Soulmate Tarot Spreads: Find Your Soulmate

A soulmate tarot spread can be used to both help you find your soulmate and to guide you on your relationship with them once you have. It can also give you confirmation on whether or not your current partner is your soulmate or not.

As with most things in a Tarot reading, there’s not always a one size fits all solution here. Your soul contract with your soulmate is going to differ from others and every soulmate journey is unique in some way.

Getting the right guidance for your journey will be unique to you. Some prefer an angel card reading to find their soulmate but, personally, I like the traditional Rider Waite deck for an accurate reading.

If you are looking for guidance on finding your soulmate and what lies ahead in your love life I’ll show you how you can do a soulmate Tarot reading for yourself – or you can send me your question and I’ll do a free Tarot reading for you.

Finding Your Soulmate Tarot Spread

The first of the two soulmate tarot spreads that we have included focuses on the process of finding your soulmate and the relationship you will have afterward. In this tarot spread, you will discover who your soulmate will be, when you will meet them and get an insight into the future of this relationship.

It can also give you an insight into the obstacles you might face together.

Card 1: Who Is Your Soulmate?

The first card that will be drawn will represent who your soulmate is. This card usually relates to a strong personality trait or attitude that your soulmate will display when you meet them. Or, the card may relate to a career path or hobby that they have that may bring the two of you together.

Card 2: Meeting Your Soulmate

Now that you know who your soulmate is, the following card will symbolize how or where the two of you will meet. This could be something as simple as the location or circumstance of your meeting, for example, due to work commitments.

Sometimes, if you have already met your soulmate but you have not recognized them as such, this card will represent when you met them. If the latter is the case, the card may represent the impression that you had when you first met your soulmate.

Card 3: What You Have In Common

If the previous two cards represent a hobby or career that you both have in common that may relate to your first meeting, then this card may provide you with further insight.

This card will represent what the pair of you have in common, whether that is a personality trait or your attitude to life or even a career or hobby you both share.

Card 4: Obstacles In The Future

The fourth card to be drawn will relate to the obstacles in your relationship. These may be issues that you will struggle with at the beginning of the relationship, but more often than not, this card will represent the long-term difficulties you will face together.

This is an important card to receive at the beginning of your relationship as you can work towards fixing these issues later on.

Card 5: Your Previous Relationship In Your Past Life

The penultimate card you will receive will symbolize your previous relationship status with your soulmate during your past lives. This card could represent a recurring romance between the pair of you, or perhaps reveal that you had a platonic relationship previously.

Sometimes this might show up as a negative card (depending on your reading style) but this tends to mean a problem in a past life which now you have an opportunity to rectify together.

Card 6: Depth Of Your Relationship

The final card to be drawn will relate to the future depth of the relationship you will have with your soulmate.

While most people have deep and meaningful relationships with their soulmates, this card usually provides the reader with guidance on how they can further deepen the connection of their relationship.

Guidance For Your Relationship With Your Soulmate

When shall I meet my soulmate Tarot spreadThe second of our two soulmate tarot spreads caters more for if you are currently experiencing issues in your relationship and you are doubting whether they are your soulmate after all.

This spread will provide you with the knowledge of what the obstacle is that is damaging your relationship, as well as guidance on how to overcome it.

Card 1: The Purpose Of Your Relationship

The first card to be drawn will symbolize the purpose of your relationship. This may relate to what brings the two of you together. Is it lust, love or perhaps you are complicating your romantic feelings for your partner when they are in fact only platonic? This card will clarify the purpose of your relationship with your current partner.

Card 2: Obstacle(s) In Your Relationship

The second Tarot card will represent the obstacle, or perhaps obstacles, that are hindering your relationship. This card may clarify the thoughts and feelings you currently have if you are aware of something already damaging your relationship.

Or, perhaps, this card may bring to light something you are not aware of. Maybe the obstacle is more an issue for your partner than yourself?

Again, this will depend on the person doing the reading but actual readings tend to have a negative card (or a reversed positive card) in this position. Don’t be disheartened by this and, instead, listen to the message the cards are trying to give you.

Card 3: Guidance For Your Soulmate Relationship

Now that you are aware of the obstacle (or obstacles) currently affecting your relationship, this card will provide you with advice on how you can fix these issues you are currently experiencing.

Whether this is an issue you have to fix between the pair of you, or if you need to seek help from an outside source. Perhaps you both need to make changes in your life. This card can have a variety of meanings.

Card 4: Future Of Your Relationship With Your Soulmate

The last card to be drawn will symbolize the future of your relationship. You may discover here that there is not a long-term future for this relationship, and that maybe your current partner is not in fact your soulmate.

Alternatively, you may just be experiencing a temporary issue that you and your soulmate can recover from.

Soulmate Tarot Card Combinations

I prefer full spreads for an insight into a soulmate bond but if you’re looking for just simple confirmation there are a few cards I like to look out for.

  • The Lovers and any other major arcana card.
  • The Devil and the 6 of cups.
  • The World and the 6 of cups.

I’m not a big fan of using simple combinations like this and do think the full meaning of the cards is only unlocked once we start taking a more complete spread into account.

Soulmate Spread Questions (Important!)

Remember that the question you ask the Tarot is just as important as the cards you draw in a spread. Perhaps more so when you’re asking about your soulmate.

Don’t rush your question or the phrasing. Here are some common ones but, of course, this is not a hard-set rule.

Is He My Soulmate?

You could ask the cards about the nature of your existing relationships or about someone you’re potentially interested in. Generally, you’ll have a reason to believe they are this type of relationship but the cards can bring you some confirmation.

It’s usually the first cards in a spread that will bring you confirmation of a soulmate connection. Again, I’d avoid using a single card reading for this kind of question. Allow the Tarot to give you more guidance than a simple yes or no when looking for your soulmate.

While yes or no Tarot spreads have their place, they shouldn’t be used on such a loaded question like this.

When Shall I Meet my Soulmate?

If you haven’t met your soulmate yet you could get some insight into when you’ll meet them.

I do always suggest being careful with a when will it happen Tarot spread. Getting a timeline (even a rough one) on an important meeting can help you prepare for it but that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and wait for the universe to deliver.

Meeting your soulmate is a life-changing event but nothing is ever guaranteed. If the cards suggest when you’re going to meet your soulmate then look at it as something to work towards. Make yourself the best version of yourself by that time.

What Will My Soulmate be Like?

The cards can give you an insight into what your soulmate is like. You could narrow your question down to be more specific, just be sure to do so before you start drawing the cards.

  • What are they currently dealing with?
  • What were their past relationships like?
  • What kind of person are they?
  • What do they look like?

Get a Soulmate Tarot Spread Done for You

If you’d rather I do a spread for you, just let me know the details and give me a few hours.

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