When Will It Happen Tarot Spread: Predict When Something Will Happen

Many Tarot readings are done with specific intentions and a when will it happen Tarot spread is done with a very specific purpose. To pinpoint a timeline for something to happen.

Using a when will it happen Tarot spread might give you a specific date or a range of possibilities. Looking at the full meaning of the spread might also give you guidance on how to make it more likely.

Getting a time frame or time period something will or might happen is a helpful tool of the Tarot but the cards are at their most effective when we allow them to convey whatever message they want.

If you want, I can do a free tarot reading for you here and get as much guidance as we can (including looking at timelines).

Or, if you’d rather do the when will it happen Tarot reading for yourself, let’s dig into how to do it for yourself.

How to Ask Timing Questions Properly

Before you begin a Tarot spread obviously you’ll need to know what you want to ask about. This is going to seem obvious but it’s important to have a focus for when you consult the Tarot and you’d be surprised how often I see people make a mistake here.

Know what event you want to predict a timeline for before drawing a card. Once you have that you need to be as specific as you can with the wording of the question.

  • What is something that I want to know about?
  • When will this happen or when did this take place?
  • Should we be expecting anything in a specified time frame or not at all?

You can use a time frame Tarot reading by itself or as part of a yes or no Tarot spread, just be sure of your question before starting.

Get a Timing Tarot Spread

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

    The reason we ask these questions is the more we understand about you the more accurate we can be. It'll only take a few moments.

Using Tarot Cards to Foretell the Future: Focus on Your Intentions

Tarot Timing SpreadIf you’re a beginner with all things Tarot, then this section is very important. If you are a seasoned Tarot reader, then you can go ahead and skip on to the next section to learn this “when will it happen” Tarot spread. For the rest of you, this is very important information to get you started with reading the Tarot.

There is a great deal to learn and practice when starting out with the Tarot. It is strongly recommended to have a more experienced medium or Tarot card reader to help you along. Don’t fret, though, if you don’t know anyone who has this skill. There are tons of resources like the one you’re reading now to help guide you along. There are some great resources on YouTube, as well.

Picking your Tarot deck is pretty important. Make sure that you take some time to focus on your spiritual intentions when heading out to select your deck. Use your gut and intuition to find the right one for you. You can also select multiple decks and learn using each and get a feel for which one “speaks to you” the most.

Preparing for a Tarot reading is also important. You want to be focused on your intentions. Sometimes this will be a specific question or you may just do an overall reading on yourself or another person. Having a partner in learning Tarot is fun and very helpful. Studying and learning the cards can be easier with two (or more) people helping each other along. But remember, you don’t absolutely need others. You can educate yourself for free online or at your local library. You can also find tons of books and other reading materials to continue your study of the Tarot.

Be sure to “protect your Tarot deck” before a reading. This means to keep negative thoughts and emotions away from the actual, physical Tarot card deck. Keep your intentions in mind as you gather things and prepare for the reading. If you’re in a sour mood or feeling like your fuse is short, then wait a bit. Protecting your Tarot card deck is super important.

Try This When Will It Happen Tarot Spread for a Hint at Your Timeline

Now to the good stuff. There are plenty of different spreads you can do for any kind of reading. Sometimes you may feel that even just one card is enough. However, there are known spreads that can be keys to certain topics or questions.

Learning different spreads is a great tool to have when reading Tarot. This spread is pretty popular for offering a timeline of the future or prophesying about when something may (or may not) happen:

  • Card 1 – This card will represent the overall energy surrounding the outcome of the event in question. It may suggest whether or not the desired outcome is likely or not.
  • Card 2 – Card two suggests how you might feel when this potential outcome actually happens (or doesn’t happen). This card can help you to gear up mentally and emotionally for the future.
  • Card 3 – This card represents things you should consider or do leading up to your desired outcome. Consider it a guidance card. This is one to really pay attention to.
  • Card 4 – Card four gives a hint or clue as to what good signs you might see or feel just before this desired event or outcome may happen. These are like the “green lights” that may tell you it’s time to proceed.
  • Card 5 – This card represents the “red lights” that you may experience before your desired outcome. Watch for these and know that it’s a good time to hold things off and take your time.
  • Card 6 – Card six gives further insight into the timing of the anticipated event or outcome. It may play off of or expand upon the previous cards, particularly your first card.
  • Cards 7 through 10 – Cards seven through ten should be grouped together after the first six cards. These four cards represent a rough timeline for the next year. They are said to represent a chronological timeline, so card 7 will be soon and card 10 symbolizes closer to a year away.

Predict When It Will Happen Tarot Spreads for Guidance

This when will it happen Tarot spread is fun and easy for anyone to do. Make sure to study the meaning of the cards and gain insight into how you will interpret them. Don’t forget to get an overall feel of the entire spread before analyzing each card or a group of cards separately.