How Much Is a Tarot Reading? (And How to Get Them Cheaper)

There’s a whole lot of misunderstandings when it comes to the price of a Tarot reading, how readers price themselves (and most importantly) how much you should pay for your Tarot spreads (and how to get them cheaper).

Let’s start with the main question.

How Much Is a Tarot Reading?

On average Tarot readings range from about $5-$75.

Sometimes the higher prices can be worth it (we’ll get to that) and sometimes they’re not. Some readers offer a free Tarot reading and there’s a growing trend towards community or automated readings.

The important thing to remember is the quality doesn’t dictate the price of the reading – the reader does. Someone can absolutely charge $100 for a spread and do a worse job than my free spreads.

It also matters that you get a Tarot reader who works with you. I’ve said this many times before but it’s not just about the price. You need a reader whose belief of what the cards can and can’t do matches your own (and people disagree about this far more than you might expect).

Personally, I’d be willing to pay more for a Tarot reader that looks at the cards the same way I do otherwise the readings won’t add anything to my life.

This is true whether you’re meeting them face to face or online. Just as true whether you speak to them once or you continue your relationship with them for the long term.

How Much Should a Tarot Reading Cost?

This is another one I see and I honestly disagree with most people out there who give their opinions on this.

Readers tend to price their work based on their experience with the Tarot, their confidence in their interpretation and the supply/demand of others around them.

Someone newer will often charge maybe $5 for a spread while they practice but sometimes I’ll charge that same rate despite having a lot of experience because I have the time and energy.

Conversely, you could be doing this for your first day and still charge $100 if nobody else around is able to give readings for whatever reason.

There are no hard-set rules here. In general, setting a fair price and providing fair work that leaves both of you happy is the best way to go.

How Much do Professional Tarot Readers Charge?

Someone experienced will usually charge upwards of about $20-60.

Yes, some can (and do) charge a lot higher and there’s nothing wrong with this (especially if they’re spending a lot of time with you) but they tend not to do as many free readings or charge at the lower end.

Professional readers (like myself) also get a lot of referrals. When someone benefits from my work they’ll tell their friends and that can really limit the time available for new clients.

How to Get a Tarot Reading Cheaper

How to Get a Tarot Reading CheaperThere are ways to get your Tarot readings cheaper.

Free Readings

This one should be fairly obvious. I’m not a fan of the automated readings that simply give you the meanings of a few cards and leave it at that. The true meaning of the Tarot is from the spread as a collection and how it creates a message.

There are those (including myself) who do handwritten spreads either here or on YouTube.

Sometimes it’ll be someone newer to working with the Tarot simply looking for some practice and sometimes it’s a professional trying to make their work more accessible to others.

Work Long Term

Personally (and I know this is true of many others) I’ll rarely give a discount to new customers. I feel like this is unfair to my existing clients and that is where my discounts go.

If you have a good experience with a reader that is the time to talk to them about discounts available. If you work with them consistently or long-term they’ll often have a rate for steady clients.

Shopping Around

There are probably more Tarot readers out there than you might think. Especially if you go online.

Yes, this has drawbacks too but it does mean that you’re probably not limited to a small pool of Tarot readers. If you find someone who you’ve had a bad experience with or just charges too much – go somewhere else.


Most (not all – I can’t speak for everyone) offer discounts for students or those in need.

Generally, if you’re financially struggling I always advise against spending your money on Tarot readings. Get your financial house in order and then come back. Don’t use the cards to look for a hail mary.