Spiritual Guidance Tarot: Spirit Guide Reading

A spiritual guide Tarot reading is a great way to connect with your spirit guide and take their advice on how to further your spiritual path. Opening yourself up to guidance and support from your spiritual helpers can unlock your path in ways you might never have expected.

If you’d like help I can do a free Tarot reading on your behalf within an hour. Not just a couple of cards and their meanings, an actual spirit guide reading to focus on your physical and spiritual journey.

Or, if you’d like to do the reading yourself, I have some suggestions on layouts you might want to try.

Free Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading

The true meaning of the Tarot doesn’t come from an individual card or their general meanings. The combination of cards and the story they tell is where the full guidance comes from. My spreads are handwritten and sent within the hour.

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

    The reason we ask these questions is the more we understand about you the more accurate we can be. It'll only take a few moments.

How to Do a Spiritual Guidance Tarot Spread

How to Do a Spiritual Guidance Tarot Spread

Important tip: This kind of reading works best if you already know your spirit guide (or guides). If you’ve not already formed a connection elsewhere you might want to try the finding your spirit guide spread first of all.

It’s a good idea to know who you’re reaching out to before asking for advice.

Choosing a Tarot deck that speaks to you is always important but especially so when you’re looking for spiritual insight. If you have multiple decks you might find that different decks stand out to you at different times.

Don’t worry about which type of deck you’re using. Whichever stands out to you at that moment is the one to use. Allow your mind to clear, cleanse, shuffle and cut the deck into three piles.

Draw one card from each pile and place it in each position as shown in the image.

Card One: Your Spiritual Path

The first card gives you a look at your spiritual path. Your journey beyond the day-to-day humdrum and into the spiritual realm. What does your spiritual path look like right now?

What are you being called on to do? What is your higher purpose?

Even for those of us who are well aware of their purpose, this card is important. It might be pointing towards specific tasks that are staring you right in the face or urging you to take a different path.

This is your spirit guide pointing you towards something. Guiding you on your path towards spiritual progression.

Card Two: Your Guides and Helpers

The second card in your reading is all about your guides and helpers. This could be your spirit guide, guardian angel, ascended master or any other type of spiritual helper.

This card is their personal advice for you. It could be words of encouragement or a warning, whatever is needed at this time. Look at how this card combines with the first one. They’re likely guiding you further on your spiritual progression unless they see something you’re doing that could set you back.

Card Three: Further Connection

The third card shows the next step in your spiritual progression. This could be a sign from your guides to connect with a certain teacher, read a specific book or take a certain class.

Our spiritual path often involves progression in areas we don’t expect and it won’t progress without us taking some steps forward. This card is a call to better yourself and through this action connect further to your spiritual path and the guides watching over you.

After Your Reading

After your spread, it’s a good idea to take the time to carefully reflect on the message. However, you choose to do that (often journaling or meditating is a good place to start).

The Tarot is a great way to connect with your spirit guides and receive advice on furthering your spiritual journey. It can unlock things that were previously hidden and allow you to connect with your guides on a deeper level in other ways too.

When you’re looking for spiritual guidance, a tarot reading is a great way to connect with your spirit guides and get their advice on how to further your spiritual path. It might also be a sign that you should start meditating more, journaling or doing some other type of spiritual practice on a regular basis.