The Star Tarot for How Someone Feels About You

Overall, the star card represents good luck, and new beneficial energy and change coming your way. When this card shows up in a reading, it’s a good sign for you. This card also represents healing, it refers to how the seeker has gone through some pain before but now they’re ready to experience what joy truly means.

If you ask about how someone feels about you, this card means that this special person is feeling very optimistic and happy about you. Most likely, they are feeling that you are a wish come true for them, that the universe has finally answered their prayers.

This is just at the surface level, so, let’s find out what represents the star tarot for how someone feels about you in more detail.

Note: I’m not a big fan of using a single card to unlock answers from the Tarot. The meaning of The Star (even though it is a major arcana) is fully unlocked in combination with the cards around it. If you’d like a complete Tarot spread I can do one for you here.

The Star Tarot as Attraction

If you’re looking for an insight into if someone is attracted to you then the answer is ‘yes’.

For an attraction question, however, it’s an interesting card. When we talk about the Star Tarot meaning yes or no it almost always goes beyond a simple answer and wants to provide guidance.

Perhaps they’re physically attracted to you but don’t know how to act on their feelings (or haven’t even noticed them yet). There might be guidance here beyond just a single card to take things further.

What Is This Person Feeling About You?

star tarot as feelingsAs I just mentioned, this person is probably feeling euphoric that a person like you entered his or her life, this person might be thinking that this encounter is fate and that you both were destined to be together, without a doubt, they are very happy that you are in their lives.

The star card means healing as well, it could mean that the person who’s seeking this information, you, is healing or has healed already. However, this meaning could not have anything to do with you and everything to do with the person you’re asking for. In other words, it means this person feels they’re being healed by you, that your presence brings joy, love, and peace. You are the star in their eyes.

How Someone Feels About You for Love

This person feels that you are a blessing, that you have valuable energy to heal them, it goes all the way around really as they also feel like they have something to give to you, something to support you and help you heal. If you are asking in hope of finding a love interest in this certain person then the star represents a huge shift in your reality as you may have found your soulmate.

If you have been trying to manifest love into your life, the star card means that your wish is coming true and it’s going to happen very soon. The star might be referring to a new love, something that you were not expecting at all. After all this time experiencing pain, it’s time to start living your life again.

How Someone Feels About You For Fear

This card also refers to the feeling of being left alone, of abandonment. It’s probably a sign that the person you are asking about has or is feeling lonely, or might have the fear of abandonment. You have to keep an eye on this aspect if this is the case as this person is most likely to pull away from you the minute he or she doesn’t feel supported or safe. Just know that this response doesn’t have anything to do with you, this is coming from their own fear and that’s something they have to heal on their own.

How Someone Feels About Your If The Star Card Comes Reversed

Talking about being careful, if you are asking about how someone feels about you and the star comes out in reverse, that’s not so good anymore. The star is letting you know that the promises and offers this person is making to you are fake, they won’t take your feelings into consideration, this person is trying to act for his or her own benefit and once they are done with what they wanted from you, they are most likely to leave you. So, be prepared and keep your mind sharp, if you notice any red flags, trust your intuition and leave.

As I mentioned, this person might be feeling lonely, lost, if the card comes reversed it means there’s nothing you can do here, this person might be just trying to play with you. If you don’t leave soon enough, you might end up in a toxic spiral. If you are feeling depressed, with no hope, or pessimistic about how this person is feeling and how much that’s draining your energy, your spirit guides want you to know that it has nothing to do with you.

The way this person is feeling is not your fault, you never caused the misery of their life to happen, there is no way out for them but there is a way out for you. This is a message from your highest self to step away, you might be living a lie with this person.

How Someone Feels About You For Your Presence In Their Life

However, if the star doesn’t come out reversed, then I assure you there’s nothing to stress or worry about, it’s really the opposite. This person might be feeling you are out of their league, like I said previously, you feel like a blessing for them, something so unexpected and something so pure, innocent, and just so good that they don’t think they are worth your presence.

This person thinks this highly of you, they adore your presence, they want to be with you but they also might be feeling discouraged because you seem to be someone they think they don’t deserve.

When we take a look at the stars, they are so beautiful that we keep staring at them shining at night. It’s likely that this person is feeling this way too around you, they feel you are the most beautiful person they have ever seen, they admire your beauty and character. For this particular reason, they don’t feel you are real, they feel this is not something permanent.

They are probably asking “How can something so good happen to me?” they are probably thinking this is too good to be true, they might be scared of losing you or they might think they are not good enough for you as you are everything and more they have wished in their lives.

In summary, if you are asking the star tarot for how someone feels about you, the answers will be good news for you!

The star is all about healing, loving, new changes, and luck. But if the card comes in reverse, then there might be some aspects about this person that you should be careful of. If that’s not the case then you can rest assured that your life is taking an exciting turn to your benefit.

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