First Quarter Moon Tarot Spread: Illuminate Your Path

The different phases of the moon bring their own unique spiritual energy. At each phase of the cycle, you can work with the moon’s energy to amplify your personal and spiritual growth.

The first quarter moon phase is all about action and progression. It is a time of growth and boosts your energy, allowing you to manifest your dreams and put the steps in motion for success. It can be difficult to know how to use the moon’s energy to ground your dreams in reality. Turning to a first-quarter moon Tarot spread can help you figure things out!

Free First Quarter Moon Tarot Spread

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How To Perform a First Quarter Moon Tarot Spread

First Quarter Moon Tarot Spread Layout

The first quarter moon phase lasts around a week. You can perform this spread on any of these nights. It is useful to perform the first quarter moon spread in a place where you can see the moon. However, it is okay if you can’t do this! The energy of the first quarter moon still surrounds you, even if you cannot see it.

Before performing this spread, you may wish to meditate with a selenite or moonstone crystal. These crystals boost your connection with the moon and allow its energy to mix with your own.

When you are ready, shuffle the deck and pull six cards.

Card One: Main Focus

The first card pulled in this first quarter moon Tarot spread represents your main focus of this lunar cycle. It is usually a pretty obvious card reflecting a career, hobby, love, or friendship goal you have right now.

Card Two: Areas of Manifestation

first quarter moon tarot spreadThe second card represents aspects of your life that will thrive from manifestation rituals. The first quarter moon phase is the best time to manifest goals and dreams, and this card will show you what to put your energy into!

This card may be linked to the first. However, it may be something you haven’t yet considered. Keep your mind open when exploring manifestation and the meaning of this card.

Card Three: Issues or Obstacles

The third card in this first quarter moon Tarot spread reveals any issues or obstacles that you may face in this lunar cycle. This card is usually connected to your main focus card, showing you what you need to be aware of when moving forward with your goals.

Remember, obstacles and difficulties allow us to grow. By knowing what they are, you can be prepared for action!

Card Four: How To Overcome Them

This card shows you how you can overcome the obstacles revealed in the previous card. It is a card of advice and shows you any attitudes, behaviors, or relationships that will help you overcome these issues and move forward on your path.

Card Five: How To Boost Your Energy

The first quarter moon phase is all about action and motion. You usually find yourself feeling much more motivated during this time. However, you may need to find a way to boost your energy.

This card will reveal what you can do to give yourself that energy boost. It may reveal areas of your life that will motivate you or self-care behavior that will help you feel energetic.

Card Six: Achievements

The last card in this first quarter moon Tarot spread reveals achievements available to you now. This moon phase boosts your motivation, and there are so many things you can achieve right now if you put your mind to it!

This card may reveal something small, such as a chore or daily task. Or, it may reveal a larger goal that is coming your way. Remember, it is really important to celebrate the small tasks and chores you achieve! Give yourself that pat on the back when you deserve it.

Three-Card First Quarter Moon Tarot Reading

Three-Card First Quarter Moon Tarot Reading

The three-card reading is also an option for a quick and simple spread. This gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide which you need.

You can extend this reading to four cards with an additional qualifying card, but if it isn’t painting a clear path for you, I’d suggest taking the time with the complete spread.

Asking the Tarot: How Can I Achieve My Goals in this First Quarter Moon Phase?

You may wish to ask the Tarot a simple question during this moon phase that will provide you with a one or two-card answer. Shuffle the deck while asking, ‘how can I achieve my goals in this first quarter moon phase?’.

If you have a goal in mind, visualize it while you are shuffling the deck. Then, pull a card. Reflect on what it means. If you need to, pull another for more guidance.

Important Cards for the First Quarter Moon Tarot Spread

Certain cards reflect the energy of this moon phase. Let’s take a look at them now and discover what they tell you if appearing in a first quarter moon Tarot spread.

The Chariot

the chariotThe Chariot represents willpower and determination. It is a card of action, reflecting your ability to go after your goals and overcome obstacles.

If the Chariot appears in a first-quarter moon Tarot spread, it shows you that you have the power to grab hold of the lunar energy that surrounds you right now to achieve your goals. Everything is possible with the Chariot, so keep moving forward toward your future!

The World

The World is the final card of the major arcana and represents success and fulfillment. It usually appears in a reading if you are about to achieve a huge life goal.

If the World appears in a first quarter moon Tarot spread, it suggests that there are big achievements in store for you this lunar phase. Keep working hard, and you will soon reap the rewards!

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