Should I Quit My Job Tarot Spread

When it comes to big career decisions, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. As we can’t see into the future, the choice of quitting jobs or applying for something new always feels like a risk. Sometimes, we just don’t know what we actually want!

Thankfully, Tarot can help us work out what we should do. In this should I quit my job Tarot spread, you can understand the pros and cons regarding your decision. It won’t tell you to quit your job (only you can decide that). But, it will help you make up your mind.

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How To Perform a Should I Quit My Job Tarot Spread

Quit My Job Tarot Spread Layout

When wanting to perform a should I quit my job Tarot spread, it is important to approach it with a clear head. If you have had a fallout with your boss or a really stressful working day, you may want to get a quick answer about the future of your career. However, if you are upset or stressed, the cards will pick up on this. You may also look for the answers you wish to see, rather than being open to what the cards represent.

Make sure your emotions are in check when performing this spread. Take a moment to center and calm yourself before the reading. Then, shuffle the deck and pull six cards.

Card One: Your Current Position

The first card pulled in this should I quit my job Tarot spread represents your current position. It may show your attitude towards your job or the good it brings into your life.

If this card is overwhelmingly negative, it shows you that the issues in your job are really affecting you. All jobs have good and bad, and it is up to you to work out if the positives outweigh the negatives. This card will help you do so.

Card Two: Your Career Goals

The second card represents your career goals. This card is usually pretty obvious and will often show you your dream job.

When deciding to quit your current job or not, reflecting on your career goals is really useful. If your current job does not align with these goals, it may suggest that you need to quit.

Card Three: Positives About Quitting

should i quit my job tarot spreadThe third card pulled in this should I quit my job Tarot spread reveals the positives of quitting. This may show you new opportunities that will come your way if you quit your current job or the positive emotional and mental effects of quitting.

Card Four: Negatives About Quitting

This card shows you how quitting your job may negatively impact your life. It usually reflects uncertainty or money worries.

By knowing the issues you may face if you quit your job, you can work out if you can overcome them. It will also prepare you if you do decide to quit your job.

Card Five: Possible Outcome of Quitting

The fifth card in this spread reveals the possible outcome of quitting your job. Now, this won’t reveal what will definitely happen if you quit your job. Instead, it will show you the possibilities that come with quitting.

If this is a negative card, you need to think about whether quitting your job is worth it. Can you deal with the issues revealed in this card? Can you spin it around and make the situation positive?

Card Six: Advice

The last card in this should I quit my job Tarot spread provides you with general advice from the universe. It may illuminate aspects of your situation that you are not considering. Or, it may be a positive card telling you that quitting your job will ultimately be worth it.


Asking The Tarot: How Can I Move Forward With My Career Goals?

After performing this should I quit my job Tarot spread, you may wish to perform a reading regarding your career goals. Shuffle the deck and ask, ‘how can I move forward with my career goals?’

Pull a card and reflect on its meaning. Does it provide you with advice regarding your career? Pull another card for an extra layer of advice if you need to.

Important Cards

When performing a should I quit my job Tarot spread, there are certain cards to watch out for. Let’s take a look at them now and discover what they mean in this spread.

The Chariot

the chariotThis major arcana card represents determination and willpower. It reflects inner strength and power and shows you that you have the ability to overcome obstacles in your way. You have a lot of potential brewing right now and the power to achieve your goals.

If the Chariot appears in a should I quit my job Tarot spread, it is giving you the green light to move forward with your career. It tells you that you have the determination to achieve your goals, which might mean you need to quit your job.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man represents a time for pause and reflection. It asks you to look at the situation from different perspectives and take time to think before acting.

If the Hanged Man appears in a should I quit my job Tarot spread, it suggests that you should not decide right now. The Hanged Man is not a card of action and shows you that now is not the time to make any big decisions.

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