give you a fuller view of the situation and you can switch up the order if you want to.

But here’s the thing.

Be clear of your layout before starting. You can’t pull the cards and then decide what each position represents. Be clear of your intent for each card before pulling them from the deck. Don’t fall into the trap of picking the cards to match the answers you want.

Card one: How do they feel overall?

Card one will give just an overview of their emotions and feelings towards you at this moment in time. It will tell you the strongest feeling they have concerning you. It tells you how they view you the majority of the time.

This feeling can be changed easily due to the fact that it’s only a surface feeling. However, it gives you somewhere to start and lets you know their feeling can be changed if you would like that to happen.

So, if this surface feeling isn’t what you would like it to be, do something to alter it. It’s an important card but at the same time, it’s not written in stone. Be careful though, if it can be changed for the good it can also be changed for the bad.

Card two: Do they see you romantically?

Card two is the most interesting one. It tells you if someone has any kind of romantic interest in you which is what most people really want to know, therefore, making it intriguing yet the most dreaded card in the spread. It tells you how serious their romantic feelings are or if they aren’t even interested in you that way.

If they aren’t romantically interested in you, it tells you why. It tells you if that feeling can be changed or if there isn’t anything you can do to alter their opinion. Another thing it will tell you is if they find you attractive or not.

This can be an uplifting card or a heartbreaking one. It depends on what you are wanting out of the relationship.

tarot feelings spread

Card three: Friendship or Acquaintance?

Card three will tell you if they even consider you to be a friend or just someone they barely know. Are you important to them? Do they value and care for you or are you just someone to talk to in passing? It will also let you know if, and what, there is anything you can do to change being an acquaintance to being a friend.

Thankfully, it also tells you if it’s worth your effort and time in trying. People are funny in the way they judge everyone and the things that cause them to dislike others. Sad as it is, it can be something as simple as the way you say their name.

Card four: What do they like about you?

Card four will tell you the qualities that you have that they like the most. It’s the reason they gravitated towards you, to begin with.

If you know these things, it helps you to work on these qualities, show them off more and to improve on them. Knowing what they like in you gives you hope and can build your self-confidence.

Card five: What do they not really like about you?

This can be anything from a minor pet peeve to a major grievance. Are you getting a cold shoulder type feeling from them?

This card will tell you why they have a problem with you and how it got started. It can help you decide if you want to talk to them about it and possibly work things out, or if you think it’s too big of a problem to resolve.

You can also treat this card as advice. For example, if you had the Queen of Pentacles as advice it would be telling you that you’re on the right path if romance is your goal. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Card six: Hidden sides

This card will expose whether you are purposely hiding something from them and what it is. It will also tell you if it’s something you should share with them or keep to yourself.

It’s not always a good idea to tell a person everything when you’re first starting out in a possible friendship or relationship. You might not want to share information that is extremely personal with someone that you aren’t sure how they feel yet.

This is where it gets into a deep trust issue. It’s hard to trust someone that you haven’t gotten to know well enough.

Card seven: What are they not telling you?

Card seven will tell you if there is something they are keeping from you or maybe that you just aren’t wanting to see because your feelings are blinding you. We have all been down that road where we don’t want to see the bad in someone.

We all have something we would rather other people not know. Maybe it’s something bad and maybe it isn’t. It could just be something they are embarrassed about. Maybe it’s something they are ashamed of. Then again, there could be warning bells going off that you aren’t wanting to hear. You may find out something that you really don’t want to know. Maybe you have known something was a little off but chose to ignore it.

This card will bring it to light. It helps us to know if the person is who they say they are.

By the time you are done with this reading, it will tell you everything that you ever needed to know about this person and about yourself. You will walk away from it with a lot to think about and decisions to make. These decisions will not always be easy. Trust in the reading you get. At least you will know which way to behave towards them in the future. Should you take the time to stop and talk to them? If you are already in a relationship with them, is it worth continuing to pursue or should you just walk away?