Who Is My Future Husband Tarot Spread

A future husband Tarot spread can point you towards a specific person and give you insight into your meeting, your relationship and your life with your future partner.

It can give you clues, advice and understanding of the type of person you’re heading towards. Your future spouse is out there waiting for you. This tarot reading can guide you toward them (and help you recognize him when it happens)!

Free Future Husband Tarot Spread

If you’d like help, I can do a free Tarot reading on your behalf within an hour. Not just a couple of cards and their meanings but an actual spread to give you some insight into who your future husband is and your relationship together.

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  • This is NOT a generic automated tarot quiz. This is a custom made tarot reading done by hand and sent to you by an experienced reader.

    The reason we ask these questions is the more we understand about you the more accurate we can be. It'll only take a few moments.

Asking the Tarot: Who is My Future Husband?

Before you even touch your deck, you must be incredibly clear on your question. Do you have a specific person in mind and want to know if they’ll be your husband? Are you actively looking for love and guidance to find them?

Once you have your question in mind, we need to be clear on how you interpret the cards. Of course, the cards don’t have a photo of your future husband, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tell you what they look like.

The meaning of the cards can give us insights into how they talk and the kind of person they are, and if we start to break it down, it can tell you everything from describing their eyes to their height.

Or are you wanting to know more about future relationships in general?

Writing down your question helps clarify the tarot spread’s purpose and allows you to focus on the answers. Once you’ve decided on your query, shuffle the deck and ground yourself before beginning.

How to Perform a ‘Who Is My Future Husband’ Tarot Spread

Who Is My Future Husband Tarot Spread Layout

If you’d rather do the spread yourself, this layout will give you a good starting point. I’d certainly suggest not keeping it as simple as possible.

You can always pull a clarifying card but try and control this. You’re far better to do an intentional and focused spread afterward for a different question. Keep this one focused on who they are.

Card 1: Have We Already Met?

The first card can help narrow things down. Is it someone you already know? Someone you’re close to? Will it be someone who enters your life in a dramatic way or something more subtle?

Like almost all results (especially for your love life), this is not a simple yes or no answer. If you let the formation of the reading guide you, it can point you directly at them.

Card 2: Physical Traits

Future Husband Tarot SpreadThis bit requires some time to connect with the messages and meaning of the card. You can use the physical representation of the card but look beyond that.

The colors, position and symbolism in the card all give clues to how this future husband looks. Don’t look for any specifics here but think about more of a general description.

Card 3: Intellect and Characteristics

This is where the reading can really shine if you allow it. The third card helps show you their personality, quirks and what kind of conversations you’ll have.

Let your intuition guide this moment. Don’t let your past or wishful thinking dictate the message but choose what resonates with you truly and use the full positioning of the cards (and the surrounding cards).

Card 4: Your Meeting

The fourth card is invaluable in trying to attract them into your life. It gives you insight into your first (or next) meeting, but more than just something to watch out for. It can give you advice on making it happen.

The cards are not simply about divination. It’s about guiding you to create this perfect relationship and find a marriage with your future husband.

Card 5: Your Future Relationship

Be careful with this one, as a single card can only tell you so much with something as complicated as the search for love and your life together.

This card looks beyond the present but can give you insight into their feelings and the life you will share. It’s not just about them, but how you’ll both grow together and become one.

How will you support each other, and what challenges will you face in your marriage? Will there be children? Another important figure who can help you both reach this stage?

Card 6: Timeframe

The final card is focused on a timeframe from when you’ll meet or when you’ll get married. One of you might have to overcome something first, and the cards can help guide you on that path.

It could paint a clear picture of your timeline or warn you of future issues that might slow things down.

(Optional) Card 7: Clarity

Finally, if something specific has come up during your spread, then you can pull an optional card for clarity. Always be clear with what you’re trying to clarify before you draw another card.

Don’t allow hope, bias or wishful thinking to change how you feel.

Simple Three Cards Spread: Who is My Future Husband?

Future Husband Three Card Career Tarot

The three-card reading is also an option if you want a quick and simple spread. This still gives an accurate answer, but I always prefer the full spread to guide your future marriage.

Important Cards for Future Husband Readings

Every card is important in a tarot spread (not just the major ones), but these are some of the main ones to look out for in any position. It would be best if you still took them in the context of the other cards and the rest of the spread but seeing this in a future husband spread is generally a great sign of a high-energy connection.

The Hermit

The Hermit major arcana card is a sign of introspection and looking within. It’s a high-energy card but is also a minor warning that things might be going slower than you’d like. The Hermit can tell you to take time for yourself and self-reflection before looking forward to your husband or marriage.

You will have to work on something before he arrives in your life, and ignoring this could slow things down for both of you.

The Lovers

the loversThis is an obvious one to look out for, but it’s still a great sign of future commitment and marriage. Seeing this card in any position is probably one of the easiest to interpret and an incredibly good sign.

Don’t just take this at face value, however. Allow yourself time to dig deeper into the full meaning and what you resonate with.

The World

This major arcana card is all about aligning with the universe around you as well as your future husband. It’s a sign that the universe is lining up for you and suggests your future marriage will take you down paths you wouldn’t have expected in a good way.

Your connection is going to be incredibly fulfilling for both of you and allow you both to feel whole in a way you can’t understand until you experience it.

This often symbolizes a relationship that goes ‘beyond the norm’.