Self Love Tarot Spread (Explode Your Journey)

This self-love tarot spread is about more than just guiding your self-care and self-esteem. It is also about understanding yourself more deeply and setting intentions for self-acceptance.

This tarot spread helps you explore the different aspects of self-worth, self-acceptance, self-respect and puts you in touch with your inner child. It can help you understand the bigger picture as well as help you practice self-love in the long term.

Free Self-Love Tarot Spread

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How to Perform a Self-Love Tarot Spread

Self Love Tarot Spread Layout

If you prefer to perform your own tarot readings, this is the layout I like to do for focusing on personal growth and attracting positive energy.

You can adapt the spread or pull an additional clarifying card when needed. I would keep your spread focused on self-improvement and not stray too far from the main topic. You can always follow other questions with a different spread afterward.

Card 1: Where to Focus

The first card looks at where you should focus in the short term. It might point towards taking time for your mental health or improving relationships with those around you. The later cards will help bring balance and meaning to this card, but for now, it’s a valuable hint of where to begin.

Your intuition probably already knows where you should be focusing your energy, but one of the (many) good things about the tarot cards is even when it’s telling us something we already know – it’s confirmation from the universe that we’re on the right path.

Card 2: What’s Getting in the Way

Self Love Tarot ReadingYour second card represents anything holding you back and blocking your self-development. Again, your intuition likely already knows what your blockages are, but this card can be the key to adding discipline to your life and cutting out things that no longer serve you.

It could be something in your past. It could be self-doubt or feelings for a person from an unhealthy relationship still controlling your emotions. It could be old beliefs that you just haven’t questioned or responsibility you unfairly place on yourself.

It can be tempting to gloss over this card, but sometimes self-development means looking at things we’d rather avoid. Understanding what holds our lives back can give you the key to happiness.

Card 3: Facing These Obstacles

Once we know what these obstacles are, the third card helps us look at how we can move beyond these blocks. This might be things you do yourself (such as meditation or self-care), or it might mean reaching out for external help.

Tarot spreads are about more than simple divination or telling you what is to come. They can help you get the success and self-love you want as long as we’re open to the advice they offer. This card is the perfect example of that.

Card 4: The Road to Self-Love

The fourth card shows your path forward to self-love. It can show you what your self-love journey will take and what it might look like if you allow the tarot spread to guide your footsteps.

This card might show you where to focus your self-love, and you can draw a qualifying card next to this position if you want to get more into the specifics.

This card is often a reminder that the journey to self-love is not selfish and often means you improve relationships with others and yourself.

Card 5: Self-sabotaging Behavior

The fifth card looks at the things you’ve been doing to hold yourself back (consciously or otherwise). Remind yourself that the road to create something new sometimes means leaving old weight behind.

The tarot doesn’t tell us things we can’t handle, but if it uncovers self-sabotaging behavior, it shows us how to break free from this pattern that has been holding us back. Understanding our challenges allow us to gain control over them, and we can’t hope to start healing if we don’t know what we’re healing from.

Card 6: Your Future Self

Finally, the sixth card looks at what your self-love journey will bring to your life—the qualities and new opportunities the universe will place before you. What kind of person do you want to be? Who do you want to become?

Self-love means transformation. Changing you from what you were to the endless possibilities that you can become.

Even if this future feels impossible right now, self-love is achievable with dedication and discipline. The cards will help you every step of the way.

(Optional) Card 7: Clarity

You can pull an optional final card for clarity if something specific has come up during your spread. Just be clear about what you want to clarify before pulling the card, and keep it focused on self-love.

If your clarifying cards get too broad or off-topic, then you should do a separate tarot spread afterward.

Asking the Tarot: How to Practice Self-Love

There’s never just one way to improve yourself or practice self-love. For some, it’s going to be reconnecting with their inner child and removing the baggage and assumptions that the modern-day hum-drum has placed upon us.

For others, they might need to work on connecting with their root chakra, their higher self and furthering their path with spiritual work. Nourish their soul and look deep within; self-love is often a doorway to self-discovery.

The tarot might not give us the answer we were expecting, but tarot spreads are not always black and white. Our development path might be internal, or it might uncover a calling to help all of humanity.

Be open to the message from the cards and the universe.

Self-Love Three-Card Tarot Reading

Self-Love Free Tarot Reading

The three-card reading is also an option if you want a quick and simple spread. This gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide how deep you want to go on your journey.

You can extend this reading to four cards with an additional qualifying card, but if it isn’t painting a clear path for you, I’d suggest taking the time with the complete spread.

Important Tarot Cards for Self-Love

Every card is important in a tarot spread (not just the major arcana cards), but these are some of the main important ones to look out for.

The World

the worldThis major arcana represents success through combination and integration. It means you should take a more well-rounded approach and not focus too heavily on a single area.

Treat this as a gentle nod that you have the capability to handle multiple aspects of your journey, not as a critique of the amount of work you need to do.

The Star

This card speaks of hope, inspiration and faith that everything will be okay. This does not mean you should sit back and wait for your self-development to happen, but it is a fantastic sign that the work you’ve done so far has brought you further than you think.

If it appears anywhere in your spread, it carries some heartwarming energy and asks you to take a moment to look at how far you’ve already come. Appreciate yourself and take the confidence that you’re ready to go further.

Three of Swords

The three of swords card represents self-doubt and heartache, but it doesn’t have to be taken in a negative light. As self-love requires self-reflection, it can indicate that any pain has already been released.

It can also be pointing towards a bumpy path in the short term and some turbulent emotions that need to be looked at to move forward. See this card as an invitation to further your path dramatically.

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