Two Choices Tarot Reading: Unlock Your Fate

We all face choices in life. Whether you are faced with two choices in work, life, or love, it can be hard to know exactly what to do. We can’t see into the future, which means we will never know the true repercussions of a decision. Turning to Tarot in a time like this is a fantastic way of getting understanding and guidance.

In a two choices Tarot spread, you can look at your options side by side. By doing this and asking the universe for guidance, you will feel much more confident regarding your decision.

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How To Perform a Two Choices Tarot Spread

Two Choices Tarot Spread Layout

To perform a two choices Tarot spread, it is important to identify the two options. Before you turn to the cards, write down the two choices simply and concisely.

You may wish to appeal to the element of air before you perform this spread. Air is connected to logic and thinking and allows you to see things clearly. In order to connect with the element of air, you can meditate with a fluorite crystal or light incense.

When you are ready, shuffle your deck. As you are doing so, remind yourself of your two choices. Then, pull out six cards.

Card One: Choice One Potential

The first card pulled in these two choices Tarot spread, represents the potential with the first choice. It will show you what may happen if you pick the first choice and reveal the positives that come with it.

Card Two: Choice Two Potential

The second card shows you the potential of the second choice. It is usually a positive card, representing why you may wish to go for this option.

After pulling the first two cards, please take a moment to reflect on them side by side. Which potential seems more appealing to you? Perhaps you really relate to one of these cards. It is also worth noting if a major arcana card has cropped up in this position. As major arcana cards represent bigger, important changes, you may feel drawn to one of these cards in this position.

Two Option Tarot Reading

Card Three: Any Issues With Choice One

The third card represents any issues you may face if you go for option one. Now, this card probably won’t reveal anything too dramatic. It simply serves as a heads-up for issues that may crop up with this option.

Card Four: Any Issues With Choice Two

The fourth card shows you any issues you may face if you choose the second option. Again, this will usually show you small problems that you will need to consider when making your decision.

Take note if any major arcana cards appear in these two positions. Major arcana cards suggest that the issues raised may become a larger problem in your life.

Card Five: Your Key Goals

The fifth card pulled in this two choices Tarot spread represents your key goals. This card will strip back any external forces that are influencing your decision and reveals your true wishes.

When reflecting on the meaning of this card, it is useful to link it back to the first two cards in the spread. Does either of them match up with the card pulled in this position?

Card Six: Spiritual Guidance

The final card pulled in this spread reflects any spiritual guidance to consider when making your decision. This advice may be coming from spirit guides, ancestors, or deities.

This card may reveal new information to you, so make sure you spend time reflecting on its meaning and how you relate it to the two choices in front of you.

Asking the Tarot: What Do I Need To Know To Make My Choice?

Sometimes, you may wish to perform a simple one or two-card spread to gain clarity and understanding of the decision you face. Shuffle the deck while thinking about the two choices you have, and ask the cards, ‘what do I need to know to make my choice?’

Pull out one card and reflect on its meaning. If you need more information, you may want to take another card out of the deck.

Three-Card Two-Choice Tarot Reading

Three-Card Two Choice Tarot Reading

The three-card reading is also an option if you want a quick and simple spread. This gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide which you need.

You can extend this reading to four cards with an additional qualifying card, but if it isn’t painting a clear path for you, I’d suggest taking the time with the complete spread.

Important Cards for a Two Choices Tarot Spread

Certain cards hold significance when it comes to two choices Tarot spreads. Let’s look at them and discover what they mean when they appear in a two choices Tarot spread.

The Hanged Man

hanged manThe Hanged Man represents new perspectives and patience. It will usually appear when you need to pause and reflect on your situation.

When appearing in a two choices Tarot spread, the Hanged Man suggests that you should not make your decision right now. If you can, take your time to reflect on where you are and what you really want.


The Judgement Tarot card represents absolution and reflection. It usually appears in a reading when you have the clarity and intuition to make choices for yourself and others correctly.

When appearing in a two choices Tarot spread, Judgement asks you to have faith in your abilities to do what is right. It may be a difficult decision right now, but ultimately, you will pick the right choice.

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