Week Ahead Tarot Spread Reading

The week ahead tarot spread can provide you with insight into how the upcoming week will go. Many people use it to receive guidance for the near future. The spread is simple and easy to learn, so you should test it out when you next have the chance. It is very beginner-friendly.

This spread requires that you use the entire deck- major and minor cards included. You will want to place your cards on a clear surface since surrounding objects can alter the reading.

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How to Do a Week Ahead Reading

Before you get started, you will want to do the following:

  • Cleanse your Tarot deck.
  • Be clear about your intent (and phrase your question carefully). Avoid negative energy or expectations from tainting the spread ahead.
  • Think about what you know you have planned for the week. Any exams, dates, trips, meetings, and other vital events.

Setting Your Tarot Rules

You will want to set your intentions before you begin. If you don’t, you might read for the wrong days without realizing it. With the spread described below, you will want to read for the next seven days.

So, if you start on a Wednesday, your first card is for Thursday. The second card is for Friday, and so on. The seventh card you draw would be for the following Wednesday. It’s best not to fixate on the deeper meaning of the cards with this spread but to use them as general advice for the week.

However, this spread uses nine cards. The first seven represent the days of the week, while the last two are for your weekly overview and advice.

7 Day Tarot Card Spread

The first spread is simple to do. It breaks our daily lives down into a card for each day of the week. It doesn’t take the previous week or specific questions into account. Quick and easy.

Do take care to look at the combination between the cards as well. There might be deeper meanings here than you’d expect at first sight.

Card 1: Day One

The first card will be for the day following your reading. It represents what the mood of the day will be. Since it is also the first day of the week, the card can also show how your week as a whole will go.

As you continue drawing the rest of the day cards, make sure to keep in mind any plans that you have. The cards can give you insight into how that particular event will go.

Card 2: Day Two

The second card you draw will be for the day following the first card. You can place it next to your first card and continue in a straight line. The only cards you want to place separately are the eighth and ninth cards since they don’t represent the days of the week.

Cards 3 to 7: Days Three to Seven

Since this is a simple spread, you only need to continue drawing in the above pattern. The cards you pick up represent the corresponding days of the week. They provide you with the vibe for those days and may also offer you warnings or guidance.

Card 8: Weekly Overview

The eighth card should shine a light on the general expectations for the week. You only need to take the main aspects from the card to read it with this spread. However, if your intuition tells you to read further into the card, that is alright to do.

For instance, if the eighth card is the Fool, you can just take the core aspects- joy, excitement, and a fresh start. This card could represent your week bringing new, fun adventures your way. A Cup card could let you know you’ll spend a lot of needed time with your family this week.

Card 9: The Week’s Advice

The final card you draw will offer you advice for the week. If you choose to follow it, your week should go smoother and bring you more positivity. Again, you only need to take the main aspects of the card for the basic reading.

For example, you draw the Judgement card. This card could offer you advice on communication. If you have family or friends you haven’t talked with in a long time; the card might be suggesting that you reach out to them. Following the advice would likely help to improve your week and help you feel more grounded.

However, there are many different ways to interpret the ninth card in this spread. You will want to consider how it seems your week is going to go first. Then, use that information to determine what advice the ninth card is offering you.

3 Card Weekly Tarot Spread

3 Card Weekly Tarot SpreadYou can simplify the spread down to three cards if you want to keep it simple (just remember you might miss some deeper meaning here. Obviously, we can’t use a card for each day of the week here so we break it down a little differently.

Card 1: Start of the Week

The first card in your 3 card spread shows you the first couple of day’s outcome.

Card 2: End of the Week

Your second card covers the rest of the week. There doesn’t need to be a clear line between the middle of the week and which days it covers.

You’ll likely see the shift from one card to the other as the week progresses.

Card 3: Advice for the Week

Finally, is your advice card. This card gives you advice on where you should focus your energy to get the most out of the week.

Week Ahead Spread Questions

If you feel the first nine cards gave you enough insight into your week ahead, you can stop there. However, some people feel the need to ask more questions. The question that you ask the Tarot is critical when setting up your spread.

Take time to consider the question you want to ask- you can even write it down to keep the question clear in your mind. Some ideas for questions include:

  • How will my Sunday go?
  • Do I need to prepare emotionally for this event?
  • What should I focus on this week?

Most of the time, you only want to draw one card for these questions. The week ahead Tarot spread should provide simple insight, so you don’t want to cloud it too much with more cards. However, suppose your intuition is telling you to continue with the spread. In that case, you may gain some valuable information for the upcoming days.

Combining a Week Ahead Tarot Spread

Many people conduct their weekly spread with their partner, close friends, or family members- anyone you spend a lot of time with during the week. You would each draw the cards and use the same spread.

But, reading the Tarot together allows you to see how your week will intertwine. You may notice similar outlooks on the days you know you will be together.

Keep Track of Your Week Ahead

You will want to keep track of your Tarot spread. It is challenging to remember everything from a week ahead spread since it offers so much information at once. You will want to use a Tarot journal or a planner to record what you learned.

Writing down the results of your spread will help you recognize them during the week. Plus, it also makes it easier to understand the actual meaning of the cards over time. You can use your notes to improve your Tarot reading abilities.