The World Yes Or No Tarot Meaning

Does The World card mean yes or no in a Tarot reading? What does this major arcana tell you and how can it help you get what you want?

The World is a sign that yes you’ll get what you want if it’s something truly beneficial.

As a major card, it’s always a good result for a question but there’s deeper guidance here. The Tarot doesn’t want to simply give us a yes or no it wants to help you achieve your hopes and dreams. If we scratch just a little below the base surface of the card we get advice on how to make things happen sooner.

Does the World Mean Yes or No?

the world

Overall, The World card means a definite yes. But many cards can just say yes. When you get a major card like The World, you get it for a reason.

If we look at the position of the card and the focus of your question, we can unlock a deeper understanding and take some advice from this auspicious card.

Upright World as Yes or No Question


The upright World is a symbol of accomplishment and completion. It’s the symbol of the beginning of one chapter and the progress onto the next. For getting something you want, it’s a very good sign.

Reversed World as Yes or No Question

Yes, but there are delays.

Reversed, it’s still a positive sign of getting what you want long term but suggests something is in your way causing a delay. Something is incomplete and, if you’re able to figure this out, you’ll get things back on track quickly.

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World as Yes or No for Love

Upright World as Yes or No for Love


A major arcana is always a good sign for your love life. The World symbolizes your connection to all things which means positive energy and new opportunity are on the horizon. This might be a new relationship (and this is an incredibly important one – not a fling) or perhaps a stronger connection with someone already present in your life.

The World signifies a connection that is not just good for the two of you, but a connection that is good for the world. Something that spreads positivity and shines as a beacon for others to aspire to. The card suggests that you are in a very good place right now, both mentally and emotionally. All the hard work you have been doing is starting to pay off and you can finally relax and enjoy life. This is also a time for new beginnings, so don’t be afraid to take some risks.

Reversed World as Yes or No for Love

Yes, but delays ahead.

When reversed, it suggests delays are on your path. It doesn’t say no but this is something you’re going to want to deal with sooner, rather than later.

It might mean that one of you is still seeking closure from something in the past or it might even be that there is an external person confusing matters. You need to bring your own focus to the present and be mindful of what you truly want. You might need to give others a little space at the moment to do the same. By doing this, you will create a more positive and fulfilling love life.

World as Yes or No for Advice

Upright World as Yes or No for Advice

Yes! You’re on the right track.

If you’re asking the cards for advice then The World is a wonderful sign. It means your current path is leading to fulfillment and happiness. The main thing you need to do now is to stay focused and stay the course. You should be proud of everything you’ve done to get here.

This is definitely a time to enjoy and travel your journey. Keep up the good work as this is a time of progress, high energy and success.

Reversed World as Yes or No for Advice

No shortcuts.

Reversed, the card is a sign that things are not being completed as they should. It might be that you’re taking shortcuts or simply not putting in enough energy to your goal which is delaying things. You might need to narrow your focus for the time being or maybe entirely change course if you’ve been working towards something you don’t truly want.

You need to focus on what you want and go all-in on that one thing. This is where the true success of The World card lies. Remember, life is short, so don’t delay what needs to be done!

World as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Upright World as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Stay the course.

Upright, The World is telling you that you’re on the right track and headed in the right direction. You should continue on the current path and keep your head up. It’s fine to feel a sense of accomplishment at this stage but don’t let that distract you from working towards what you want.

The World is also a sign of harmony and completion. Things are going well in our lives and we can expect things to only improve from here as long as you stay focused.

Reversed World as Yes or No for Career and Finance

Something missing.

Reversed, this card means that something is missing and incomplete from your path. There may be shortcuts or delays that you’re taking (whether it was your idea or not), and these could be causing some emptiness in your life. You need to focus on what’s important and complete these tasks to move forward.

Sometimes these shortcuts might not be directly related to your finance or work but The World is a symbol of how everything is connected. Are there aspects of your life you’ve been skimping on? What can you do to round things out?

World for Trust: Should You Trust Them?

If your question is whether to trust someone the World is a positive sign if this is someone you truly believe is working for the good of you and others. If there’s something that feels off about them or you know that they don’t have others’ best interests at heart then this is a person should not be trusted with anything personal or important.

The card asks you to consider what is most important to you in this situation as well as your own peace of mind and happiness, or the potential for harm that could come if you don’t trust someone.

What Is the World Trying to Tell You?

Other than this simple yes or no spread the Tarot card tells us about the journey, it’s about the spiritual journey we all make in life. Sometimes it is a difficult one, full of twists and turns, but ultimately it is a journey that leads to fulfillment and harmony. This is what the World card symbolizes: completion and integration. It’s the symbol of success and certainly one of the more positive cards to see answering your question.