Will He Come Back Tarot Spread

A breakup is always difficult, especially when there are questions left unanswered. Sometimes, people break up when neither of them really wants to. Outside forces or insecurities may affect a couple’s happiness, leading them to a breakup. When this is the case, it is common to think: will they come back?

If you have broken up with someone and want to know if there is any future for you as a couple, turning to Tarot can help you gain information and understanding. In this will he come back Tarot spread, you are able to look at the different factors that may lead to a reunion between you and your ex.

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How To Perform a Will He Come Back Tarot Spread

Will He Come Back Tarot Spread Layout

When performing this will he come back Tarot spread. It is important to come to the Tarot from a place of calmness and balance. Of course, it is normal to be upset if you have been through a breakup. However, heightened emotions and anxieties can affect the reading.

Take time to calm yourself and bring yourself into the here and now before reading the cards. If you begin to get upset while you think about your ex, leave the cards and come back to them at another time.

Breathing techniques and positive affirmations can instill a sense of calm within you, allowing you to connect with the Tarot. When you are ready, shuffle the deck while picturing the man in question. Fan the deck and pick six cards.

Card One: Where His Heart Is

The first card reveals where his heart is right now. It will show you what is important to him at this current moment and what is driving him forward.

This card may show you that his heart is with you. Negative emotional cards, such as the Three of Swords, will suggest that he is also pretty heartbroken about the breakup. This card may also reveal other influences in his life right now, such as family or work.

Card Two: Where Your Heart Is

The second card in this will he come back Tarot spread represents you and where your heart is right now.

This card is really important, as it can reveal things that you are not actually aware of. You may think that you want him back, but this card might suggest something else. Sometimes, when we break up with someone, we want them back straight away. But this can be because we are simply used to them being around.

This card will show you what you truly want from him and what you want from love.

Card Three: Reunion Circumstances

The third card represents the circumstances of a reunion with him. It will provide you with clues regarding if he will come back or not and show you how and where this may happen.

This card can be a little difficult to understand, and you need to approach it with an open mind. Take your time meditating on its meaning.

Card Four: Past Influences

The fourth card in this will he come back Tarot spread reveals past influences that impact the possibility of a reunion. This card often represents the reason you broke up in the first place.

Can you overcome the issues that this card represents? Or are the past influences too strong?

Card Five: Possible Issues

This card represents the issues you may face if he comes back to you. It reveals the current energy between you and your ex and what problems you need to face up to in order to maintain a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Card Six: The Future

The last card in this will he come back Tarot spread represents the future between you and the man in question. This card will typically show you the likelihood of him coming back to you.

Asking the Tarot: What Has My Breakup Taught Me?

After performing this will he come back Tarot spread, you may learn that there is no future for your relationship. However, we can still find positivity from the breakup.

Every breakup teaches us something about the world and ourselves. After a breakup, we can turn to the Tarot to gain understanding. Simply shuffle the deck while asking the question: what has my breakup taught me?

Pull a card and take a look at it. Meditate on its meaning and figure out what the Tarot is trying to tell you.

Important Cards for a Will He Come Back Tarot Spread

There are certain cards that are really significant when appearing in a will he come back Tarot spread. Let’s take a look at them now.

The Tower

the towerThe Tower represents upheaval and change. It appears when beliefs are being questioned and lies and tumbling down. However, the Tower falling means that the truth will soon come out.

If the Tower appears in a will he come back Tarot spread, it suggests that it is time to move on from your relationship. Ultimately, the breakup will be good for you, and you will find a better partner in the future.

The Hermit

The Hermit reflects soul-searching and introspection. It asks us to look inward in order to discover hidden knowledge and wisdom.

If the Hermit card appears in a will he come back Tarot spread, it suggests that it is time to let go of this person and turn inward. By doing this, you are able to develop your spiritual side and find true happiness.

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