Insightful Dream Interpretation Tarot Spread

Sometimes, we have dreams that are so strong, profound and tangible, there has to be something behind them. A dream interpretation tarot spread can not only help break down the meaning of a dream but also guide us on whatever the dream was trying to tell us.

I can do a reading for you or, if you prefer, teach you how to do a dream interpretation reading yourself.

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

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Tips for a Dream Interpretation Tarot Reading

Dream Interpretation Tarot Reading GuideGetting a tarot reading for your dream is only a guide that provides clues into your unconscious psyche. When in doubt, always contact your doctor to ensure something more isn’t happening with your brain or due to some other health issue extending into your dream world.

Keep the following tips in mind:

  • When getting a Dream Interpretation Tarot Reading, it’s likely that you won’t be able to do it right away. So, it’s important to keep a dream diary. Markdown the date, how long you slept and what you dreamed. You don’t have to write a novella if you don’t have time. Just jot down the images, symbols and colors along with your feelings and impressions.
  • If you are having a repetitive dream or a reverie that continues all the time, and the dream interpretation spread never seems to indicate anything significant, there could be some sort of medical issue taking place.
  • In the event that all the dreams you ever remember are nightmares leaving you fearful of sleep, something is either taxing your psyche on a consistent basis or it could be a medical issue.

How to Do a Tarot Spread for Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation Spread

A Dream Interpretation Tarot Spread is a two-pronged reading. Because our dreams are sometimes only a reflection of our daily reality, a full spread may not be essential. So, this will occur in two parts. The first will determine if your dream is worth delving into and, if so, perform the second part of it for a full-on dream interpretation.

Part One

This is a one-card pick that will either verify a message definitely took place from your unconscious or the dream was only your imagination. Just shuffle the deck while thinking about your experience; remembering all the details, shapes, symbols and colors.

How to Do It

If a card suddenly bursts out during the shuffle, do not put it back into the deck. This is the universe telling you whether it’s worth moving on with a full spread or not. Otherwise, spread the deck out in your hands and select one.

In general, any card in the reversed position signals that your dream isn’t significant. But, you should meditate on the interpretation of the card along with its images and symbols. If anything meshes with what you dreamt, then you should definitely look into it, even if the card comes reversed.

Part Two

Moving forward with the second part after verifying the first, put the determining card back into the deck and shuffle the cards again. Consider your dream; remember how it made you feel and what impressions you received. When thoroughly shuffled, cut the deck into three and put them back as one pile.
Spread them out before you in a line and select four cards with your dominant hand. Splay them out in a straight line, starting from left to right. Before getting into the interpretation, look at each card to see if you recognize anything. Make whatever notes you think are necessary.

Card 1:  Your Dream

The card appearing in this spot represents your dream. This will give a clue into its interpretation, but it serves as a confirmation of what you saw, experienced and/or felt. In the event that the Moon appears, it can be setting the stage for understanding that the dream is the opposite of your waking reality.

Card 2:  The Reason

The card sitting in this position will tell you why you had the dream and the foundations of its cause. It will give an explanation into the details of your psyche, experience and imagination. It may even allude to something in your real life.

For instance, if the Empress reveals herself and you dreamed of your boss or another authority figure, it could indicate their influence on your mental well-being in some way. When the Fool shows up, your unconscious mind may be telling you to look at your folly and foolish ways in the waking world.

Card 3:  The Meaning

This card will interpret your dream outright. Not only will you see what it means, but it should tie the previous two cards together. All this will culminate to provide greater insight and a deeper understanding of all that occurred.

In the case of The Devil or The Tower, you could feel like your world is crumbling around your intangible reality. The only way to obtain power over the situation is through your dream world. But, if something like The Star or The World appears, it’s the universe telling you all is well and you’re at perfect peace.

Card 4:  What Your Unconscious Mind Is Saying

So that you get a complete picture, the placement of this card brings catharsis from your unconscious mind. It will indicate profound implications coming direct from the depths of your psyche. This could be deep-seated fears, secret dreams, personal hopes or even desires of which you’re unaware.

If the Moon appears, your dream is not literal but rather symbolic; it could even indicate that what you saw in your reverie is actually the opposite of your reality. So, if your experience frightened you, there’s really no reason for it. When the Magician or High Priestess materialize, you have a galvanizing power within that you have not yet brought into consciousness.

Can a Tarot Reading Interpret Your Dreams?

The tarot can help interpret some of your dreams, but not all of them. This is because not all of your dreams always mean something. They can simply be an extension of your life experience or even something more mundane, like an important meeting next week. So, it’s all very relative.

If your dream itself carries no real meaning, the cards are still going to try and guide you so it’s worth paying attention.