The Devil Yes Or No Tarot Meaning

Does The Devil mean yes or no in a Tarot reading? What is this card trying to tell you?

The Devil major arcana is one of the more misunderstood cards in the deck. On the surface level, it often means no but the message runs deeper than that. It might be you’re restricting yourself from getting what you want and missing the bigger opportunity.

Like the rest of the deck, this major arcana is trying to do more than simply tell you yes or no. It is trying to help you get what you want. While the answer to your question might currently be no, a major arcana like this signals a high energy opportunity before you.

If we scratch below this simple surface message we can unlock an unexpected path.

Does the Devil Mean Yes or No?

the devil card

Some cards are harder to pigeonhole into a simple yes or no answer. If we simply take The Devil card at face value then it’s going to be a no however this does both the Tarot and yourself a disservice.

A major arcana is always an important message for this kind of question and this card is no different. If we look below the surface at the position of the card and the type of question asked you might be surprised at how this card can help you get what you want.

Upright Devil as Yes or No Question

Not while something is holding you back.

Upright for a general question the card is telling you that you’ve enough strength, determination and sheer willpower to get what you want. There are few obstacles that can stand in your way but somehow it’s yourself that’s holding you back.

The Devil is the symbol of being trapped in some kind of internal bondage. It might be you’re afraid to actually get what you want or you might be struggling to trust yourself or others. You certainly have the potential but you’re going to need to deal with this before you can move onward.

Reversed Devil as Yes or No Question

Yes, if you’re sure.

Reversed, the card tells us that you’re no longer held up by past beliefs and dependences that held you back previously. You’ve left behind things that no longer serve you and this is fantastic.

It means you’re able to move on from your past and current situation and if you’re sure that your question is something you truly want it can be a yes. The card is asking you to take your time to meditate on it and decide if this is something you truly want.

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Devil as Yes or No for Love

Upright Devil as Yes or No for Love

No, at least not without changes.

For your love life, this can be a very complicated card. A major arcana signifies a high energy connection of some form but whether or not that’s a positive connection can depend.

The card is a symbol of passion, lust, and sexuality. It can also indicate someone who is manipulative or who enjoys playing games in relationships. The Devil upright often suggests an individual who is very sexual, perhaps overly so, and who may have difficulty with commitment. It can be a sign of someone who is holding you back (or, perhaps, you’re the one holding yourself back due to past issues).

There’s the potential here for something special but you’re going to have to dig deeper to uncover whatever is holding it back. The Devil card is a lot like the Death card for yes or no questions in some respects. The negative imagery of the card immediately primes us to think of the worst but the Tarot wants to help if we allow it to.

Reversed Devil as Yes or No for Love

Yes, if you’re able to…

When reversed, The Devil is a sign that you’re holding yourself back. You have the strength and opportunity to see the kind of relationship most people won’t but there’s something internal holding you back.

You may be holding onto anger, resentment, or some other negative emotion from the past. It might even be a subconscious behavior and the Tarot is trying to point it out. You’re being too dependent either on an external person or an internal emotion. Something is holding you back and you need to learn to become more independent and to take care of yourself. This will make you a stronger, more balanced person which will, in turn, propel your love life forward.

Devil as Yes or No for Advice

Upright Devil as Yes or No for Advice


If you’ve drawn The Devil when asking advice it poses you a question as much as gives you an answer. It asks what you’re willing to give up in order to get what you want. It’s a possibility but certainly not guaranteed and you’re going to need to sacrifice and work for it.

Be sure this is something you truly want and resist the urge to immediately decide it is. Take your time. Does this serve the best good?

Reversed Devil as Yes or No for Advice

You are trapped. Yes, if you can free yourself.

Reversed, the Tarot is telling you that you can move forward but you’re trapped by the past. Addiction to something is holding you back from achieving what you want and this often involves projecting the blockage onto something external. We might blame others or our circumstances but internally you’re holding yourself back.

You have the power to get what you want. A major arcana card is a symbol of some surprising ability and opportunity before you but it’s not going to wrap itself up in a bow and deliver itself.

Devil as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Upright Devil as Yes or No for Career and Finance

No, not while you’re stuck.

If you’re asking a question relating to your finances or career this card is telling you that things are not going to go well as it currently goes. You might be feeling stuck and uncertain but it’s these very thoughts holding you back and preventing you from taking action in getting what you want.

You have the ability and opportunity for financial abundance but your thought patterns hold you back. Your actions align with your thoughts and now is a good time to start rewiring those thought patterns with affirmations, meditation, manifestation or whatever it takes to jump-start your thought process.

Have you been ignoring your shadow work in favor of financial gain? It might be time to start looking to the longer term.

Reversed Devil as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Yes, rise above previous limits.

The Devil card reversed is telling you that there is hope. You can break free from your chains and rise above your current situation. You can change your negative thinking and find happiness again. Just be careful not to let yourself get too caught up in materialism and greed. There’s nothing wrong with seeking a better career or financial abundance as long as you’re not forsaking other things in your life for it.

As career and finance, your card reversed is telling you that you are feeling a little lost, and unsure of what to do next. This is natural since change is always happening in these areas of life. However, you must remember that you have all the power within you to make things happen.

In this position, the card is also a reminder to release previous limiting beliefs. Maybe you haven’t tried something because you’ve never thought it was possible or someone told you that’s not what was expected of you. Your potential is only limited by your own thoughts and actions.

Devil for Trust: Should You Trust Them?

For whether or not you should trust someone else, the Devil is telling us that we should be careful before trusting someone. It is possible that this person has ulterior motives, or may even betray us whether they mean to or not.

Look at the situation objectively and don’t allow yourself to be blinded by emotions or the past. If you’re able to honestly do this, then you can trust them but take things slowly and constantly question if this question is serving you.

What Is the Devil Trying to Tell You?

Other than a limited yes or no question the Tarot card has deeper advice and meaning. It’s a frequently misunderstood card and Hollywood often uses it to portray evil or negative stereotypes. Like most of the Tarot, however, it actually arrives to help us. It asks if you are in control of your life and circumstances or if you are feeling trapped. The advice is to take action, break free from negative thoughts and behaviors so you can move forward towards your true north.

A major card like this means you do have opportunities before you. It’s just going to be up to you to take advantage of them.