Queen of Pentacles in a Love Reading [Full Guide]

Getting the Queen of Pentacles in a love reading can mean different things in different situations, depending also on its position in your spread and whether or not you’re getting reversals. Let’s go through some options, so you’ll get a better idea of what this queen could be trying to tell you.

When you are the Queen of Pentacles in a love reading

  1. If you’re the Queen of Pentacles, upright

It’s very likely that you’re the apple of someone’s eye!

The kind, nurturing, generous, and abundant energy of this queen is likely to mean that the person you’re doing the reading on sees you as a very promising spouse material, even.

Since Pentacles are the suit of the element of Earth, they speak of putting things in motion for real when it comes to love: making or receiving proposals of marriage or of moving in together, taking on commitments, making it official all the way.

If your question involves pregnancy or fertility, it’s a good omen to get the Queen of Pentacles. With her luscious, nourishing energy, she is very likely speaking of a great time to get going on making that baby.

You most likely come across as a very good provider too, so you’re seen as bringing material stability into the new home. Perhaps you’re a successful entrepreneur who also puts a lot of love in the business, or you’re very passionate about your field of work and are very dedicated to it. Either way, you know how to bring home the bacon!

  1. If you’re the Queen of Pentacles, reversed

Someone may see you as being somewhat materialistic when it comes to matters of the heart. They may think you’re looking to make a profit more than to make a happy home.

You might come across as overly set in your ways. Maybe you have very fixed ideas about how, when, or under what circumstances some things should happen or get done, and may seem unwilling to listen to your partner’s point of view.

It’s also possible that you may come off as too slow-moving when it comes to relationships. Perhaps you’re hesitant to take any and all steps to get to know someone or to get closer to them. You may also be reluctant to connect emotionally too soon, which may come across as off-putting to some potential partners.

Some might feel that you’re way too focused on commitments, chasing that opportunity to tie the knot at any cost.

When you Get the Queen of Pentacles in a Love Reading, As Advice

queen of pentaclesIf you’re getting the Queen of Pentacles as advice, then it may be time to take a serious look at things as they are. We’ve covered the Queen of Pentacles as advice before, but this is more specific to love readings

Are you truly paying attention to your partner and your connection, or are you perhaps tempted to put all of that on the back burner every time your career or business needs some attention? The queen may be trying to tell you that you’re not giving enough time and energy to your connection, and it may suffer as a result of neglect. After all, you reap what you sow, particularly with this queen!

Have you been less of a social butterfly lately? Your significant other and the partnership might be suffering because of it. This queen is a natural charmer, and she’s here to lend you her grace and social skills so you can become the life of the party.

This is another major point: don’t forget to enjoy your better half and your life together! This queen speaks about pampering the senses and enjoying the time you’re spending together. Focus more on the joy of being together, and your connection will be stronger than ever.

When you Get the Queen of Pentacles in a Love Reading, As a Warning

You may be super in love and might have your head up in the clouds. If that’s the case, the queen is tenderly asking you to get real and firmly plant your feet back on the ground. Maybe you’re overlooking something that might seem glaringly obvious to others.

If you’re getting a warning about the fact that your partner sees you as the Queen of Pentacles, then you may be in for some terrible disappointment: they may not be in it for the love, after all! Your significant other may be trying to make the most of your social connections, funds, or practical sense and set of skills, in order to get ahead themselves!

But what if you’re not looking to get tied down? Well, careful about protection and keeping your head firmly planted on your shoulders! You might be dealing with someone who’s desperate to get together with someone, have a baby or build an “insta-home” by pushing you into a corner! Pay attention to warning signs that the one you’re dating is trying to steer things in a direction you were clear about not wanting to go into.

There might be a dark side to getting this queen as a warning in your love reading. How well do you actually know the person you’re asking about? A Queen of Pentacles might mean that they’re already involved in a committed relationship, or even that they’re married! It’s also possible that they might be hiding from you the fact that they have children, and if that’s the case, there’s no good reason for it.

In Short

Whether this queen is upright or reversed, or you’re getting it as advice or as a warning, she’s here to support you and grant you as realistic as possible a view on your love life and partner or potential partner. She has your best interest at heart.

Instead of dismissing any of the messages, she might be trying to get across to you just because some might be uncomfortable or downright painful, give her teachings a thought. That’s exactly what she wants you to do, in fact: think things through, look at things as they are, and once that clarity has been achieved, do what you feel is best for you.

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