Guiding Love Tarot Spread for Singles

When you’re single, a tarot card reading can help you see what’s going on and get some relationship advice. This is especially true if you seek a healthy relationship with a compatible partner. But, it’s difficult to decipher if it’s something within you or your string of past lovers. A love tarot spread for singles can be used to give you insight and a look ahead into your love life.

If you’d like, I can do a singles love reading for you or, a little further down, I’ll teach you how you can do one for yourself.

Free Singles Love Tarot Reading

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Benefits of a Love Tarot Spread

There are so many reasons that are behind your current relationship status. Performing this kind of card spread will lay out the course of your romantic life and deliver a reality check. It can provide a framework for self-improvement with deep insight into your nature.

How to Do a Love Tarot Spread for Singles

Love Tarot Reading for Singles

There are several ways to do a love spread. There’s the traditional Celtic Cross or beginner tarot readers can do the six-card spread presented below. This can give some deep insight that can help make the connection stronger within yourself.

Shuffle the tarot deck while focusing on your heart and past romantic relationship experiences while staying open to the possibilities. When you think the cards hold enough energy, cut the deck three times. Replace them into one stack and spread them before you. Choose six cards and place each one in a left-to-right line.

Card 1:  Current Relationship Status

Although it may seem obvious, the card in this position will establish where you are. It can spell out your feelings, the stage you’re at in healing or your general attitude toward love. Plus, it may indicate you are refusing love or are failing to see someone already in your life.

For example, if The Lovers card appears and you’re woefully single, it could mean that you already have a suitable partner who fawns over you.

Card 2:  Past Relationships

The card resting here reveals one of two things. One shows a theme within your relationships and the damaging patterns that result in failing to find a compatible partner. The other displays a recent relationship playing heavily into your current status.

If you get The Tower card, it could mean you often get entangled in destructive relationships. When The Chariot card appears, someone that you were with was a perfect partner and it was, likely, a healthy relationship.

Card 3:  Who You Are

To understand your influence in any given relationship, it’s important to acknowledge yourself. This card details your behavioral patterns along with subconscious desires and expectations you push when in a relationship. It displays your innermost thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

When The Moon or The Devil card shows up, you should pay closer attention to your manipulative and deceptive nature. But if you see The Star, The World or Temperance card, you are a good soul and a perfect partner.

Card 4:  The People You Attract

To find someone with whom you can truly connect, it’s imperative to glimpse into the kinds of people you allow in. This can provide deeper insight into your psyche and the energy you project onto potential mates. Remember, whatever you think is what you attract.

If cards like The Wheel of Fortune, The Emperor, The High Priestess or The Sun appear, then you have the ability to bring excellent people into your world. But, if The Devil, The Tower, The Hierophant or Death card comes up, you attract the worst kinds of lovers.

Card 5:  Suggestions & Advice

Use the interpretation of this card as an in-depth guide to devise a plan of action. It will give suggestions and advice on how to proceed in matters of love and the heart.

When The Lovers or The Empress card come into view, you may not need to do much improving or self-reflection because you’re already a perfect partner. However, in the event The Moon or Judgment appears here, it’s important to be honest with yourself and try to look at your behavior in an unbiased light.

Card 6:  Future Relationship Potential

What you see here is a future card telling you what could happen. If you need further expatiation, select another card from the deck for added information. Remember, whatever appears in the tarot reading that you don’t like, it’s within your control to change it.

Whether it is a card of hope or a card of heartbreak, that’s why it’s showing up now. Don’t take these card meanings bad, but use them as a sounding board for betterment.

Tarot Spreads for Love Questions

There are many ways you can get a quick insightful reading about a potential relationship. You can pull a single card from the tarot card deck to get a concise answer or you can try the three-card tarot spread below.

The instructions for shuffling and laying out the cards are the same as above. Always pick additional cards if you get confusing answers and pay closer attention to the card imagery for symbolism.

For this, ask specific types of questions. Here are some common questions:

  • Will I find love soon?
  • For how long will I stay single?
  • Do I value independence too much?

You can also try a specific tarot spread for questions like how he feels about you or does he love you?

Card 1: You

This card signifies you. It will either represent you outright or reflect your attitudes about love in terms of your question. If The Hierophant manifests, you are being too idealistic about your expectations.

Card 2: Current Situation

The position of this center card will give a defined look at where you are in your single life and your current path in finding a suitable partner. If you see The Hermit card, it’s a card of freedom confirming your solitary life. But it also means that it’s necessary at this juncture.

Card 3: Outlook

Whatever reveals itself in this position, it is an indicator of what is to come very soon. When Temperance, The Sun, The Chariot or Justice card sit here, there may be a new and healthy relationship potential. But, if The Hermit, Strength or The Fool card appears, you will be single for a little while longer and won’t find a perfect partner just yet.