The Three of Pentacles Yes or No Tarot Meaning [Make It Happen]

Is the Three of Pentacles a yes or no from the Tarot? What does it mean when this card shows up in your spread? How can it help you get what you want?

The Three of Pentacles is the card of teamwork and implementation. In a yes or no question it’s a strong indication towards yes, however, you may need to make some changes to see it happen.

When you do a yes or no Tarot reading things are not always as cut and dry as yes or no. Often (as with this card) you’re seeing a likelihood and some advice on how to improve your odds.

Does The Three of Pentacles Mean Yes or No?

Overall: It’s a positive card. If you want a simple answer it’s a yes but I would caution against just sitting back and waiting for the universe to deliver.

The Three of Pentacles is the card for collaboration and working together. There are clearer cards for a simple yes and it might well be you have to make some changes to see the result you want.

We also need to look at whether your card was drawn upright or reversed to begin unlocking the deeper meaning.

Upright Three of Pentacles Man as Yes/No

Upright is the more positive position for the Three of Pentacles. A symbol of collaboration and learning it’s a card of progress.

Your desired result has a potentially positive outcome but there are certain things you can do to nudge the universe in the right direction. It might be learning new skills, working with others or looking at things from a new direction that will improve your odds.

three of pentacles

Reversed Three of Pentacles Man as Yes/No

The reversed Three of Pentacles is a more negative position but still not a complete no.

In this position, it’s a symbol of disharmony and misalignment. Sometimes with others or even with your own true north, something is out of place and is going to potentially hold you back.

It’s a sign that something is going to have to shift to get things the way you want them and it isn’t the time to just sit back and wait for the universe to do it for you. It might be time to cut someone loose from your life or perhaps examine your own borders. Is someone taking more of your energy than you can afford to give?

What Is The Three of Pentacles Trying to Tell You?

As with most of the Tarot, the Three of Pentacles has a deeper meaning than just a simple yes or no. You could flip a coin and get that, instead, the cards try to give you a more complete picture and some advice on how you can improve your chances.

Regardless of the position, the Three of Pentacles yes or no result is generally fairly positive. There are certainly more negative cards that could arrive but it’s also not a result that is written in stone (yet).

It may be a good time to rely on someone else, sometimes even from an unexpected place. Set aside ego and pride and allow yourself to lean on others when you need to, or offer yourself to the aid of others even if it doesn’t seem like it’s going to directly benefit you.

Even if your goals are solitary, sometimes the path ahead is by the side of those around you.

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