The Page of Pentacles Yes or No Tarot Meaning [Deep Advice]

Is the Page of Pentacles a yes or no from the Tarot? What does it mean when this page arrives in a Tarot reading? What advice is here to get you the answer you want?

The Page of Pentacles is the card of manifestation. For a yes or no question it’s a strong indication of yes in any position however the Page is a go-getter who may need to work for the result and not just wait for it.

I don’t often see pages for a yes or no Tarot reading but they make for an interesting result. Generally positive but there’s also advice to this card which is worth paying attention to. Especially if you are seeking something which hasn’t yet happened.

Does The Page of Pentacles Mean Yes or No?

It’s an interesting card for this type of question. If you really want a simple one-word answer then it’s a positive yes however ignoring the deeper advice from this card can certainly change that result.

The Page of Pentacles is the card of opportunity and manifestation. It’s certainly possible but you might need to make it happen.

This card has tight connections with the physical or financial world. Especially significant if you’re asking about a career, business or some form of physical manifestation.

Note: Sometimes if you back the Tarot into giving a yes/no answer you might miss an opportunity to get the advice from the cards to make something happen. If you’d like a full spread with some advice take a moment with me and get a free Tarot reading.

Upright Page of Pentacles Man as Yes/No

The most positive position for the card, an upright page is always a good sign. It’s still not a guarantee and it’s important we listen to the further meaning and look for ways to manifest our desires and not just wait for them.

It’s certainly a positive card to see.

page of pentacles

Reversed Page of Pentacles Man as Yes/No

This position can often be confused as a simple no but there’s more at play here. If you draw the Page of Pentacles reversed, it’s perhaps a less positive sign but still not a firm no.

The result might be less likely and you’ll probably feel frustrated by the lack of progress and success so far but it’s still a possibility before you. Take the opportunity to learn from your path so far and look for areas you can work on to improve the likelihood of getting a yes.

If you ignore this guidance and continue to just hope and wait – it is more likely to be a ‘no’.

What Is The Page of Pentacles Trying to Tell You?

Sometimes a yes or no Tarot spread will give you a simple answer, other cards won’t give an answer at all. This one is certainly a positive card however, that doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait.

Often this card arrives to save you the heartache of just waiting for something. It’s an easy trap to fall into when asking a Tarot deck about important events but we can’t ignore free will. Our future isn’t written in stone and our actions are every bit as important as the answers we take from the cards.

There might be something else you need to focus on, something holding you back from getting a yes and without unlocking this area it might remain nothing but a possibility.

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