The Chariot Yes Or No Tarot Meaning

What does the Chariot mean in a yes or no Tarot reading? What is this major arcana trying to tell you?

The Chariot is almost certainly a yes for a yes or no question. As a major arcana and a symbol of movement and progress, the card suggests you’re driving forwards towards a positive outcome.

However, in certain positions and for certain questions there’s also a warning here. The Chariot means you certainly have the potential to get what you want but there might be some obstacles in the way. If we dig a little deeper into the position and focus of your reading we can unlock some deeper guidance or, if you prefer, I can do an entire yes or no Tarot reading for you.

Does the Chariot Mean Yes or No?

the chariotAny major arcana is almost always a yes and The Chariot is a unique card for success and determination.

We’re going to dig down a little into the different positions and areas of your life but overall the Chariot is trying to tell you that you have some real opportunity before you but it won’t just be handed to you. The universe is putting chances in front of you but it’ll have to be your own willpower and determination that brings forward results.

Indecision, laziness and a lack of direction will slow you down from getting the outcome you want. Let’s go a little deeper into specific positions and spreads.

Upright Chariot as Yes or No Question


If the Chariot is upright, this tells you that the answer is yes. You have all of the control, willpower and determination that you need to succeed. The action you take will lead to success. There might be (and often is) turbulence on the way but it’s nothing you won’t be able to handle and won’t delay you long if you put your mind to the task.

Reversed Chariot as Yes or No Question

No, unless…

If the Chariot is reversed, this means that the answer may be no unless you’re able to make some changes. This is a very specific message and it’s a sign that something (or someone) is at odds with you and causing an obstruction. This might not be intentional, but it’s slowing you down.

This is something you can deal with but you won’t if you continue down the path without making some changes. How badly do you want this? With enough willpower, you can still achieve success. The Chariot is a sign of victory and success, so use its power to your advantage.

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Chariot as Yes or No for Love

Upright Chariot as Yes or No for Love

Yes! Powerful connections!

For love, and upright the Chariot is telling you that the answer is yes.

Achieving what you want in love, or in any other area of your life, will take effort and determination, but it is definitely possible with the Chariot card’s guidance and you have an opportunity for an incredibly deep relationship. No matter if you’re signal or in a relationship at the moment there’s an opportunity for change and improvement in the near future.

Reversed Chariot as Yes or No for Love

Someone is in the way.

Reversed. the card is a symbol of opposition.

For your love life, this might mean that there’s a third party interfering with your interests or it might be that your current or future partner is dealing with something else a the moment. You might feel out of control and this manifests as a lack of direction in your love life but you’ll need to find the self-discipline in your own life.

We’d really need a full spread to dig deeper into the situation but giving yourself time to reflect and, perhaps, focusing on your own path is the way to progress your connection with others at the moment.

Chariot as Yes or No for Advice

Upright Chariot as Yes or No for Advice

Yes! You’re in control!

When it comes to asking advice, the Chariot is a symbol that you are in control of your own destiny. You’re prepared, ready and equipped to succeed in any area of your life as long as you’re ready and willing to put the focus in. It’s not often I see such a clear result in the cards but it’s the universe giving you a rallying cry.

Reversed Chariot as Yes or No for Advice

Yes, but tread carefully.

Reversed you might not be in full control of the situation and there’s some blockage in your way (whether you’ve noticed yet or not). You might need to take some time to reassess your approach and figure out what’s happening. It’s still a potential yes but there is a lack of direction and self-discipline, meaning that we may be going about things the wrong way.

The opposition we are facing might be too much for us to handle at this time, so it’s important to seek out guidance from those we trust. Only then can we move forward in a more positive direction.

Chariot as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Upright Chariot as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Yes! Success awaits!

Few cards spell a clearer success in this area of your life than the Chariot does.

For career and finance, this card upright, means that you have the direction and control to be successful. Your willpower and determination will lead you to success. You must take action for your dreams and goals, and this card assures you that you have all the resources you need.

It won’t be simply handed to you but if you take action and charge forwards then success awaits you.

Reversed Chariot as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Yes, if you get moving.

If reversed the message is a little different. There’s still potential success before you but it’s only going to happen if you start making some real changes and take more action than you currently are. This can be a warning to get moving and take control of your situation.

If you continue to sit back and just wait for things to work out then you’re lacking control and allowing your opposition to call the shots. Play your own game, not someone else’s. It’s not just about how hard you work but what you’re working towards. The reversed Chariot is also a sign that you should beware of financial schemes and get-rich-quick schemes that seem too good to be true.

You might be struggling or feel stuck at the moment but this will pass if you’re able to focus and push onward.

Chariot for Trust: Should You Trust Them?

As for whether to trust someone, the Tarot card tells you that it depends on the circumstances.

If you are heading in a direction that you feel good about, then go for it! Trust your intuition and move forward with confidence. If this person propels you forward then it’s a connection you can feel sure of.

However, if there are question marks or red flags popping up, then it may be best to hold back and take some time to reassess the situation before making any decisions. If you are feeling pulled in too many different directions, it might be time to take a step back and simplify things. In any case, the key is to stay mindful and stay in control of your own journey and not to get sucked up on someone else’s path.

What Is the Chariot Trying to Tell You?

Beyond a limited yes or no spread the Chariot tells you much about the journey ahead and how much control you have over it. This card often appears when you are taking action towards a goal. It speaks of success through willpower and determination. The Chariot asks if you are ready to put in the work needed to achieve your goal. If you can answer yes, the path ahead is open to you. If not, it is time to reconsider your goals and find the determination you need to succeed.

The outcome of your path will ultimately be for you to decide.