Full Moon Tarot Spread [Done for You & Complete Guide]

A Full Moon tarot spread serves two purposes: for personal insight or connecting with the Moon’s energy. In either case, you can work with the mysteries and wisdom of the Moon to become more self-aware. For the more ritual-minded, this kind of reading provides deep guidance.

If you listen correctly, the Moon’s sagacious message becomes clear. This is especially true if The Moon card appears in any position of the spread.

I often account for the phase of the moon when doing tarot spreads. I can do a full moon spread for you or, if you prefer, teach you how to do it yourself.

Free Moon Tarot Reading

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

    The reason we ask these questions is the more we understand about you the more accurate we can be. It'll only take a few moments.

How Do You Do a Full Moon Ritual?

Full Moon tarot readings are a little different because you should NOT ask a specific question. Rather, allow the Moon to tell you what She wants. So, while shuffling, say the following rhyme nine times. Don’t hold onto any ideas or expectations and allow your mind to be clear:

Grandmother Moon reminds us,
Never forget what binds us.
Her pale white face, a jewel,
An imminent sign of continual renewal.
Great orb of silver and gold,
Teach me the secrets, so ancient and old.

How the Moon Phases Affect the Tarot Cards

Your connection with the moon might be different from my own. Some people do seem to have more of an affinity to either the moon or the sun. Some readers do tailor their readings depending on the moon phase while others completely ignore it.

There’s no denying the moon does have powerful energy and I do tend to find a spread done on a full moon tends to go in directions you weren’t expecting.

Do You Need Moon Oracle Cards?

There are a couple of moon-themed tarot cards and oracle decks. The most notable is the Moonology oracle deck and while you could choose to use a deck like this for a full moon reading, you really don’t need to.

A simple tarot deck will work just as well.

How to Do a Full Moon Tarot Reading for Personal Insight

How to Do a Full Moon Tarot ReadingShuffle the deck while reciting the poem above. Spread the cards out and, with your dominant hand, select nine cards. Keep them in order and don’t peek. Then, arrange the cards in an arc from left to right while turning them over. Aside from the first card, the entire array, starting at Card 2, is a progression of past to future.

Card 1:  Self-Perception

This card represents how you view yourself and the feelings you harbor at the present time. It’s the driver for the rest of the reading.

Card 2:  What No Longer Serves

What attitudes, beliefs and ideas do you have that no longer work? This card will define it. To grow, you must let go of falsities and fallacies.

Card 3:  What You Give

Sometimes, our self-perceptions make us blind to the things we give. When you view this card, it will give new insights.  Do not deny, shun or ignore this card, it is your true power and secret potential.

Card 4:  What’s Out of Balance

Everyone needs rebalancing in life. This position is the Moon telling you what that is. If a card like Death pops up, it could mean you must learn to accept change. But, if Judgment is visible, then you might have to develop a more unbiased approach.

Card 5:  Current Situation

This indicates a present circumstance of which you may or may not be aware. If The Lovers show up, it could indicate a rising relationship. However, if the cards surrounding The Lovers spell deception, it could mean a false sense of security.

Card 6:  What You Already Know

Although it may seem obvious, the information relayed by this position coincides with the reading in a very profound way. If the card doesn’t make sense, then you have some soul searching to do.

Card 7:  Synthesis

The card found here denotes how to combine everything revealed thus far. If you see The World, you don’t need advice at this time. But, if The Fool rears its head, you have some lessons to learn before you can begin synthesis.

Card 8:  Methods for Improvement

The implications of the card in this position will give suggestions for bettering yourself. In the event The Tower sits here, you must restructure everything. Yes, EVERYTHING.

Card 9:  Future Possibilities

This is the seat of the future where the path indicated by the reading will be the end result. Understand, though, the future is never set in stone. If you don’t like what you see, you can change it.

How to Do a Full Moon Tarot Spread With the Moon’s Energy

Follow the same instructions for Personal Insight above. But, you should burn Jasmine, Rose or Lavender incense along with a white or silver candle. Before touching the cards, say the poem aloud while allowing all troubles, expectations and thoughts to dissipate. Envision a protective circle around you.

Card 1:  You

This card represents you as the sojourn of the whole reading from which all other cards ebb and flow. If The Magician pops up, the implications are obvious.

Card 2:  Past Moon Work

Symbolizing past energies you’ve received from the Moon, this card expresses its relationship to your present pursuits. She has already given you what you need to proceed when The Moon, The Sun, The World or The Star materialize here.

Card 3:  Lunar Gifts

The Moon freely gives gifts, whether karmic, physical or psychological. The card manifesting here portends insight into the gifts she has just for you. For instance, if The Moon card appears, the Moon herself will protect you.

Card 4:  Your Motives

Before embarking on your quest, you must be honest about your innermost thoughts, feelings, desires and objectives.  Remember, you can’t hide anything from the Moon, She sees all and it will show here.

Card 5:  Your Power

This card indicates the gifts given at birth or those developed throughout life. Since this will influence the course of your journey, it’s crucial to understand how this plays into the reading.

Card 6:  Unconsciousness

Before the Moon can give the energy you seek, there are things deep within your psyche that must come to the fore. The card placed here represents surfacing unconscious attitudes and thought patterns.

Card 7:  What You Must Accept about Yourself

Sometimes, we fail to see certain aspects of ourselves because they make us uncomfortable in some way. This position will present things in a new light.

Card 8:  Method to Proceed

Here, the Moon will give guidance and advice for the best ways to connect with the Her secret, ancient powers. In the event the Star shines here, your prospects look excellent.

Card 9:  Potential Outcomes

In combination with the other cards, this position relates to what could happen. If you see The Sun, The Moon or The Wheel of Fortune, you will have a special encounter. But, if Death or The Tower emerges, you should reconsider what you’re doing.