Potential Love Tarot Spread

Whenever we start dating someone new, our minds will always look toward the future. Getting to know someone and developing feelings for them can be a confusing time. However, we can turn to Tarot to get guidance and understanding.

By performing a potential love Tarot spread, we can work out our own feelings towards this person and what they might feel about us. We can also figure out things we need to do in order for love to blossom.

Free Potential Love Tarot Spread

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How to Perform a Potential Love Tarot Spread

Potential Love Tarot Spread Layout

This simple six-card Tarot spread examines the potential you have with someone. Before performing this spread, center yourself in the present, allowing yourself to concentrate solely on the Tarot.

Shuffle the deck while asking, ‘is there potential love between me and (name).’ When you feel ready, fan the deck and pick out six cards.

Card One: You

The first card pulled in this potential love Tarot spread reflects where you are at regarding love and romance right now. It may reveal your true feelings towards this person, but it may also represent changes you need to make in order to allow love into your life.

This is a really important card in the spread, so take as much time as you need to get to grips with what it means.

Card Two: Them

Potential Love Tarot ReadingThe second card pulled reflects the other person and where they are at right now regarding love. This card may reveal issues they are going through and will shed light on how they view you.

This card may be obvious, but you may need to take time to reflect on its meaning. If you can’t really work it out, come back to it in a few days. The meaning may make more sense in time.

Card Three: What Brings You Together

The third card pulled in this potential love Tarot spread represents what brings you both together. It may show you common goals, values, or beliefs that will be at the core of love if love blossoms.

This is an interesting card, as it may show you that what brings you together is not strong enough to allow love to grow. If the card holds a trivial meaning, you must reflect on what this means for the potential of love.

Card Four: Past Influences

The fourth card pulled represents any past influences affecting the potential of love between you and this person. These may be past relationships that still have an effect on either you or them.

When considering the meaning of this card, it is important to think about what you can do in order to leave these issues in the past. You may wish to perform a different spread after this potential love Tarot spread to explore these past influences and what you can do to overcome them.

Card Five: Present Influences

The fifth card pulled in this spread reflects present influences that have an impact on the potential love between you and this person. This card will usually represent outside influences, from friends and family to work. It may show you positive influences, or it may represent influences that negatively affect the potential for love.

Card Six: The Future

The sixth and final card in this potential love Tarot spread is the one that really answers the question regarding a future between you and this person. It will reflect the future of your relationship and show you if love will blossom.

Asking the Tarot: Am I Ready for Love?

We all want to fall in love, it is an exciting and beautiful part of life! However, we sometimes need to focus on ourselves before falling in love and take time to work on our emotional and spiritual health. Doing so allows us to be in the right place for love.

If you are uncertain if you are ready for love, a quick Tarot card reading can help you understand your position better. Shuffle the deck while asking the question, ‘am I ready for love?’

The Tarot may provide you with a yes or no answer. You may also wish to pull more cards to gain clarity and advice from the Tarot.

Three-Card Potential Love Life Tarot Reading

Three-Card Future Love Tarot Reading

The three-card reading is also an option if you want a quick and simple spread. This gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide how deep you want to go on your journey.

You can extend this reading to four cards with an additional qualifying card, but if it isn’t painting a clear path for you, I’d suggest taking the time with the complete spread.

Important Cards for the Potential Love Tarot Spread

When we are asking the cards about matters of the heart, there are important cards to look out for. These cards have big messages regarding love, so let’s take a look at them!

The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot card represents love, harmony, and relationships. It is an amazing card to receive in a potential love Tarot spread, as it suggests that there is a future for you and this person.

The Moon

The Moon is the eighteenth card of the major arcana. It represents illusions, anxieties, and uncertainty. When appearing in a Tarot reading, it often suggests that things are not what they seem. You may not be seeing the truth in a situation, and this is causing issues for you.

When appearing in a potential love Tarot spread, the Moon suggests that your relationship with this person may be an illusion. You may feel as if there is love brewing, but this is not reality. Soon, the Moon will shine its light down onto the truth.

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