Queen of Pentacles in a Love Reading [Full Guide]

queen of pentacles in a love reading

Getting the Queen of Pentacles in a love reading can mean different things in different situations, depending also on its position in your spread and whether or not you’re getting reversals. Let’s go through some options, so you’ll get a better idea of what this queen could be trying to tell you. When you are the … Read more

Getting Answers from The Tower Yes or No?

the tower yes or no

There are a few cards in the tarot deck that tend to elicit a sense of dread from those who see them pop up in their readings, and the Tower is often one of those cards. To be fair, when you gaze upon the somewhat Apocalyptic image of people falling from a tower that’s been … Read more

Getting the Queen of Pentacles as Advice

Queen of pentacles as advice

Whether you’re doing a spread on self-development, spiritual path, love life, or business and/or career pursuits, getting the Queen of Pentacles as advice is always a good thing. But what does it mean? Well, let’s take it one step a time and see what the beautiful queen might be trying to tell you. We’ll break … Read more