Finding Your Spirit Guide Tarot Spread

Finding Your Spirit Guide Tarot Spread

Spirit guides are an ethereal concept many people take for granted. Sure they could be angels, animals or plants. But they could also be something more practical like numbers, shapes or ideas. Our spirit guides come in many forms and not all of them have religious or new-age implications. They can even be a loved … Read more

Does He Love Me Tarot Spread

We know the old routine, taking a flower and tearing off each petal while saying, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Rather than destroying a flower’s delicate beauty, do a tarot reading. It’s far more permanent and accurate than ripping petals to pieces. Whether a relationship is newly budding or it’s one in full … Read more

Full Moon Tarot Spread [Done for You & Complete Guide]

Full Moon Tarot Spread

A Full Moon tarot spread serves two purposes: for personal insight or connecting with the Moon’s energy. In either case, you can work with the mysteries and wisdom of the Moon to become more self-aware. For the more ritual-minded, this kind of reading provides deep guidance. If you listen correctly, the Moon’s sagacious message becomes … Read more

Moonology Oracle Deck Review [Lunar Energy or a Dud?]

Moonology Oracle Deck Review

If you’ve signed up for my free tarot readings you might have seen that I sometimes reach for an oracle deck or my angel cards and, yes, sometimes I use the Moonology oracle deck. Ever since I started using them I’ve been asked what I think of them. So let’s look at what I think of … Read more

How He Feels About Me Tarot Spread

How He Feels About Me Tarot Spread

Reading tarot cards can have many uses. A person can use them to learn more about themselves, discover new revelations about others that they are reading for, and even communicate more clearly with the spiritual world. One of the most common reasons someone will want to have their tarot read is to find out the … Read more

Week Ahead Tarot Spread Reading

Week Ahead Tarot Spread Reading

The week ahead tarot spread can provide you with insight into how the upcoming week will go. Many people use it to receive guidance for the near future. The spread is simple and easy to learn, so you should test it out when you next have the chance. It is very beginner-friendly. This spread requires … Read more

Do Tarot Cards Tell the Truth (and 9 Other Common Questions)

Do tarot cards tell the truth

I often get asked ‘do tarot cards tell the truth’ and while the simple answer is yes, as with most things in life, it’s a little more complicated. Tarot cards can reveal many facts about a person’s life and the journey ahead. However, mindset plays a huge factor in how accurate a tarot card reading … Read more

Am I Pregnant Tarot Spread: Your Pregnancy Unlocked

Am I Pregnant Tarot Spread

Pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful and life-changing parts of a person’s and family’s life. Doing an am I pregnant tarot spread can let you know what to expect from all three trimesters of pregnancy, the circumstances surrounding the conception, and the birthing process. With this spread, you get a comprehensive look at … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?

Difference Between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards

While both decks can be used for guidance, insight, clarity, and much more, oracle cards and tarot decks have quite a few differences. Tarot is ancient and traditional, featuring a structured deck of cards that always have the same meanings. Oracle cards, on the other hand, are more free-flowing, with each deck having different images … Read more

How Often Should You Read Tarot Cards (or Get a Reading)?

How Often Should You Read Tarot Cards

For newer users of tarot cards, the draw to do multiple readings in short succession can be strong. It’s one of the closest things to magic we can hold in our hands, convenient and always available. In the same vein, people who have just received their first readings may be hungry for more. A person … Read more