Is There Another Woman Tarot Spread (Is He Cheating?)

A properly focused ‘is there another woman’ tarot spread can help give you insight into whether your not your partner is cheating. It can help reassure you if the relationship is fine, and it can also give you insight into who the other woman is and the kind of relationship going on.

A tarot reading can give you some incredible guidance on your love life. It can help you avoid a cheating partner or prove that your relationship is fine.

Free ‘Is There Another Woman’ Tarot Spread

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How to Perform a ‘Is There Another Woman’ Tarot Spread

Another Woman Tarot Spread Layout

If you prefer to do tarot readings yourself, this is the layout I like to do for a relationship tarot spread when you suspect cheating. You can adapt the spread as needed or pull an additional clarifying card when needed.

I would keep your spread focused on cheating and not stray too far into the relationship with the clarifying cards.

Card 1: Are They Cheating?

I don’t particularly like tying the deck down to a simple yes or no. There’s a lot of nuance to how you might interpret this card, but it can dictate how the rest of the cards go.

If nothing else, this can give some direction on your ‘is there another woman’ tarot spread. I would continue until the final card; however, even a confirmation at this stage might not be the full story by itself.

Card 2: The Other Woman

Other Woman Tarot SpreadIf the first card confirms that your partner is cheating, the second card can give you insight into who the other woman is. This can be a physical representation or an emotional one.

An important reminder is that they’re not necessarily having an affair here. This card represents any connection that is important to your partner at the time, and it might be pointing toward a perfectly innocent connection. That brings us to the next card.

Card 3: Nature of the Relationship

This is the one card that looks at their connection. Pay close attention to the card elements, colors and other artistic details, as well as the card’s meaning.

This card answers whether or not they’re “cheating”. The kind of energy between them and how they are connected. It might be that it’s emotional cheating and not physical.

The third card is very similar to the first, but the combination with the surrounding cards can give you a proper understanding of what is really going on.

Card 4: Why

The fourth card looks at why this is happening. Either why your partner is cheating or why you suspect them of it (rightly or wrongly). Tarot spreads are at their best when we allow them to guide us and give advice, not when we box them into a simple yes or no answer.

I’ve done a lot of relationship readings, and sometimes a look at this card will align with your intuition and tell you something you already knew but didn’t want to accept. Sometimes it can help you understand what went wrong and maybe help you both return to a fulfilling relationship.

Card 5: Future of Your Relationship

This fifth card focuses on the future of the relationship. This isn’t telling you what you should do, but it incorporates the cards so far to give you a view of what may or may not come to pass.

You can pull a clarifying card for this position, but, again, I wouldn’t get too vague at the moment. Keep the focus on the other woman, and I’ll include some related spreads you can use further down.

Card 6: Outcome

The final card looks at the outcome of this situation and helps tie the full tarot spread together. The tarot cards can’t tell you entirely what happens in the future, but they can give you good advice and insights into the path before you.

(Optional) Card 7: Clarity

If something specific has come up during your spread, then you can pull an optional card for clarity. Just be very clear about what you want to clarify before pulling the card.

For example, if the connection with the other woman isn’t clear you could use the clarifier for that. It can give you a deeper understanding and insight into what’s going on.

Asking the Tarot: Is My Partner Cheating?

From a new relationship to a long marriage, the tarot cards can give you an insight into your partner’s life, your connection and whether or not there’s another woman.

The rule to remember when you’re looking at relationships with a tarot card is to respect other people’s feelings and keep a clear head. Emotions can run high, and we need to avoid bias (in either direction).

Tarot cards can give you a better understanding of how your partner feels and the health of the relationship in general. It’s more than a simple yes or no to whether or not there’s someone else in the picture.

It is important to remember not to be too judgemental or blame your partner, yourself or the relationship before you have all the facts.

‘Is He Cheating’ Three Card Tarot Reading

is he cheating free tarot reading

If you want a quick and simple spread, then the three-card reading is also an option. This still gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide how important this connection is. If it’s an important one, I’d suggest using the full seven cards to gain the most insight.

Important Cards for Is He Cheating

Every card is important in a tarot spread (not just the major arcana cards), but these are some of the main important ones to look out for.

The Magician

the magicianWhen we’re looking at a potential affair, the Magician major arcana card can be a warning sign. In context, this card can be about deception. This doesn’t necessarily he’s cheating, but there might be something being hidden from you.

The Lovers

Regardless of the position in the five card spread, the Lovers arcana card can be incredibly good or… quite damning. When it relates to your connection and your future together, it’s a good sign. When it’s in a position talking about their connection… it might mean there’s something serious going on.

The Chariot

This card is a symbol of triumph and success, but it can also be a sign that other people are involved in their life. It’s a symbol of the relationship moving forward but whether this is your relationship or your partners with the other woman depends on the position you draw it.

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