Friendship Tarot Spread: What’s Going On?

A friendship Tarot spread can help give you insight into your friendships and connections with others. It can help you strengthen your connections and find new ones. It can give you an insight into how close you currently are and what your future together could hold.

Rather than piecing together automated readings, if you’d like I can do an actual free Tarot reading for you and we can focus on your friendships and relationships (within an hour).

Or, if you prefer, I can show you how to do one for yourself.

Free Friendship Tarot Reading

I don’t just want to give you a few descriptions of Tarot cards. The true message from the cards comes from the way that they are put together, and the story that is created.

My readings are created personally so we can dive a little deeper into these messages.

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

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How to Do a Friendship Tarot Spread

How to Do a Friendship Tarot Spread

If you’d rather do the spread yourself there are a couple of different ways that you can go about it depending on the insight you want to gain.

If you’re not certain about the connection you could do a friend or foe Tarot spread but we can also focus on how to further and deepen a known friendship. If you’re potentially looking at your friendship becoming a romantic one, you could also do a Tarot spread on how they feel about you.

Card One: Your Past Together

Your first card gives you an insight into your connection together so far. It might represent a time that you bonded closely or an event that had a big impact on your friendship.

You can’t further your journey in the future without knowing where you’ve been.

Card Two: Your Present Connection

This card shows the current state of your friendship. It might be representative of a current situation you’re both in, or how you feel about the friendship right now.

It can show you how they think of you and what’s going on in specific situations and help you navigate through difficult spots if there’s been friction between you.

Card Three: Your Future Together

This card looks at the potential for your relationship. It might show things that you’re both working towards or an indication of how strong the bond between you could be.

It can give you a glimpse into what’s to come and what you can do to make it happen. It can help you overcome difficult spots and give you hope for the future.

Optional Card Four: Obstacles

If your friendship has been struggling with something a fourth card can give you a deeper insight into where this is coming from (internal or external). It might show the root of the problem and what you can do to overcome it. If it’s an external obstacle then it might tell you who it is and why it’s happening.

If there haven’t been obstacles in your path, a card in this position can help you pre-empt and avoid one.

Cards to Watch Out For

Every card carries an important message in the Tarot deck. I see people focus too heavily on the major arcana but the minor cards are no less important. The real message of the deck doesn’t come from the individual meanings but from the combinations they create and how your intuition guides you to link them together.

However, there are a few cards in a friendship Tarot reading that are worth watching out for.

The Fool Card

One of my personal favorite cards in the deck. The card of newness and naiveté, for an insight into your friendships and connections with others. It might show a situation where you’re taking risks that might be a little bumpy, to begin with, but will payout in the long run.

As a major arcana, it’s a symbol of a close and high-energy connection.

Justice Card

Another major arcana and an interesting one when it comes to friendship. The Justice card is about fairness and equality. It’s a call to make sure you’re treating others with fairness and respect but also to make sure you have these same expectations of others.

Don’t allow others to take advantage of you and don’t let yourself do the same to them.

The Tower Card

The Tarot’s symbol of chaos, upheaval, and destruction, the Tower is a card that often pops up when there are big changes on the horizon. Usually in the near future.

This card is probably a warning to brace yourself against some major changes but it can also be a call for you to cause these changes yourself. Something is out of place and it might be a problem with the friendship itself or just something holding the two of you back. It might show a situation where things are falling apart, or that you’re about to embark on a new journey with your friend.

The Death Card

The death card doesn’t always mean physical death. It does not mean that your friendship (or your friend) is going to die out.

It does mean that possible change is on the horizon. Similar to the Tower card, it might show that things are about to fall apart and this could be a sign that it’s time to move on. It might also indicate the end of a chapter in your friendship and the beginning of something new.

The Star Card

The Star is the symbol of hope and renewal. For a friendship, it’s a sign that better things are on the horizon for your connection together but you might need to stay the course if things are looking bleak for a while.

It can also be a sign that this friendship is the source of hope and happiness for the two of you. It can be the anchor helping each of you against external forces.

The Moon Card

The moon card often represents the hidden aspects of things. In a friendship reading, it can be a sign that they want to confide in you but they don’t know how you’ll react. It also shows a time when your intuition is going to be very important as you try and navigate this hidden part of the relationship.

The Sun Card

The sun card is one of joy, happiness, and good news. In a friendship reading, it can show that things are going well for the two of you and the energy between you is excelling you both forward.