Who Will I Marry Tarot Spread

Whether we are single, dating, or in a committed relationship, we will always be wondering about marriage. We want to know who we will marry and what our marriage will be like. Of course, nobody knows what the future holds. However, with Tarot, the universe can send us clues about our future.

This fun who will I marry Tarot spread will reveal your future spouse and what your marriage will be like. It will also give you any advice you need regarding your marriage.

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How To Perform a Who Will I Marry Tarot Spread

Who Will I Marry Tarot Spread Layout

When performing this who will I marry Tarot spread, it is really important to go into it with an open mind. You may want your marriage to be a certain way or be with a specific person. However, going into the spread with certain answers in mind will affect how you understand the cards.

Before performing this spread, take a moment to center yourself with the deck. Sit with it in your hands, inhaling and exhaling. Ask the universe to show you who you will marry. Shuffle the deck and pick six cards.

Card One: The Person

The first card pulled in this who will I marry Tarot spread represents the person you will marry. It will reveal their traits, their goals, and what drives them in life.

This card can be pretty easy to understand, for example, if a court card appears in this position. However, you may need to meditate with the card for a while to understand what it is telling you. Think about the keywords and meanings of the card and how they can be represented in a person.

Card Two: The Strengths of Your Marriage

The second card will reveal the strengths of your marriage. It will show you common values and goals that you and your partner will share and how they bond you together.

This card may reveal what attracts you to this person in the first place. If so, this card shows you that the strong connection you had from the start is the main strength of your marriage.

Who Will You Marry Tarot Reading

Card Three: Any Issues In Your Marriage

This card will show you any issues that you and your partner will face in your marriage. No marriage is perfect, and we all face conflict and disagreements in relationships. By knowing what they are, you can work through them and create a harmonious and fulfilling partnership with your spouse.

The issues revealed in this card may be small or big. No matter what they are, you will still be able to overcome them through love and support.

Card Four: What Will Define Your Marriage

The fourth card pulled in this who will I marry Tarot spread reveals what defines your relationship with your partner. It may represent the main connection between you and your spouse. It can also show you events and occasions that define your marriage.

Card Five: Advice For Your Marriage

The fifth card will be a card of advice. It may be linked to the third card of the spread, which shows you any issues that will impact your marriage.

This card may not be really obvious to you, as your marriage is still in the future! However, you should meditate on its meaning and, if you want, write about it in your Tarot journal. This will help you explore the different aspects of the card.

Card Six: The Future of Your Marriage

The last card in this who will I marry Tarot spread represents the future of your marriage. This will show you where you and your spouse will end up, together or apart. It may also show you if you and your partner will have children and what your older years may be like.

Asking The Tarot: How Will I Meet The Person I Will Marry?

The six-card who will I marry Tarot sheds light on the type of person you will marry and what will define your relationship. However, you may also be wondering about how and where you will meet your spouse.

The Tarot can give you information on this! Shuffle the deck and ask the cards, ‘how will I meet the person I will marry?’ When you are ready, pick a card out of the deck. This card will provide you with information on how you will meet your future spouse. If the card is a bit confusing, pull one or two more for clarity.

Three-Card Who You’ll Marry Tarot Reading

Three-Card Future Marriage Tarot Reading

The three-card reading is also an option if you want a quick and simple spread. This gives an accurate answer, but I’ll leave it to you to decide how deep you want to go and how much advice you feel you need.

You can extend this reading to four cards with an additional qualifying card, but if it isn’t painting a clear path for you, I’d suggest taking the time with the complete spread.

Important Cards for the Who Will I Marry Tarot Spread

Certain cards in a Tarot deck are heavily linked to love and marriage. Let’s take a look at them and what they mean in a who will I marry Tarot spread.

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups is a fantastic card to appear in a marriage reading. It represents blissful harmony, long-term relationships, and stability.

When appearing in a who will I marry Tarot spread, the Ten of Cups shows you that your marriage will be long-lasting and happy.

the world

The World

The World is the last card of the major arcana and represents completion and success. There is the energy of harmony and happiness with this card, with everything falling into place.

If The World appears in a who will I marry Tarot spread, it suggests that you will have a happy and peaceful marriage. There may be problems, but you and your partner have the power to overcome them with love and commitment. Ultimately, the marriage will last and be incredibly positive.

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