Ask yourself this.

What Do YOU Want Your Future To Be?

People use the Tarot in two very different ways.

And right now, you have two options:

1. Take what you learn from a single reading, accept your future as it is, discover things as you go, and hope for the best…

Or …

2. Create a connection with the cards. Get real guidance on the important things the cards want you to know.

I’ve been giving Tarot readings for years now.

And there’s one thing I see far, far, too often.

Getting sporadic Tarot readings from different people at random times.

(And paying far too much money while they’re at it).

This is not how the Tarot was ever meant to be used.

There’s no bond there. No connection.

No ability to see patterns. To pick up on what the cards really want you to know.

Instead, we find random tarot readers. Either in-person or online. Or (worse), we use automated programs to pick generic cards and vague descriptions.

This can (sometimes) work. Don’t get me wrong.

Individual spreads are better than guesswork and can give us some guidance from the cards.

But my most successful clients have come back to me for readings time and time again. This is because once we form a connection and do tarot spreads each week, we can begin to spot patterns and signs you’d otherwise miss.

And they save a lot of money in the process.

If we work together…

We Can Make Your Tarot Readings More Accurate, More Meaningful and Give You an Unfair Advantage.

I appreciate the time you’ve taken with me already so far.

After giving thousands of readings to people all around the world, I’ve never felt like I’ve learned everything the cards have to offer. The more you do, the more depth you keep seeing.

I don’t think anyone will ever fully understand the cards. But I’d like to try.

So here’s what I’m proposing.

I want to do as many readings as I can.

You (I assume) want the best guidance the cards can give you.

At least one reading each week. A full spread and a breakdown of everything the cards want you to know.

One set price each month. Cancel any time, no questions asked.

I can’t say fairer than that now, can I?


3 Days for $0.99 then $7 / Month



Prepaid yearly subscription


Not my first order. I was happy about my first orders, and now I am happy again. Reading looks for me very deep, but so done that I understand and can apply to me or to my situation. The best and I will order again.


Lovely reading and I could resonate with a lot of it. Lots of exciting things to look forward too.