Getting the Queen of Pentacles as Advice

Whether you’re doing a spread on self-development, spiritual path, love life, or business and/or career pursuits, getting the Queen of Pentacles as advice is always a good thing.

But what does it mean? Well, let’s take it one step a time and see what the beautiful queen might be trying to tell you.

We’ll break down the different meanings into different contexts but please also keep in mind that the true guidance of the Tarot comes from the entire context of the spread. The meaning of the cards can change drastically depending on the card next to it. If you’d like more guidance than a single card I do offer free Tarot readings – you just need to send me the details.

Self Development and the Queen of Pentacles as Advice

If you’ve been on a path of self-development and are asking the cards for advice on further steps to take, the Queen of Pentacles is here to tell you that you’ve done a lot of hard work.

In fact, pretty soon you might see some very abundant results coming in. But do keep in mind that like attracts like, so if you want to see abundance coming into your life, you must be on the vibration of abundance, first and foremost.

The queen is telling you that you’ve done a lot of growing, and you need to stay focused on that higher vibe you’ve achieved. Don’t stray from the vibration of higher dimensional unconditional love and abundance, and you’ll see beautiful abundance manifesting in your day-to-day life.

It might help you further your path if you look into some nature-related pursuits. It’s likely that your vibration grows as you spend more time out in nature, at least in some capacity. It might mean anything from growing some flowers on your balcony to helping some ecology-focused initiative, but your green thumb and the connection to Mother Nature are going to offer great support.

Spiritual Path and the Queen of Pentacles as Advice

If you’ve been on a path of spiritual growth, the Queen of Pentacles may be telling you that your next step may in fact be looking into mentoring those less experienced or informed than you.

With her nurturing and easygoing nature, this queen is the warm and fuzzy energy we’d all want to bask in when we’re trying to grow our vibration and further our spiritual development.

It may be time to start giving some classes at some spiritual center or share some content online, whereas many people as possible would have access to it. The Queen of Pentacles is all about sharing the love and abundance, after all.

You may be ready to embark on a mentoring life path, and your spiritual team is giving you that message with the help of this queen.

Love Life and the Queen of Pentacles as Advice

If you’re looking to get advice on matters of the heart and the Queen of Pentacles comes out, then you know you’re on the right path.

With her grace and natural elegance, she’s telling you that you’re everything anyone would want and more. If you’re not receiving the appreciation and respect you’re due, then you may need to change kings, if you know what I mean. Whoever is treating you as less than the abundant, beautiful, charming, graceful, and generous person you are, is not worthy of your royal presence.

You may be getting confused when it comes to a relationship or your feelings. If that’s the case, the queen is encouraging you to revisit the facts about your situation. There’s more to any situation than meets the eye, true; but some things really as simple as they seem to be. Focus on the details of the situation and on how they fall in place together to form the larger picture. Clarity may come from adjusting your perspective.

You may also be overthinking or over-feeling the situation because you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed. In such a case, the queen might be trying to guide you towards focusing on pragmatic things and taking deep breaths. Go out in nature, take a break and hang out in a garden, or simply buy a plant or some flowers and liven up your home. The change of scenery might help you to regain your emotional balance, so you achieve clarity and a deeper understanding.  

Business and/or Career and the Queen of Pentacles as Advice

queen of pentaclesIf you’re asking for advice or guidance regarding some business idea you have and you get the Queen of Pentacles, then you’re in luck! She’s great news for any entrepreneurial or business-related pursuit, as long as you stay grounded, real, and pragmatic every step along the way. The queen’s abundant energy is a very good omen for what sort of profit you’ll make!

If your job is what concerns you, the Queen of Pentacles might be telling you that though she understands your concerns, things are in fact looking pretty good for you in the future. You may even get a raise or get a promotion, in fact. Keep putting in the time and effort, because with this queen showing up for you, you’re certainly doing something right. And you’re going to see some satisfying results, too. It might take a little bit longer than you’d like, though – but it’s great news, nonetheless.

If you’ve been looking into changing jobs or careers, then you are likely to be in luck sometime soon(ish). Though it’s not as fast-moving in terms of energy, the earth element is slower but steady motion forward. You’re going to get the chance to make that change happen, as long as you’re steady in your intent to see it happen.

If you’re wondering what sort of career might be a good fit for you and you get this queen as advice on that, you might want to look into anything involving exchanges of products and services – food and beverages, decorations and decorating, beauty industry, public relations, customer service, marketing, real estate, or even personal shopper services. You most likely have or can develop great people skills, and you have a knack for finding the right thing or words for the right person, because of your nurturing vibe.

You may also have a steady gig as the shoulder to cry on for your friends, relatives, and random people you meet on the street. That’s because of your healing presence and kind nature, but also the ability to zoom into the details and get to the matter of things in a gentle yet productive way. The queen is telling you to keep an open mind about working as a therapist or going into counseling, too.

In Short?

Whatever your issue or concern, getting this queen as advice is a good sign when it comes to the path you’re on. It’s an encouragement to keep forging ahead. If you’re not seeing many results right now, you might be rewarded with a wealth of them later on.

It’s all about your practical, kind, down to earth approach to things, and this queen knows that best of all!

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