Guiding Past Life Tarot Spread

Do you feel like you’ve lived before? Do you sense being an old soul? Do you have deep fears or phobias without any basis in your current life? Are you called to certain places, moments or cultures because of their life energies?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, it could be the spirit world giving you a green light; telling you about your role in life now. A past life tarot spread can help you understand these questions, unresolved issues and more by getting you in touch with the spirit world. I can do one for you or, if you prefer, teach you how to do them for yourself.

Free Past Life Tarot Reading

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

    The reason we ask these questions is the more we understand about you the more accurate we can be. It'll only take a few moments.

Can the Tarot Give you Insights into a Past Life?

Tarot cards can very much give you deeper insight and perspective into your past lives. All you have to do is keep an open mind. But this kind of reading is a little different than others. Exploring a past life often comes with more unexpected answers than exploring your current life.

Benefits of Understanding a Past Life

Looking into past lives with a tarot card spread is the spirit world helping you understand your deepest fears, explain how old your soul is and what lessons you can learn for current issues. They can also provide information about why you feel pulled to a particular person, place, era or culture.

How to Do a Past Life Tarot Spread

Past Life Tarot Spread Reading

If you want, you can burn a candle and some incense to put your mind and soul in a state of oneness; imagining a circle of white light around you. Then shuffle the tarot deck, letting go of all doubt and worry. Clear your mind of the current life but focus on being in the present.

When you feel you’ve shuffled well, cut the deck three times. Put the cards back into one pile, spread the deck out before you and select seven cards. In a counterclockwise circle, place each card face down. Then, unveil each card in succession as you read the interpretations sent from the spirit world.

It may be wise to keep the deck spread in front of you so you can select additional cards to clarify anything that’s confusing or unclear.

Card 1:  The Past Life in Question

This position represents you in a relevant past life that the spirit world wants you to see. The number on the card could indicate the order of the past life in question. For instance, if the Fool appears, it could mean you’re a new soul. Alternatively, when The World materializes, you are a very old soul with many previous lifetimes.

Card 2:  Historical Events

The spirit world will give insight into events, politics or wars you witnessed in a previous life. It will give perspective to the aforementioned meanings and provide some background. The images shown will be more important than the actual interpretation. But the interpretation can give clues into your life experiences and life circumstances.

For instance, Death often has a knighted skeleton riding a pale horse, indicating a life challenge with death, disease, famine and hardship. But, if the 10 of Cups, Four of Wands or The Star take this seat, you lived a life with many positive experiences and were a happy person.

Card 3:  Your Occupation

The card meanings in this position hold several possibilities. It can denote your gender, daily life, profession and/or social status. Regardless, it will somehow relate to your present role in life.

For gender, the rest of the cards should connote a theme. If more than half are male, you were a man and vice versa for female. But, if there’s an equal amount of gender or when no gender is evident, this may not be the focus of your reading.

If The Magician is visible, you were possibly an alchemist or a temple priest. If The Emperor crops up, you could have been a chieftain or a rebel. In the case of The Empress or The Chariot, it’s likely you were a famous person.

Card 4:  A Person in Your Life

The card seen in this spot is someone in the past connected to you who is also in your current life. It could relate to soul mates but it could also be a friend, a family member or even an enemy. Any of the court cards, Kings, Queens or Pages, are definite confirmations of an honorable person.

Card 5:  Unresolved Issues

Whatever card takes up residence in this position will reflect issues, problems and situations you left unfinished. This may very well have to do with the person in Card 4 and what you did in Card 3. It could represent your current life challenge you can’t seem to get away from.

If the Three of Swords sit in this position, then there is a deep and ancient heartbreak to healing. The Devil or The Hierophant could mean that you were greedy, self-righteous or materialistic. For some extra advice on this matter, select another card from the deck.

Card 6:  How the Past Affects You Now

To understand how the past is prologue, the card residing in this position will help make things more clear. It could even spell why you have a deep-seated phobia or why you feel connected to a particular period in history. It may even denote your current beliefs about life and your feelings about your purpose.

As an example, if you are deathly afraid of bridges, it may show here with the appearance of The Tower. Your life energies may come into play when something like The Wheel of Fortune or Strength manifest here.

Card 7:  Channeling the Past Life to Help with the Current Life

This card will tell you how you can use all the information given in the spread to guide your life now. It should arrive at a culmination and provide a message from the spirit world for your modern existence.

If you see something like Temperance or Judgment, you should take the lessons from the past as offered by the spirit world. Use rightful thought and action to apply them to the present.