The Judgement Yes Or No Tarot Meaning

Does the Judgement card mean yes or no? What is this major arcana trying to tell you?

The Judgement card is a symbol of neutrality but, as a major arcana, is still leaning towards yes. If you want to guarantee you get your way, the card offers advice on making it happen.

A major card like this is always a good sign but if you’re doing a yes or no Tarot reading it’s a sign that it might be neither. At least for the moment but the Judgement card does provide some guidance on how you can get what you want. We just need to scratch below the surface and see the full meaning of this major card.

Does the Judgement Mean Yes or No?

Judgment Tarot

Almost every major arcana for this kind of question means yes. The Judgement card is incredibly unique in that it’s somewhat neutral in this kind of question. It’s leaning towards a yes but if you ignore the full message you’re likely setting yourself back.

The card wants to help you but to let it, we need to look at the position of the card and the focus of your question.

Upright Judgement as Yes or No Question

Does it involve real change?

While the card is mostly neutral, we might get a little insight right away if your desired outcome involves some real change. As the card for your inner calling and rebirth, it can be a fantastic sign if you’re asking about something that you truly want and aligns with your true north.

This is a time for reckoning and awakening, whatever happens next is going to be something memorable.

Reversed Judgement as Yes or No Question

Probably not, something needs to shift.

Reversed, it means either self-doubt is holding you back or you’re (probably subconsciously) ignoring your inner calling. You might be feeling lost about what to do next or stuck at a decision.

The answer is that it depends on your perspective. From one perspective, any decision could be judged as good or bad. But from another perspective, any decision could be seen as a step in the right direction. The key is to stay open to the possibilities and not get bogged down in self-doubt.

The Full Truth

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Judgement as Yes or No for Love

Upright Judgement as Yes or No for Love

Yes, if it serves you.

For your love life, this card is telling us that if we have been seeking clarity about a situation, on some level you already know the path that is unfolding before you. A feeling of stagnation or being stuck is your subconscious trying to guide you. It could be a sign that you should move on from a relationship that is no longer serving you, or that it is time to take a chance on something new.

This card doesn’t give us a clear-cut yes or no but it’s a good sign for real and true love. An unsatisfactory answer, but a good sign.

Reversed Judgement as Yes or No for Love

Neutral – maybe but…

When reversed, Judgement is signaling that there are some things you need to take into account before making a decision about your love life. There may be some baggage from the past that you need to deal with before you can move forward.

It can also be a sign that it’s your own inner critic and self-doubt that’s holding you back. It can be easy to project this onto other aspects of your life but it suggests that you need to take a step back and reassess what you really want. Are you judging yourself too harshly? Putting too much pressure on yourself or other people?

Judgement as Yes or No for Advice

Upright Judgement as Yes or No for Advice

Yes, act and make a decision.

If you’re asking the cards for advice, this is perhaps the clearest of answers from this card. The time for judgment is now. You must act and make a decision. The outcome is uncertain, but the key is to stay true to your heart’s desires.

While this card doesn’t offer us a clear yes or no, that shouldn’t take away from the message of the card and it’s still a major arcana. The message is important and this can be an incredibly good sign for getting what you want.

Reversed Judgement as Yes or No for Advice

Take it slow, be careful.

Reversed, the card is starting to border on a warning message. Your desired outcome is still possible but you’re going to have to move carefully so you don’t miss something.

You may be avoiding responsibility or trying to avoid making an important decision but if you continue down this path it just means someone else is going to make it on your behalf. You might be trying to deceive yourself into thinking that everything will work out okay. This is not the time for recklessness. Be honest with yourself and others.

Take a step back from the distractions of everyday life and look at the bigger picture. What do you really want? What have you been avoiding that will help you get there?

Judgement as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Upright Judgement as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Yes, you’re moving towards something new.

For a look at your finances and work, the upright Judgement card heralds a time of change, where it is necessary to take stock and make a new start. Your best path forward will be to focus on something that truly speaks to you. Something that interests you and drives you forward.

If you’re not already aware of what this is talking about you might need to take some time for reflection and meditation. Find your inner-calling. What do you really want to do with your career? Taking the dollar sign away from it, what stands out to you?

Reversed Judgement as Yes or No for Career and Finance

No change, something is missing.

If the card is reversed, it’s a symbol that there is a feeling of doubt or uncertainty in this area of your life.

You may be feeling down about your job or money situation and self-doubt may be stopping you from moving forward. The stress this is causing is preventing you from making important changes. This can create a difficult catch-22 and the Judgement card wants you to break out of this self-destructive loop.

It might be that you are missing the call to be fearless in your career and finance. This is a time to listen to your intuition and trust that you will be guided in the right direction.

The Judgement Card for Trust: Should You Trust Them?

If you’re considering trusting someone, this card is somewhat neutral. This person is not currently good or bad for you but how you progress in the relationship is likely to change that one way or another.

It’s not going to give you a simple trust or don’t trust for a reason. Don’t force the cards to give you an answer when they’re trying to scream at you that there’s something bigger at play here. Trust them lightly for now but keep an eye on how things unfold the more time you spend together.

Trust your intuition. If something seems off then back away quickly.

What Is the Judgement Trying to Tell You?

The Judgement major arcana is about making a change, being reborn and moving on. It can be a frustrating card to get for a yes or no question because of how neutral it is. Please (for your own sake) don’t be tempted to pull another card until you get the answer you want. There’s a reason a card like this arrives.

It’s trying to help you progress. Are you willing to let go of the past and all that holds you back? The answer lies within.