The Moon Yes Or No Tarot Meaning

Is The Moon a yes or no in a Tarot reading? What does this card mean for a simple yes/no question and (more importantly) how can its advice help you get what you really want?

The Moon card is an interesting mix of success and a warning. You’re getting a yes but it’s not clear cut and there are some potential risks on your path ahead.

You might not have a clear-cut path to success, however, this is still a major arcana and that means the potential might well outweigh the risk. If we dig beyond a simple yes or no Tarot reading you can start to unlock the full guidance of this card and get some advice on getting what you want.

Does the Moon Mean Yes or No?

moon tarotIt’s an interesting card for this kind of question and it’s going to mean a balancing act between what you want and what you’re willing to risk to get it.

While The Moon is the opposite (in some ways) of The Sun card, people often misread this result to automatically mean no (since The Sun often means yes). The logic makes sense but, while The Moon gives different advice, it’s still saying a potential yes.

Upright Moon as Yes or No Question

Positive change but trust your intuition.

One of the main symbols of this card is trusting your intuition. There is positive change on the horizon but whether it’s the risk of missing an opportunity or a risk of the change becoming a real threat, you’ll need to trust your intuition to guide you here.

Reversed Moon as Yes or No Question

Yes, if…

When reversed, the card can mean you’re actually holding yourself back in some way. It might be that you’re afraid of change or even afraid of success (which is more common than you might think). You might feel stuck in a rut and fear is causing you to stall rather than make a decision.

The Moon card asks you to be open to change and explore all possibilities, even those that seem scary at first.

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Moon as Yes or No for Love

Upright Moon as Yes or No for Love

Yes, subconscious movement.

For a yes or no question regarding your love life, this is an interesting result. It signifies that there’s subconscious movement on your romance path and your intuition is probably the one calling the shots here. You might feel stuck or unsure about what you want or what you’re supposed to do but you know on some level.

A major arcana is a good sign for an important connection and not a casual dating experience but the path to get there might not be as clear as you’d like.

Reversed Moon as Yes or No for Love

No, you need to make some changes first.

Reversed, it’s a sign that your emotions are calling the shots and holding you back. You may be taking risks that you normally wouldn’t, or you may be feeling more anxious than usual. If this is the case, it’s best to take a step back and reassess what it is you really want from a relationship.

Obviously, your love life is going to be emotionally charged but how you act doesn’t have to be. The main message from the Moon in reverse is that this is a time for growth and self-awareness. Be honest with yourself and others, and you will find the clarity you need to move forward. With a little bit of work, you can overcome your fear and anxiety and find the love you deserve.

Moon as Yes or No for Advice

Upright Moon as Yes or No for Advice

Yes, if you…

If you’re asking the cards for advice, the card is telling you that it is time to take a step back and reassess the situation that you are in. You might be looking at things the wrong way and that’s holding you back. If there’s something you want, it’s potentially still there in front of you but you’re going to need to take a birds-eye view.

In this position, it can also be a sign that things are not what they seem and there might be obstacles in your path that you thought were there to help you. The Moon is urging you to look at all aspects of the problem before making any decisions. You need to be sure that you understand all of the risks involved before moving forward.

Reversed Moon as Yes or No for Advice

No, you’re going for the wrong thing.

Reversed, the card suggests you’re not being objective and you’re letting your anxieties and fear hold you back when they shouldn’t. You may be feeling confused and even a bit delusional about the situation. If you don’t take a step back soon, you could make a mistake that you will regret.

Often, this is because you’re accidentally working against your own best interests. You’re perhaps working for something you used to want or something someone else wants for you. You might need to figure out what you want. Once you know clearly what you actually want, you can start working towards it.

There’s a strength within you, it just might be pointed a few degrees in the wrong direction.

Moon as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Upright Moon as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Yes but still potential risks.

A major arcana is always a good sign for financial abundance and success however there’s still a risk here that you may be deceived or confused about what is happening in your career or financial situation. Things might not be as clear-cut as they seem and the ground might shift underneath you if you’re not paying attention.

Don’t let yourself become distracted from the truth of the situation or the goals you really want to focus on. There’s some incredible potential in front of you but it’s not guaranteed to just land in your lap.

Reversed Moon as Yes or No for Career and Finance

No, hidden dangers.

The Moon reversed means that you should be careful about taking risks with your career or finances at the moment. There may be some hidden dangers or problems lurking beneath the surface that you are not aware of (or you’re subconsciously ignoring).

If you are careful and cautious, you can avoid these dangers and achieve success but nothing is written in stone yet. You’re still being blocked in terms of your career and finance and you’re going to need to overcome both your inner fears and your external obstacles in order to move forward. Once you do this, you will be able to gain clarity and you’ll start to see your path ahead clearly.

Moon for Trust: Should You Trust Them?

For trust trusting someone, the Tarot card reminds you that there is always a risk in trusting someone. However, if we look at the situation with clear eyes and an open heart, we may be able to discern whether or not someone is worthy of our trust.

There’s too much uncertainty around this person for the deck to explicitly say yes or no. Remain mindful of your intuition and you’ll make the right decision. If something starts to feel off then back off and look at the situation as honestly and as free from emotion as you can.

What Is the Moon Trying to Tell You?

Aside from the simple yes/no answer, The Moon asks you to look at our fears, anxieties and illusions. It can be a sign that we’re in over our heads, or that we’re not seeing things clearly. It’s an interesting card as equal part high energy opportunity and warning. Are you over-stretching yourself and taking risks that are not worth it? Is there something bigger you happen to be ignoring?