Tree of Life Tarot Spread: Unlocking Connections

The Tree of Life is a symbol that is found in cultures across the globe. It’s a spiritual symbol representing the connection in the universe. It links the physical to the spiritual, the future to the past, and the subconscious to the conscious.

There is a range of ways we can connect with the Tree of Life through Tarot. This Tree of Life Tarot spread is perfect for beginners, with six cards representing six different aspects of your life.

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How To Perform a Tree of Life Tarot Spread

Tree of Life Tarot Spread Layout

In order to perform this Tree of Life Tarot spread, make sure you take the time you need truly understand what the cards are telling you. Before you begin, you may wish to connect with your spirit guides or ancestors. Doing so will allow any messages from them to come through.

Take a moment to meditate and center yourself before your reading. When you are ready, shuffle the deck and pull out six cards.

Card One: Your Persona

The first card pulled in this Tree of Life Tarot spread represents your persona. It shows you who you are to the world and how other people see you. It may reflect relationships, work, or hobbies that are important to your identity.

This is an interesting card as it may reveal something that you don’t really connect with. This doesn’t mean the card is wrong. You just need to work out why it has appeared. Are there aspects of your persona that you don’t like?

Card Two: Your Subconsciousness

tree of life tarot spreadWe all have subconscious fears and desires. Sometimes, we will repress aspects of ourselves because they don’t fit in with our persona.

The second card will reveal what is lurking in your subconsciousness that needs addressing. This may be a fear or trauma that needs resolving. Or, it could be a deep desire or wish that you are not truly accepting.

Card Three: Your Connection To Ancestors

The third card in this Tree of Life Tarot spread connects you to your ancestors. These are your roots, and you can learn about yourself through your ancestors.

This card may reveal a specific ancestor that you need to connect to and remember. Or, it may show you lessons and messages from your ancestors that will help your journey in life.

Card Four: Your Connection to Your Past

This card reveals how your past is still affecting you right now. It will show you how events or relationships have shaped who you are.

In the Tree of Life, everything is connected. By discovering how our past still affects us, we can learn how to work with it to move on to a better future.

Card Five: Your Spirituality

The fifth card in this spread represents your spirituality. This card may reveal messages from your spirit guides or may simply show you where you are regarding your spiritual journey.

When reflecting on this card, take time to work out what you need to do to enhance your spiritual growth.

Card Six: Your Growth

The final card in this Tree of Life Tarot spread reflects the potential in your life. It reveals areas you need to pay attention to in order to grow and thrive.

When reflecting on this card, it is useful to link back to any others that have appeared in the spread. Perhaps this card is a spiritual one. If so, what advice does the fifth card have for you? Remember, the Tree of Life Tarot spread is all about connections and how all the different aspects of our life influence where we are right now.

Asking the Tarot: How Can I Connect With The Universe?

The Tree of Life Tarot spread is a fantastic tool to connect with all the different aspects of you and the universe. However, you sometimes need a little guidance when wanting to connect with the universe on a spiritual level.

Shuffle the deck while asking, ‘how can I connect with the universe?’. Pull out a card and reflect on its meaning. It may hint towards a spirit guide to pray to or actions you can do to deepen your connection with the universe. If you need to, draw another card for more guidance.

Three-Card Tree of Life Tarot Reading

Three-Card Tree of Life Love Tarot Reading

The three-card reading is also an option if you want a quick and simple spread. This gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide which you need.

You can extend this reading to four cards with an additional qualifying card, but if it isn’t painting a clear path for you, I’d suggest taking the time with the complete spread.

Important Cards for the Tree of Life Tarot Spread

When performing this Tree of Life Tarot spread, there are certain cards that hold specific meanings. Let’s look at them now.

The Magician

the magicianThe Magician is a deeply symbolic card that represents the potential we have that is always within reach. The Magician works with the elements of the universe to manifest and achieve his goals.

If the Magician appears in a Tree of Life Tarot spread, it suggests that you are connected with the different aspects of yourself and the world around you. You have a lot of personal power right now, and this is because of how you embrace these different parts of the Tree of Life.

The Devil

The Devil is the fifteenth card of the major arcana and reflects bondage and constraint. It is linked to physical pleasure and desires, revealing the negative forces that are holding you back.

When appearing in a Tree of Life Tarot spread, the Devil shows that you are not truly embracing your connectedness to the universe. You are focusing too much on the here and now and need to pay attention to the roots and branches of your own Tree of Life. It is time to discover your past, future, subconsciousness, and spirituality through Tarot work.

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