The Star Yes or No Tarot Meaning [Powerful Guidance]

Is The Star a yes or no from the Tarot? What guidance does it give and how can it help you get what you want?

The Star is one of the highest energy cards in the Tarot deck and a positive sign for ‘yes’. However, there’s also some strong guidance here on how to get your way.

I always like to see a major arcana in a yes or no Tarot reading when it’s a positive result you want.

Does The Star Mean Yes or No?

Overall: It means yes if you just want the simple answer but, if you allow the Tarot to help, there’s more guidance here to help you get what you want.

The Star is the card of faith and purpose. The card for a divine journey or mission with guidance from above. A sign this is something beyond a mundane change.

Overall, it’s an optimistic card and a symbol of hope. If we look at the position your card arrived, we can dig a little deeper into the meaning. Especially if your question was time-based (I.E should you do something now or wait).

Upright The Star as Yes/No

Upright is the most positive position for The Star yes or no result. An upright star is a positive symbol of optimism and hope. There’s not a lot of cards in the Tarot deck which could spell a more positive result.


While its arrival in a spread suggests that your goal is certainly possible, it doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee. Nothing is written in stone. A deeper meaning behind the card is also using your creativity and inspiration to make something happen and you might be required to do just that here.

the star

Reversed The Star as Yes/No

Reversed is an interesting result for a yes or no question. When reversed, it’s a symbol of disconnection and self-trust. The Star is still very much a positive sign for a yes or no question on a Tarot spread.

But you might be going through a test of faith at the moment. Your path to what you desire has challenges and roadblocks so it might not be entirely smooth sailing. This is where The Star differs from The Tower. The Star is unwavering in conviction and faith. Stay the course and look at the cards surrounding this one for guidance on where you might make changes.

Just because there’s a challenge in your path does not mean it’s a no. This is still a major arcana and a positive symbol but it might take a little more effort than you were expecting.

What Is The Star Trying to Tell You?

Beyond a simple yes or no answer, what else is The Star trying to tell you?

Beyond the basic positivity, and hope offered by this card there’s some real guidance here. The Star arrives when you’re facing a roadblock or challenge and it may just be a matter of time before you overcome it, or you might have to actively do something about it.

Often it arrives when you started your journey excited and motivated but the struggles on your path have worn you down. Maybe your enthusiasm has waned and you’re in need of a new surge of energy to see you to your goal. Find inspiration not just in the hope this card offers, but also by aligning yourself with your truth north.

A single card (even a high energy one like The Star) can only give you part of the story. A more complete reading can help shine more light on your answer.

Get a Complete Tarot Spread

If you’d like to unlock more information than just The Star will give, don’t box the Tarot into using a single card for a yes or no Tarot reading. This can be especially useful with a card like The Star for a yes or no question because it derives so much meaning from the cards next to it.

For some deeper insight, take a few minutes and I’ll do a complete spread for you.

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