The Magician Yes Or No Tarot Meaning

Does The Magician mean yes or no in a Tarot reading? What is this card trying to tell you?

When you draw The Magician in a yes or no tarot spread, it’s important to look at the card’s meaning and how it can guide your decision. This powerful card often represents taking action and making things happen. If you’re looking for a clear sign on whether or not to do something, The Magician is a great omen.

the magician

The Magician is a great omen for a yes or no reading and almost always answers yes! Your goal is certainly a possibility if it’s something you continue to pursue.

A major arcana like this card in a yes or no Tarot reading is always a good sign. The Magician is an especially interesting one as a symbol that you’re equipped and capable of seeing the outcome you want. It doesn’t guarantee it if you just sit back and wait so let’s dig a little deeper into the guidance of the card.

Does The Magician Mean Yes or No?

Overall The Magician means yes! The Magician is the symbol of capability and control so, ultimately, the result will be up to you but it’s certainly a possibility.

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Upright The Magician as Yes or No Question


When The Magician is upright that means that you have all the tools that you need at your disposal. This is a time to use your willpower and manifest your desires. You have the power to create anything that you want in your life. This is a major arcana card and a rare sight for a question like this. You are uniquely capable of manifesting your desires.

Reversed The Magician as Yes or No Question

No, are you sure this is what you want?

When The Magician is reversed, it might mean that you are feeling overwhelmed or like you don’t have enough control over your life. You might be feeling stuck or like you don’t know what to do next. This is a time to focus on your inner power and trust that you will find a way to move forward.

The current answer is no at least until you figure out exactly what it is you want. It might be that high emotion is calling the shots at the moment.

Upright The Magician as Yes or No for Love

The Magician as Yes or No for Love

Yes! Always yes!

For love and upright the card tells us that the answer is always yes. The Magician is in control of his own destiny and what he creates comes from his own will and desire. This is a very positive sign for love, as it means that whatever the Magician desires will come to be. He has all the tools at his disposal to make his dreams a reality, and this includes love.

If you are looking for a sign that your relationship is headed in the right direction this is an excellent sign for both existing and new relationships.

Reversed The Magician as Yes or No for Love


The reversed Magician card is a symbol that you might not be in control of your love life at the moment. Your partner (or potential partner) is the one calling the shots or with decisions to make. You’ve certainly a say in what happens but they might have to work on something for their own goal before they’re focusing on their love life.

This isn’t a no it might just take a little patience.

Upright The Magician as Yes or No for Advice

The Magician as Yes or No for Advice


As for advice if the Magician arrives upright it means that you have the ability to create what you want in life through your own willpower and manifestation. You have the power to make things happen, and this is a time when you should focus on your goals and what you want to achieve.

This card is a divine cheerleader when you’re asking for advice. It’s time to make your goals happen!

Reversed The Magician as Yes or No for Advice

Yes, but play it carefully!

Reversed, this major arcana is telling you that you’ve missed something. You are not seeing the whole picture yet. You may be feeling like you are stuck and don’t know what to do.

The reversed Magician is telling you that you have the power to make things happen, but you need to be more aware of your surroundings even on things that don’t seem to be directly affecting you. Don’t be hasty and take wild leaps (the Magician is very different from The Fool in this regard) but move slowly and deliberately.

Take your time.

Upright The Magician as Yes or No for Career and Finance

The Magician as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Yes! Anything you want is there for the taking!

For career and finance The Magician tells us that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything that you want. You’re uniquely capable of manifesting financial abundance whether this is a new job, promotion, or career goal. This is a time to be creative and confident in your abilities.

You may need to take some risks, but if you stay focused on your goals, the payoff will be worth it. Be careful not to let your ego get in the way, though. Stay humble and stay the course. Just make sure this is a goal worth spending your time and energy on.

Reversed The Magician as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Yes – but watch out!

When reversed, there’s something about our current situation that we are not aware of. This could be an opportunity that is being hidden from us or a danger that we are not seeing. The answer is still yes as long as you’re able to be mindful of your decisions and watch out for anything unexpected.

The Magician reversed can also indicate deception or manipulation by others, so be cautious of who you trust and realistic in your goals.

The Magician for Trust: Should You Trust Them?

For whether or not to trust someone, The Magician card, tells us that you already know whether or not you trust them. The Magician card is a symbol that your intuition has been calling the shots so far and it isn’t wrong.

If you trust someone, you are empowering them to help create what you want in life and it can propel both of you forwards. If you don’t trust someone there’s probably a good reason for it. In either case, the Magician is all about making your goals happen through your own ability and gifts so just trust yourself and you’ll be fine.

What Is The Magician Trying to Tell You?

Other than a limited yes/no answer The Magician has a deeper meaning. He is the archetype of creation, representing the power to bring something into being. He is also the embodiment of willpower and self-mastery, as well as the ability to manifest desires. This makes him an excellent omen for any new beginnings or projects you may be undertaking.

Look beyond a simple yes or no question. Getting a card like this means you have some unique gifts and some real potential for success before you if you’re able to put in the hard work.