Guiding Reconciliation Tarot Spread

Sometimes, we need guidance about how to heal a broken relationship. Whether looking to get back together with an ex or wanting to lift the rift with a friend, getting a tarot reading like this can provide deep insight.

I can do a reconciliation reading for you or, if you prefer, teach you how to do one yourself and the kinds of cards you should look out for.

Free Reconciliation Tarot Reading

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Understanding the Reconciliation Tarot Spread

Making amends with someone can be tricky and difficult business because we lack clarity from within. What’s more, we may be blind to our own failings and shortcomings because of emotional investment in the situation.

Reconciliation Tarot ReadingUsing a Reconciliation Tarot Spread will target the details. It will give a fresh perspective while laying out the naked truth. So, we must face ourselves along with understanding the circumstances in a detached, unbiased manner.

Before beginning, be very clear about what your actual question is. Be specific with the wording, some examples could be:

  • Is there a future in this friendship (or relationship)?
  • Should I give this person a second chance?
  • Will it be worth it to heal this relationship (or friendship)?
  • Why should I allow this person back into my life?

How to Do a Reconciliation Tarot Spread

When you have your question, focus on the person and begin shuffling. When you believe the cards are burgeoning with energy, cut the deck and put it back together. Slide the pile out in an array before you and select eight cards.

Keep these in the order you picked them and don’t peek just yet. Place them according to the following diagram:

Reconciliation Tarot Spread Reading

Card 1:  You/Querent

This first card symbolizes the role and position of the querent in the context of the relationship or friendship as a whole. It can reveal their thoughts, concerns, feelings or be a figurative representation.

One will have a royal or almost holy role if cards like The Empress, The High Priestess, The Emperor, or The Hierophant show up. But, if The Moon, The Devil, or The Hermit appear, it could be putting the seeker in a negative light or position within the situation.

Card 2:  The Other Person

The card sitting here represents the other person in question. It will indicate their stance within the friendship or relationship as it relates to the querent.

It’s important that the candidate keep an open mind when cards like The Star, The Sun, or The World crop up; especially if they feel the other party holds most of the blame. However, suspicions may see verification if Death, The Devil, The Tower, or The Moon arise here.

Card 3:  Cause of Separation

The event spawning the divide will show with this card. It indicates the matter at hand and determines the remaining cards in the reading. If the querent doesn’t understand or know what happened, this card will clarify that.

If something like The Tower or Death materializes here, then the separation was necessary. When cards like the Three of Swords or Judgment manifest, then it may indicate an unnecessary heartbreak or someone didn’t exercise the best decision-making.

Card 4:  Where the Querent Is at Fault

The behaviors, actions and attitudes of the seeker that helped to foster the separation will appear in the card revealed in this spot. If restoration is truly something the person wants, they must first come to terms with their influence on the separation.

When The Moon arises here, the querent was deceptive or misleading in some way. This will also be true if The Devil or The Hermit shows up. In the cases of The Star, The World, or The Wheel of Fortune, the candidate is really not to blame.

Card 5:  The Fault of the Other Person

This position tells how the other side played into the division and where they went wrong with the querent. It should reveal things like their attitude, behavior, mindset and feelings toward whatever caused the split.

If you see Temperance or Justice, then the other person isn’t at fault. However, just as with the previous position, their deception will be clear if The Moon, The Devil, or The Hermit make an appearance. Their influence will hold a balance of bad and good when Judgment or Death comes up.

Card 6:  Challenges to Reconciliation

If there are any blockages, problems or holdups with reconciliation, the card seated in this position will discuss that. If the card is fuzzy, confusing or vague, spread the deck back out and pick a card for clarification.

Many problems, issues and roadblocks will be evident when cards like The Tower, The Moon, The Devil or Death crop up. If The Hanged Man or Judgment appears, there will be some challenges but the prospect is hopeful. In the event that the 10 of Cups, The Star, The Wheel of Fortune or The World manifests, then there are no challenges to overcome.

(Optional) Card 7: Suggestions & Advice

This position will detail how to move forward with reconciliation. These are merely suggestions with a bit of advice. But it may also serve as inspiration in devising a path to restoration.

If the Fool comes along, it either indicates that reconciliation is a foolish pursuit or that reconnection will have some hard lessons. Of course, it will depend on the surrounding cards. But if something like Temperance or The Star appears, then the seeker should make the first move, be the bigger person and apologize to clear the air.

(Optional) Card 8: Possible Outcome

As with all future cards, nothing is permanent. If the seeker doesn’t like these indications, they are in control of their own destiny. That said, if the whole of the reading gives many red flags against reconciling, then one should not pursue it.

When The Hermit or The Hierophant sits in this position, it could be a warning against recovering this relationship. But, if things like The Star, The World, The Wheel of Fortune, The Chariot or The Emperor make themselves known, it’s a sign of encouragement and one should definitely give this other person a second chance.